Chapter Nine

After our heart to heart talks, we ate our lunch together as a family with our little Ethan. Mom and Dad were having fun talking and playing with my bubbly son that they wanted him to stay at home for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, I can't agree with them since I'm not used of having Ethan nowhere to be seen before I close my eyes at night. While my parents attention are all directed to Ethan, Celestine and I had a story telling of what happened between her and Thunder which was so hilarious. To be fair on her side, I told her about how we met Barack, how I worked and eventually become his fiancée.

It was a light feeling that finally the burden inside my heart was now set free. I was so delighted that my mission has been unlocked already. But, as much as I wanted to stay for long, I can't. Barack called me earlier and invited for a family dinner date which I can't say no. Besides, I am also so excited to tell him the good news.

"Mom, look! The park is cool! Can we stop for a while?" Ethan said, watching the wide park with a lot of children playing. We are now heading our way to Barack's current location for us to go to the dinner date venue together.

"Your Dada Barack is waiting already, son. We can go back here tomorrow instead," I replied.

He jutted his bottom lip down and pleaded. "Please?" he asked, showing me his puppy look eyes which I can't resist. I patted his head and sighed in surrender.

"Alright but we won't take that long. Is it clear?"

"Yes, Mom! You're the best!" he cheered then gave me a big hug.

"Stay close with Ate Elaine, Ethan," I told him as soon as we reached the park. He made a salute and dragged Elaine on the sea saw while here I am, sitting on a bench, watching Ethan enjoying himself.

Earlier, I called Elaine to follow us at home and introduced her to my family. She was shy at first but found the comfort later on. She was indeed glad that we are starting our new chapter again because she witnessed my heartaches, longing and sentiments about my family.

Minutes have passed, my phone suddenly rang. I fished my mobile in my satchel bag then immediately answered the call.

"Yzabelle, where are you now?" Barack asked right away. I smiled secretly on my seat.

"You're excited, huh," I chortled and heard a light giggle on the other line. "We stopped at a park for a while. Ethan was playing… But I will call them now," I continued.

"Is Elaine there?" he asked, making my brow scrunch in confusion.

"Yes, why?"

"Let the young man play there with Elaine. Come here in my location so that you will meet my business partner and we'll get back there together afterwards."

My lips suddenly curved upwards. "That was sweet of yours, Amore," I replied sincerely. No doubts, he would be the best father for my son.

"So, should I wait for you here?" he asked again. I nodded as if he could see me. "Yes. I will inform Elaine first, okay?" I told him which he immediately agreed with. "Alright. Take care and I love you." I giggled and replied, `` I love you'' before I ended the call.

Later in my trip, I felt a strange feeling inside. I left Elaine and Ethan in good condition but there's a sudden throbbing in my heart covered with fear and nervousness that I could not fathom why. I did even leave my family safely. I am sitting in a comfortable seat here in the taxi. I am sure Barack was safe because he just texted me a while ago. I heaved a loud sigh and gently massaged my temples to at least relax myself. I am overthinking things out again.

"Ma'am, are you alright? Is there any problem?" The taxi driver, who I think was in his late 40's, asked.

I slowly opened my eyes and met his gaze in the rear view mirror. "Yes, thank you for your concern," I replied with a smile.

I keep fidgeting on my seat as I don't feel at ease. There was really something that I could not explain and it's scaring the hell out of me. Just in time when I was about to get my phone, it rang. I immediately pressed the answer button and placed the phone on my ear. Frightened then ate me.

"Yzabelle," Elaine's worried voice welcomed me.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I inquired, keeping and trying myself in calm.

She snorted on the next line and heaved a loud sigh. "Ethan was lost."

Her words suddenly echoed in my ear. My body was shaking in terror along with my hitched heartbeat. My knees were getting weaker while I'm trying to process the information.

"Are you being serious, Elaine?" I asked with a little laugh to betray my emotions.

"I was buying him an ice cream a while ago. He was just playing on the slide and when I looked back, he was already nowhere to be seen," she explained.

"What? Have you searched the area already? You asked the people around if they had seen him? Or asked some help from the people around?" I shot questions in panic.

"I did that already before I called you." I made a facepalm and buried my fingers in my hair. "Have you called him already?" I asked, calming myself as much as I could.

Ethan has a phone in his bag which I always put on and reminded him to always bring so that I could contact him if ever he would get lost here. In Italy, my son escapes most of the time from Elaine and stroll everywhere but at least he knows the place and where to go. We always could contact him if he got lost and tend to fetch him wherever he was. Such a stubborn young man. I hope he was not kidnapped and would answer our calls right away.

"Three times," she replied. I sighed and nodded. "Alright, continue searching there and I'll be back as soon as possible. I will hang up now and I'll try to call him," I instructed before ending the call.

"Manong, let's go back to the park as fast as we can, please." The driver looked at me and agreed right away then I dialed Ethan's number.

I made a few rings but still he didn't care to respond. I was slowly dying in worry as time ticks without an update about him. Until, I arrived at the park with my cold shaking hands. I swear I could not forgive myself if something bad happens to him.

"Excuse me, have you seen a woman in her late 20's here wearing a blue shirt and jeans? He was with a little man, six years old," I asked to unknown people sitting on the bench. They exchanged a look and shook their head simultaneously.

"My goodness, Ethan! Where on earth are you!" I mumbled in frustration.

I searched around while keeping on calling Elaine and Ethan's phone who are both not responding. Pulling some positive vibes, I heaved a deep breath and fanned myself in the middle of the wide park with a lot of children playing around making me feel dizzy. I convinced myself to remain positive but overthinking and negativity was invading my thoughts which I greatly fear of.

"Gosh, Elaine! Where on earth are you?! Why aren't you answering my call! I kept ringing you earlier but you didn't care to respond! My son is missing! Could you please help me and find some ways to look for him! I'm almost fainting here in worry, care to consider that?!" I screeched as soon as Elaine picked up.

There was a silence for a moment before she replied, "I'm sorry for not answering you immediately, Yzabelle. Don't worry, I already found him. We are on our way back there. I found him with a man playing with him."

I heaved a sigh of relief but worried at the same time. Who might be that man? If Elaine wasn't able to find him that early, he might have been kidnapped for pete's sake!

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