Chapter 8: Battle of Jakusta

Both General Bracodo, Colonel Onderon, and Commander Nikes was already at Jakusta. Mey was giving his speech towards his men about the up and coming battle;

"Alright men, we might be under armed and outgunned but we have more men and better training. They are just beyond that hill, but for the past few days we have been preparing, building, and planning."

Mey quickly brings out a parchment and calls all the captains of his regiment.

"Captain Hiro, I want you to go to the trench at the right side, Captain Nikko, I need you to go to the trench at the left side, all of you would distract their entire armed force while the special division of Captain Cutter, would go through the back of the battle and assassinate their General," Mey explained

"Okay is that clear?" Mey asked the Captains.

"Sir, Yes, Sir!" All the captains said.

"Alright then, Go."

Imperial Side

"Men, I know we are fighting our old friends that betrayed the Empire, but there is one thing that we know, is that they are using the Old Republic Technology and Tactics. We can push them back if we win this battle. Remember Long live The Empire!" Said Senior General Dwayne as he walked around the formation.

A private came up to him and said, "Sir the revolutionaries have prepared trenches throughout the grounds and have lined them up with cannons."

"Alright, our main force would prepare a charge while a special team of operatives would assassinate their General."

"Do you understand?" Dwayne asked firmly

"Sir, Yes, Sir"

"Then why are you all just standing, GO TO YOUR POSITIONS!" Dwayne commanded towards the troops.

The troopers who were a part of the original revolution looked at him with disdain. Remembering how their previous generals treated them.

Continental Side

The Continentals run towards their positions.

Captain Hiro and his men started firing their guns and cannons towards the enemy.

"The battle just begun and they're nearly cutting through our lines." Captain Hiro said as he was firing his pistol towards an Imperial trooper

"Well, we better hope that Captain Cutter and his squad will be able to cut through enemy lines before they cut through ours." The Lieutenant said hoping that they can win this battle.

Captain Cutter's men were passing through the forest avoiding the main battle until they bumped into an enemy squad.

"Why are there Imperials around here? I thought they're all at Calvary charge that is happening right now." said a Private to Cutter as they fired their pistols and fought with their swords.

"Apparently they have the same strategy, Go through the back of the battlefield and assassinate their General while the rest are distracted."

Cutter Replied as he heard a cannonball coming their way.

"INCOMING" Cutter shouted as he ducked for cover along with his men.

The cannonball exploded the ground where the Imperial squad was standing.

"Looks like they are going to have a long time in the medical station." a Lieutenant joked as they continue going up the hill

Imperial Side

"Fire the Cannons!" Dwayne commanded

"Sir, Yes, Sir" The soldiers Replied getting to their Artillery.

Dwayne was about to shout another command when a private shouted that a band of rebel soldiers has invaded the camp.

As Dwayne saw the rebels he quickly ran to his horse and started retreating.

The rebel soldiers tried to shoot him with their guns but they were unsuccessful.

"He escaped!" one of the soldiers shouted

Continental View

"He escaped!" one of the soldiers shouted

"We cannot catch up with him, he already reached the docks." A lieutenant said as he was looking through his binoculars.

"Well we might have failed the mission but the main battle has been concluded!" said Cutter as he shot down an Imperial officer and looked towards the battlefield. The Imperial flag-bearer fell showing that the battle was over.

A few hours later

General Mey was inside his tent along with Colonel Meika and Commander Cristian. They were waiting for the report if the Imperial General has been defeated.

Cutter and his men came in they saluted to Mey.

"So report what happened in the battle?" Mey asked Cutter

"Sir the enemy general escaped but we disabled all their cannons before they could use it," Cutter said nervously towards Mey

"Who was their general in charge?"

"Sir, Dwayne Newhiskey."

"Give me a reason why you weren't able to assassinate him"

"Sir, He left before we arrived towards their camp leaving the battle to his Second in command"

"Okay Captain Cutter, I understand your report, because that happened to me as well during the original revolution. But this would not go unnoticed, You and your men will do kitchen duty for two weeks, is that understood?"

"Yes, sir, Thank you, sir"

"Alright, back to your post"

As Cutter left the room Mey knew that they won this battle cut the Supply line going towards the Capital, In a few days he would need to go back to Vichisburg. All he knew is that he has a bad feeling about it.

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