Chapter 9: Vichis Convention of 1947

A few days passed after Mey and his battalion won the battle of Jakusta. Now they're already at Vichisburg treating their wounded comrades and waiting for the Vichi Convention, he personally hopes that former Senator Hiro Venator win the election. He heard that General Gabriel Foringhi and General Zacharias Zachary would run for the presidency. He was inside the tavern thinking all about the possibilities each candidate have when Colonel Meika come up to him and punched him playfully making him break his trance.

"You do enjoy making me suffer don't you?" Mey smiled at Meika

"Well someone has to make sure you stay in line," Meika said laughing at him

"But you know I always stay in line?" Mey laughed trying to get Meika back.

"Not alllllll the time!"smiled Meika when she avoided Mey's playful attacks.

Just as they were about to continue, Mey's radio rang out signaling him that its time to go to the Capitol building.

The Capitol building was a bit grand like the old National Convention building. It represents what all three founders wanted at the first. Mey was already at the doors when he saw a bunch of familiar faces of Karl, Cristian, and Ertchin.

"Good Afternoon Mey" All three of them greeted him

"Good Afternoon guys" Mey greeted back showing a smile.

"Mey, Gen. Foringhi is going to abuse his power to win this election!" Ertchin said angrily.

"He threatened all of us that if we don't vote for him he will start a coup' against the revolutionary government," Karl said calmly

"Everyone at the Lettysburg supports his faction. Maybe not everyone but a good amount of them " Cristian said angrily. He knew Gabriel Foringhi and his tactics for a long time.

"We cannot allow him to start a Counter-Revolution when our revolution against the Empire is doing well," Mey said trying to think of a solution, then Idea popped in his mind

"Cristian, Karl does your battalions know about this?"Mey questioned

"Yes, why?" both answered looking at each other confused.

"Because we can send your battalions to battle his battalion once Foringhi gives out the signal for them to attack, your battalions will keep them in line," Mey said very smartly

"Okay, I will tell our battalions.You guys go inside" Cristian said as he started running towards the army barracks

The three men went inside along with the delegates from all the provinces and took a seat.

General Zachary, President of the Revolutionary Government and General of the armed forces that are besieging the capital, stand by his seat and called this session in the name of the Founders.

"Alright thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming to this convention and deciding the fate of the government. Let us start by standing and singing the National Anthem of Patriotic Republic."

After they all sang the anthem. The Convention is now called in progress.

The Convention was tense because one wrong move the revolution would fail. It started on talks of how to continue the siege at the capital, then it evolved into how badly the management of the new government is, until it turned to into an election.

The votes are coming in and they were not satisfied with it since the fear of a coup' from Foringhi guided them to make their decision.

General Zacharias started to count the votes.

"Alright, the votes are in:

Gabriel Foringhi- 160/ 250

Hiro Venator- 80/250

Zacharias Zachary- 10/250"

"Mr. President, may we redo the election?" Mey requested in a serious and worried tone

"Why General Bracodo? What is your reasoning for you asking a redo of the election?" Zacharias asked in a serious tone.

"General Foringhi and his faction have been making threats against the revolutionary government. I have dispatched two battalions to surround Lettysburg. General Foringhi has been an Imperial sympathizer!" as Mey said as everyone aside from the three men gasped.

At the other side of the room General Foringhi stood up,

"Mr. President I have said no threats against the Revolution, and I am no Imperial," He turned towards Mey " Mr. President I believe it is General Bracodo and his band of officers, who are working with the Imperials. He can't make claims if there is no evidence to back up what he said."

Mey stood up. He called for his faction " Mr. President I have a lot of key witnesses that General Foringhi is sympathizing the Empire."

He called for High General Karl Brooker, Commander Cristian Nikes, Commander Ertchin Lystrum, and some more officers from the various battalions of the army. Cristian was the first one to speak

"Sir he has been threatening my battalion and the Cheapsake delegates to vote for him, Sir saying that he would start a coup."

"Sir he has gotten into eight gunfights with my men and he wounded them all to make sure they won't report about his constant threats" Karl said while looking impassively to Foringhi.

"Sir, I---" Foringhi was about to defend himself when Zacharias stopped him.

"That is enough, Foringhi I have heard about what you've been doing towards your peers and fellow comrade. As President of the Patriotic and Revolutionary Government you are dismissed from service and charged for crimes against the revolution."

Two national guards went towards Foringhi but he wouldn't give up easily so he started to run.

The national guardsmen and the 501st battalion along with the 112th battalion started to chase him they blocked off all the exits and entrances so that he wouldn't get out.

The National Guard has surrounded him and his faction they arrested them and brought them to jail.

The entire Convention has decided to redo the election.

"The votes are in!" Zacharias started to count the votes

Hiro Venator-180/250

Zacharias Zachary- 70/250

"Gen. Venator has won the election for President" Zacharias declared all the delegates and clapped to give respect.

"Zacharias Zachary is now the Vice-President." Zacharias declared. All the delegates also clapped.

"The Convention is over. The winners of the election will be meeting tomorrow at Vichi church." Zacharias declared before leaving.

Mey went to his home, he has another battle in a few days hoping that this battle between governments will be over by December or January next year.

As he fell asleep, he prepares to go to the land of dreams.

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