Chapter Eleven

The familiar manly scent that travels to my nostrils which drugged my entire system. The way he talks. His baritone voice. His endearment to me. His stand. His acts. His everything. Surely, the living ghost of my past. Our world stopped on the corner of this hall. Loud drums and music adopts our silence. It was only him and me along with our racing heartbeats. Until his glittering fascinating blue eyes which used to be my favorite spot, locked to mine.

"I'm not, Amber. I'm not. I'm alive and breathing here across you. I survived for you. I fought life and death for you. I gambled everything… All for you." His voice cracked and in an instant my tears streamed down to my face.

The hate and fear that lurked in me for a long time suddenly vanished away, exchanged by longing and sorrow. I missed him so much. Time and distance separated us but my traitor heart still recognised him. Still wants him and still adoring him.

"I missed you," I mumbled unconsciously. He wiped my tears away and the next thing I knew, we were exchanging hungry kisses with my dry shaking lips. It starts so shallow until it gets hotter and deeper that satisfies my thirst.

"I missed you more, baby," he whispered while we both are catching our breaths.

He then dragged me off to a room and locked it immediately before he claimed me once again. His heavy warm breaths, comforting touch and manly scent just hypnotised me, making me follow him. He grinned between our lips when he finally ascertained that I am replying to his kisses.

"I missed you and I still fully love you, baby," he told me. I shook my head and gave him a short smile. I just realised that we are here in the ladies room. "You're wise." I laughed. He shrugged his shoulders and the corner of his mouth lifted before he held my waist then pulled me up to the sink.

"Welcome back, my baby," he said and continued what we have started.

He slowly pulled down my jacket then gently massaged my rich breasts making me moan in pleasure. I locked my feet to his waist while brushing his hair as he was planting soft kisses on my neck down to my navel. I let a soft moan escape on my mouth while enjoying what he was doing to me until we heard a knock on the door. I held his head to stop him and stared at the closed wooden door.

"Hello? Is there anybody inside? Could you please make it fast? My bladder was about to explode now and some were waiting on the line." I made a silent giggle while hearing the woman outside, complaining.

"Let them be. There are a lot of comfort rooms in the area," he replied and was about to attack me again. I avoided his moves and pulled back my jacket to cover my exposed body.

"Stop it, Blake. It's not right," I protested while fixing my messed up hair.

He raised a brow and folded his arms, eyes directed to mine. "What's not right?" he asked. I sighed and looked away before I got melted and hypnotised again by his pair of blue orbs.

"You know that I am already engaged to someone. It's cheating."

"You're engaged… with me. Remember?" he smirked while trying to reach for my hand but I dodge it away. He looked at me absolutely crestfallen. "I proposed to you so early. When we were kids and when we were still together. We promised each other, baby," he continued.

"That was childish and all was just part of an act of childishness. We were young that time, Blake. Not an excuse!" That was a total joke and we were still not in a legal age upon planning such. I looked down and mumbled, "I have worn a ring from my fiancé and I can't cheat with him." Barack was a good man, it would be unfair on his part if I will fool him.

"Then take that fvcking ring off to your finger and I'll exchange that to mine!" he huffed.

I pushed his hands aside when he tried to touch me again before I hopped from the sink. "Stop it, Blake. That's bullshit!" I replied, starting to turn my back at him.

He grabbed my cold hand and held it tight. "Baby, don't you love me anymore? At least?" he cooed. My heart was shattering but… it's not right.

"Stop it, please," I pleaded straight to his eyes before I claimed my hand back.

"Hello? Sorry to disturb your fight but could you please continue that outside?" The random woman knocked on the door again.

I twisted the knob and pulled the door open, welcoming the teenage girl who was holding her bladder. "I'm sorry," I apologised to her before I ran away.

I could notice Blake's presence who was following and trying to reach my pace at my back so I mixed myself to the crowd and looked for the exit. I was bumped multiple times by random drunk people, waving their bodies with the loud music beat and some were trying to hold and invite me for a dance. I could not stay any longer. The more time I would spend here, the more chances of me to commit mistakes.

While chasing my breath with a bit of a spinning sight, I called for a taxi as soon as I successfully got out of the bar so that I could go back to the hotel immediately. That was crazy! I kept my breathing normal as I unconsciously traced my lips with my fingers. That was really true. He was alive and breathing. Still possessive and aggressive. Still the Blake Ethan Hernandez that I knew.

I looked back to check if there was a car or taxi following us. I am getting paranoid but I hope he hasn't seen me in the exit. He saw me already earlier, surely he would find me. Fear suddenly covered my system. I have to hide my son for days until Barack's transaction here is over.

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