Chapter Fourteen

Bucket of extremely cold water splashed on my face causing me to be rooted on my seat while meeting his pair of blue eyes. My heartbeat raced along with my heavy breathing. I'm hyperventilating! I am feeling of fainting very soon.

"Yzabelle, meet Engineer Hernandez," Barack suddenly croaked out, disturbing my thoughts.

"Huh? Ah, oh, yes. Hello," I replied, stammering. Then, I looked away to avoid their gazes.

"Good afternoon, beautiful lady. I'm Blake and you are?"

I lifted a view with my scrunched eyebrow. The jerk was grinning at me, extending an arm. We remained on that picture for a while until I realised that Barack and Ezekiel were also standing, looking at me, confused. I stood up and pulled some courage before I accepted his soft warm hand. "Yzabelle, Mr. Santiolle's fiancée. Nice meeting you, Mr," I replied.

"Your hand is cold and shaking," he chortled, pressing my hand lightly. I was stunned for a moment. "You changed your name? I thought your name was Amber as what Ezekiel has mentioned to me." I pulled my hand back when I finally recovered from shock then instantly rolled my eyes.

"She has actually a long name and we prefer calling her Yzabelle," Barack explained. He just nodded, acting interested.

This is an extremely awkward and crazy situation! We went home and hid to avoid him but what a great universe we had to put me in a situation like this. This is crazy! I'm going to be crazy on the set up!

"Are you alright?" Barack on my side asked. I nodded and reached the glass of water on the table.

I rolled my eyes for the nth time when I saw Blake on my peripheral vision, looking at me. I can't take it anymore, I think I need to run away again.

"Isn't it a bit strange that Engineer Hernandez and Ethan have almost the same name? They are related? Or just a coincident?"

The water I was drinking suddenly choked me upon hearing Barack's question. All he knew was Ethan's dad was already dead and I haven't mentioned to him that the person I was referring to as a ghost last time was actually Blake, Ethan's real father and not Celestine nor my family.

"What's wrong?" he worriedly asked. I turned my view on Blake's direction, hoping that he heard nothing. He was indeed worriedly watching at me but instantly turned blazed when he saw Barack's hand on my back.

I reached for the table napkin and wiped my mouth before I whispered, "I think it was just nothing. I knew his father's relatives and Mr. Hernandez is not familiar to me. Besides, I'm not interested to know them any more since you'll become Ethan's dad, soon," I lied.

He shrugged his shoulders then smiled at me. I felt guilty from lying to him but I have to save myself and my son. Maybe I would tell him the truth as soon as we went back in Italy.

Everyone was back into business. Blake talked a lot of things especially on his success which somewhat makes me proud of him. But, everything has changed already and I'm sure he was hanging out with a lot of girls just like what Ezekiel have mentioned earlier.

"You're already successful at your very young age. You're such a great man, Mr. Hernandez," Barack commented, praising his success.

I stabbed a pork on my plate and took a big bite on it while listening at them. "Just call me, Blake. Hernandez is just too formal for a casual meeting like this," he chortled. "I actually worked hard for my fiancee who run away and hid for a long time." Sorrow traced on his voice as he continued.

"Oh, sorry to hear that. The situation was really horrible. If Yzabelle would do that to me, I don't already know what to do," he replied, reaching for my hand. I smiled at him as a response.

"It's fine though, I already found her. But, I hope she'd come back to me." I never dared to took a glance at him. He was crazy thinking of me coming back when he already know that I am getting married to someone else.

There was a huge silence before we took back on our meals. Barack was enjoying the food while Ezekiel was blabbering a lot of random things. I just hope this meeting would not last that long because I really wanted to escape now.

I was about to bite the slice of chicken on my fork when I saw Blake stabbing the pork, the same dish that I had eaten earlier. My eyes widened when he was about to open his mouth so I stopped him by crossing my fork to his.

"It contains peanuts, don't you dare," I warned. As far as I could remember, Blake was allergic to peanuts. There was a time, way back then, when I forced him to eat cookies with peanut toppings but it ended up bringing him to the hospital because of allergies.

He was stunned for a moment before he recovered and smiled. Then, he ate the chicken stabbed on my fork and grinned afterwards. "Thank you," he said. My traitor heart leaped. I don't know but I just found myself smiling 'cause of his immaturity which immediately faded away when Ezekiel cleared his throat.

I thought Barack saw that but luckily, he was busy on his own plate and confusedly looked at me and Ezekiel.

"Uh— sorry to bother you both. I know Blake was just a charismatic man like me," I chucked at him. "But, do you know each other?" My eyes widened.

"Yes," Blake responded quickly. I shot him a stare while he was chewing his own food. "We know each other because we introduce ourselves earlier," he continued. I sighed in relief.

"Yes, that's it." I seconded the motion as a defense.

"I've seen that," Ezekiel murmured, making Barack's curiosity grow.

"What seen?" he inquired, shifting a look from the three of us around.

Ezekiel groaned lightly when Blake struck his side. I bit my bottom lip down to prevent myself bursting out into laughter. "We've seen a beautiful girl walking around and Blake winked at her. That's what I saw," Ezekiel excused, still holding his side. Blake must hit him very hard for him to act like that.

"Oh, I see. There really are a lot of beautiful ladies here," Barack replied.

Blake scratched the side of his eye and looked away to just smile. I can't help myself not to laugh too. I know we're making fun of Barack being clueless of what was happening but at least we're not doing worse than that. I still felt guilty though.

"What's funny, Yzabelle?" I stopped when he questioned me.

I heaved a deep breath to relax my senses before I smiled at him. "Nothing. I just remembered something funny," I excused. His face was blank, and seemed like doubting my answer. "Can I excuse myself first? Gonna go into the ladies room first," I continued.

"Alright, do you want me to go with you?"

"huh?" I asked in confusion.

He wiped his mouth using the table napkin on the table before he looked back at me. "I just thought of going because the last time you went to a comfort room, your head ached and ended up going home alone," he explained. That was really terrible.

"Oh no, I'm fine. I'll be back here. Don't worry," I said before I rushed to the ladies room. This time, I am sure that I found the room by myself.

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