Chapter Five

Shaking hands, watering eyes, trembling lips, heavy breathing, squeezed heart and abnormal pulse rate. Everything was horrible while I'm walking out to nowhere. My mind was empty as I still tried to inject in my system what Celestine and Thunder have said. It was my first day going back in this country yet a lot of unbelievable things just happened.

I stopped right beside on a big Christmas tree and looked back, wondering why I left them. Then suddenly my heart jolted when a flashy man wearing his blue fitted polo tucked with his black jeans shaping his firm body and well defined muscles appeared in my sight. His sexy jaw clenched before he flashed his sweet smile which narrowed his fascinating blue eyes. I want to jump and ride on his back while screaming in gladness that he was really alive. But, there was still a part of me pushing that I was only dreaming for the abrupt change of information and part of me hated him for no exact reason. I moved closer at the big decoration to at least hide myself and took a peek at them.

Celestine and Thunder who were obviously having a quarrel both stunned when Blake called them. They were silent for a moment until Celestine recovered from shock and shifted the topic, dragging the both of them out. I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that Celestine was still on my side and did not broke my trust.

My heart leaped when a man shouted nearby. "Son! Come on!" He was calling the young man running along the halls which gave an idea that covers me into fear. With my shaking sweaty hands, I immediately dialled Elaine's number to secure my son, Ethan.

"Elaine! Pick up!" I mumbled, rushingly. "Pick the phone up, Elaine!" An attendant stopped in front of me and stared. I guess I have called out that loudly.

"Any problem, Madam?" she asked.

I turned the power button of my phone off and shifted my sight at her. "Oh, yes. May I know where can I go faster on the swimming pool?" she pointed the area opposite to our direction. "Just walk straight there, Madam and turn left then you could see the swimming pool there," she replied.

"Thanks!" I quickly replied and ran to the direction she told me. I hope Ethan wasn't strolling around and just stayed his ass off on the pool.

A few moments have passed when I arrived at the pool area where pool beds amidst the blue water and sun lounges everywhere can be seen. There are a lot of people with their swim wear hanging out here that I could hardly see my child.

"Ethan, where are you?!" I whispered to myself while scanning the area. I don't know where to locate them in this wide venue.

"Yzabelle," I jolted when someone held my arm. "Hey, are you fine?" It was Elaine, who was asking.

"Where's Ethan?" I asked back, unease.

Before she could speak up, the wet Ethan with his swimming trunks popped up on my side. "Mom! Let's go swimming!" he squealed. I held his arm and dragged him out of the area cautiously.

"Where are we going, Mom?" he asked. I kneeled in front of him and wrapped him with the white towel Elaine was holding.

"We will eat first, okay?"

"But, I just ate earlier. Come, let's swim first."

"No, son. Continue swimming later. Let's go back to our room now," I insisted then carried his heavy weight by my arms.

He was complaining at first but chose to follow and understand me. Ethan was an obedient young man which I am proud of. He always understands and thinks maturely to the best that he can, though most of the time he was naughty and hard headed.

"Hey, Yzabelle. Is there any problem?" Elaine asked on my side, following my pace. "They are here," I whispered, making her forehead crease.


"Everyone. We've met earlier."

"Oh, so what's the catch? Why are you hiding when you now have the chance to reconcile with them?"

"I don't know," I replied to end the conversation. They don't and can't understand my situation right now.

When we arrived at our hotel room, I immediately ordered Elaine to wash and look after Ethan then I went straight to our bed room. I paced myself on the wide area back and forth while burying my fingernails to my hair, thinking about the scenario earlier. Blake can't see my son because he might get him to me. Ethan was my strength and my life, I don't know how to live without him and Barack on my side.

The door suddenly cracked open making me stop from my current position. Barack curiously looked at me with a bit of worry traced on his eyes. I swiftly ran and braced myself to him, letting my tears flow on his hard chest.

"What's wrong?" he asked while gently caressing my hair. I didn't utter a word as I was overthinking again and fright was eating me.

He assisted me to sit on the sofa near us then lifted my chin to meet his pair of Dark Hazel eyes. "What's wrong, Yzabelle?" he asked once again then wiped the escaped droplets of tears from my eyes.

"I've seen a ghost." A loud guffaw echoed around the room as if he heard the best joke ever. "Alright, that was funny yet cute of yours, Mi Amore," he continued between his laughs until his face turned red.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm serious, Barack," I deadpanned.

He took a deep breath to at least calm himself and prevent himself from laughing. "Alright, where have you seen the ghost?"

"At the lobby." He nodded seriously and interestingly.

"Do you want to transfer to another hotel to stay? A hotel where you couldn't see some ghosts. Maybe a lot of lost spirits were here, just strolling around."

"I hope that it was just a spirit that I saw," I mumbled.

He fixed his seat and stared at me. "Are we being serious here?" he asked.

"I told you, I'm serious! I've seen a ghost from my past! They are here… alive!" I snapped making his eyes form into circles.

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