Chapter 1: Meet up

Lieutenant Cristian Nikes of the 59th battalion of the Continental Army received the message from the Capital. He ordered his men to pack up and prepare for a long march to Vichisburg, little did he know that there is a traitor among them.

The traitor quickly picked up his radio and told the Imperial High Command to prepare for an ambush along the Road of Hillop,

Hillop Hill 2:00 pm

"RETREAT! Field Marshal, guide the rest of the battalion to the hill" Lieutenant Cristian Nikes said to his men as they retreated from the town of Hillop.

"Prepare the canons, the rest of you get onto battle formation!" Lieutenant Nikes said to his men as they arrived to the top of the hill.

He got out of his horse and help his men prepare the cannons.

Watching the battle from the Imperials was Commander Kiparn. As he watched the battle, an Imperial Field Lieutenant quickly told him that the Continentals are now setting up the cannons and going to battle formation.

"Order the men to fall back to their defense, and prepare for the offensive" Kiparn responded as he continued watching the troops.

The Field Lieutenant quickly saluted and went to give the command.

Hillop Hill 5:30 pm

The 59th battalion was losing this battle, Cristian asked for back up from Ulitop.

They said that the reinforcements will be arriving at 6:00 pm.

"Fight until the bitter end, men. We will never join the Empire," He said as his men started digging trenches on the hill.

Cristian knew that if this battle was given to the continentals, the Imperials will be forced to go back to Avaritia.

Commander Kiparn brought his binoculars out and looked at the continental forces, he knew that they are making trenches to protect the hill. If they lost this battle they will never have the chance cutting off the continental army's supply lines.

He decided to attack at 6:00 pm, while the Continentals are still weak.

"Alright men, we're going to give them a surprise attack." as he looked at his men.

"Am I clear?" he said in a serious tone.

"sir, yes, sir!" the troops replied.

Hillop Hill 6:00 pm

The reinforcements arrived but some were quickly brought to the medical tent. They were ambushed by a small Imperial Militia.

"Quickly take defensive positions and prepare for a counter-attack", said Cristian as he got back on his horse.

The troops nodded and quickly went into position.

Cristian took out his binoculars and told this to the Field Marshall, "Prepare the cannons and be ready for a charge."

The Field Marshall nodded and went to the troops.

Then the continentals heard the Imperial battle cry, quickly started firing the cannons, and the defensive line fired their guns towards the incoming attack.

When Continentals got out of their trench, started to charge toward the Imperial defensive line. The Imperials started to panic. Commander Kiparn quickly set them in line and told them,

"Do not retreat, If we retreat this will destroy our chance of destroying the Vichisburg supply line."

The soldiers quickly took their guns and tried to defend the Imperial outpost but the revolutionaries overpowered them, took the Hillop defensive outpost.

"Alright men, we have won this battle. There are more battles to come in the mere future." after Cristian said that he quickly left some of his soldiers to guard the outpost and continued their march to Vichisburg

Voklit 7:00 pm

High-General Karl Brooker received the message to return to Vichisburg.

It was too dark and his men were exhausted defending Voklit. So they depart the next day.

Voklit 4:00 am

The 315th Artillery Core was now leaving to Vichisburg. Karl and his men were now marching to Domper from there.

They could replenish on supplies and food. As they continue they're journey. They accidentally bumped the 59th battalion at Hilpory, as they quickly entered the small town. Karl decided to go into the tavern, and saw three familiar faces, he went towards them and said,


They stopped talking and looked at him. Cristian took out a bottle and threw it at him.

"Look who finally came to join us for a drink!" Cristian said as the others started laughing.

"It's nice to see you guys." Karl said.

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