A Revolution is Coming



It has been months since Cody's duel and his death. His wife driven by anger, despair, and resentment for all the things that happened for the past few years. She was planning a government take over along with Dwayne Newhiskey and Thirty thousand of of the National Forces. After the duel with Cody, Dwayne was shaken and disturbed. Never has he in his entire life saw a person sacrifice his life to protect something so stupid.

As they continue to plan, the other participants started destroying the reputation of the National Convention.


Imperial Soldiers are marching toward the National Convention, guns raised towards the National Guards.

Commodore Mey Bracodo was trapped inside the Convention Hall with the secretaries of the various departments, the President, the Vice President, and the last of The National Guard. It was a desperate last stand as he and his troops try to defend the entrance. They baricaded the door to give them enough time to protect the entire cabinet.

He glimpsed at the portrait of The Founders then he remembered when the Imperialist Crisis has started to take its toll on the Republic. Cody installed a lever behind the portrait in case of emergency, if the entire cabinet and high officials need to escape.

"Thank God for Cody's paranoia" Mey thought as he turned the switch on.

The Members of the National Convention watched in awe as the table was lowered to reveal a set of stairs that would take them out of the city walls.

"Quickly, GO!" Mey shouted as he turned towards the remaining National Guards.

"Half of you follow and protect the Cabinet, the other half stay with me and we'll defend their escape"

The only answer he ever got was a Gun butt hitting his head knocking him out.

The National Guards quickly dragged him down the stairs and shot the lever causing the entire mechanism to turn off and go back on itself.

As the Imperial soldiers blast down the door, only to be greeted by an empty room.

"I guess it's an Imperial Victory" Dwayne said as Jazmin Turner came into the Room.

"Indeed, it is" she said as Dwayne offered his hand towards her. She took it and he guided her towards the President's desk.

"Long live the Newmatic Empire of the rising sun." The troops said as they bowed down towards Jazmin and Dwayne.

"I declare myself empress, because they will support the Former Vice President's wife especially after his death." Jazmine said as she looks towards Dwayne and gave him a mischievous smile.

"Good point, they will be enraged if I took leadership" Dwayne said thinking of what the people will say once they learned that the former Secretary of State killed their President and Vice President just to get the position himself.

Turning towards a soldier, "You there get a camera, the entire country must now know that the republic has fallen from grace." The soldier nodded and quickly took off to find a camera.

A few minutes later the soldier started recording the message, the others tried their best to keep the broadcast stable.

"Citizens of the Patriotic Republic, our senators, president and along with our beloved National Guard are now sadly enemies of the republic, they will destroy everything the founders has laid out for us! We must become an Empire, and not be united by traitorous senators and presidents but by a single leader!"

as they ended the transmission, they heard cheering outside,

"Long live the Empress! Long live the Empire!"

Under the sewers of the capital, the Convention was on their way to outside the city walls.

The silence was broken by a really upset President Zacharias,

"If the founders were still around they would not be happy about this."

"I agree we need to try to get the public support back" Secretary Hiro Govinch Replied,

"The Republic failed and what replaced it is an Empire of Cruelty, that we- I mean they tried to destroy." Secretary Wynonah Winchester said as she remembered her husband dying on his death bed.

Mey who was rubbing his head where the gun hit him stood up from his troops grasp

"There is still hope." he said as if he is drunk.

"And what would that be?" Secretary Yvonne Hopefilia questioned the Commodore.

"The Continental and National forces that are still at the outer regions of the country would be furious to learn that what they fought to protect was destroyed. They just wouldn't forget about the sacrifices the founders did during the Revolution." Mey answered.

Zacharias and the secretaries agreed with him, He quickly took the long-range radio that was on his belt and started tuning it to the Main Continental Channel and quickly said

"Hello anyone active, this is Commodore Mey Bracodo of the 212th Revolutionary Guard, to all Continental Units, refrain from returning to the capital. There is a government coup. Meet up at the original revolutionary headquarters, Vichis."

He got a Response from Cheapsake saying,

"Copy that Commodore Bracodo"

and another one at Buliron,

"Copy that Commodore"

As the Secretaries listen towards the answers that they have received.

"I guess its time to stand and revolt like the founder's did!" President Zacharias said as everyone started going towards Vichisburg.

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