Chapter Twenty-Five

It's already late in the evening when I decided to check on my son before I go to bed. Earlier today, when we arrived at the hotel, the three of us talked that no one would tell anything to Barack. We will just let the moment pass and after this, we will forget everything. I mean, I'm not being dishonest to my fiance but I just wanted to be at peace. It's better that he would know nothing about us— Blake, Ethan and I. 

I reached the cold steel door knob as soon as I found my son's room and twisted it open. What welcomed me was a young man happily playing with his new toys. A smile suddenly made its way to my lips while stepping my foot towards his direction. 

"Still up? Aren't you getting tired for the whole day?" I asked before plopping myself on his bed. 

He turned his head to meet me. "I love these toys, mom! Dude really is a nice guy because he brought everything that we like! And this new remote control car is just so awesome!" he cheered, pressing whatever on the control he was saying. 

I made a half smile before I rested my elbow on the bed, still watching over him. After reminiscing, processing and thinking the scenarios earlier, I have realized something. Something that would take away the guilt that Celestine had left in my chest— that I was selfish. 

"Baby…" I called him and he surprisingly got annoyed. 

"Mom, stop calling me baby!

"Oh, why? I used to call you that and now you act like that. Is there anything wrong?

"I'm a big boy now, not a baby.

"But you're still my baby.

"I'm your big boy, mom. Dude was right that it's not good to call me baby anymore because I am no longer a baby. Look, I don't wear diapers now nor suck a feeding bottle.

I burst out into laughter while hearing his sentiments and he continued his thing. 

"Son, I have a question…" I started when I finally recovered from my laugh but he didn't pay a single attention to me. 

"Do you want to see your dad?

"Dada Barack? We just met earlier, mom," he answered lazily. 

"No, I mean… Your… Your real father.

"I don't want to see a ghost, mom.

"No, I'm serious, Ethan.

"No, I'm serious, too. My real dad was dead already as you have said and I don't want to meet a ghost.

Okay, that was really a mistake. "It's uhm— it's actually… I was mistaken, son. He was alive and I just thought you wanted to meet him." If he wouldn't then that would be better, I guess. No hurdles for me. 


"We will visit him tomorrow, so have a rest now." I told him. Seems like he was not excited about meeting his dad. 

If only he knows… 

Morning came, I was having a hard time waking Ethan up. He was too tired and sleepy to the point of snoring so loud on his bed so I just left him alone and waited until he got up on his own. 

"Mi Amore, my secretary called earlier. Our flight was cancelled by next week. Basically, it was moved for two days," Barack informed while reading a magazine. 

I placed myself beside him and rested my head on his shoulder. "Why? I thought it was booked already?

"Yeah, Jena just informed me that there was a problem in the airline company and the nearest vacant date two days after.

"Oh, I see. It's still fine for me as long as we can go back home before Christmas eve.

He shifted a look at me and intertwined our fingers. "We can go back home and celebrate Christmas there," he said then his soft lips landed on my knuckles. 

"Are you free today? Can we have a bond before we fly back?

"Uhm— got a meeting today. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

"Alright then. We will just go shopping today.

Barack eyebrows furrowed together. "But you just shop a lot yesterday. I guess we can't bring all of your stuff back there.

My eyes widened in shock as I forgot that Blake brought Ethan a lot of things yesterday. At some point, I felt guilty. I'm hiding like a culprit now from Barack. "Ah yes, you're right. Maybe we will just go to our home and bond with my family there," I excused in stammer. 

After a while, before Barack could make his reply, Ethan walks towards us with his messy hair and closed eyes. 

"Good morning, Son!" I greeted. 

"How's your sleep, kiddo?" Barack asked but he didn't respond. Instead, he went straight in front of us then Barack pulled him up to his arms. I thought he was already awake but he ended up snoring on Barack's chest. 

"He must be very tired," he chortled. 

"I must agree to you on that.

Later on, Ethan finally was wide awake and Barack just left for his meeting. And now we are prepared to visit Blake and give them time together. I was actually slightly regretting that sudden decision of mine last night but I was also thinking about Ethan that he could at least meet and knew Blake as his dad and not a stranger guy who helped him once. 

“Mom, where are we going?

"I've told you already last night that we will visit your dad," I replied while chatting with Celestine to confirm if Blake was still staying in his old place. 

He groaned. "Can we just go to my grandparents home? I want to show these toys to them!" he said, raising his bag full of toys. 

I shook my head at him. "Stay put, Ethan. I know you'll be happy today." Though I hate to admit it. 

Meanwhile, we arrived at Blake's condominium unit. We used to hang out here before that's why I know the place. He used to live alone in his two-floor unit though they have their big home a bit distant from the city. 

I heaved a deep breath to normalize my breathing before I knocked on the door yet no one responded. 

“Ethan, behave!” I accosted when he started running down the hall then I knocked the door once again. 

"Wait!" a familiar voice shouted, making my breathing hitched. It's strange but I wanted to turn my back and just forget the purpose of being here. 

But before I could do it, the door cracked open, exposing Blake who was only wearing a boxer short and was topless that defined his firm muscles. His hair was messy and his eyes were slightly closed. I looked away to avoid his awkward look. 

"Uhm— hey! Good—morning," I greeted, stammering which also alarmed him. 

"Oh, hey! Wait… are you for real?" he asked, rubbing his eyes. 

Then, Ethan's screech makes him entirely up. "Dude!