Chapter 11: Stories

They were in the tavern celebrating the results of the election. A soldier came up to them;

"So just a bit curious Sirs, What happened during the Revolution?" A soldier asked towards Mey, Karl, and Cristian.

Mey looked at the trooper and asked him to settle down. The Soldier nodded and took a seat next to them, ordering a drink in the process.

"Alright, trooper what is your name?"

"Henry, Sir"

"So have you ever heard of the militaristic group that started the Revolution of 1934?"

"No, Sir even during the Republic Era, they kept that information classified to the public. In order to avoid anyone using the name to tarnish it."

"Alright, we were called the S.S.P. Which stands for the Secret Society of Patriots. I joined before the battle of Gatipoli, which you all know was an important early on."

Karl decided to speak, "That battle really cost a lot of lives though, General Rivera wasn't able to move on from that battle even after the War."

"Sir, who is General Rivera?"

"General Rivera is one of the founders, who fought greatly, his battalion would win battle after battle."

"Sir, what is his battalion?"

"The 212th Battalion. My Battalion under his final decree, The 212th Battalion would be placed under my command." Mey said as he remembered the day Cody gave his battalion to him.


"Come in," Cody said facing the window of his office.

"Sir, You called me?"Mey asked as he came inside.

"As a matter of fact, I did," Cody said as he turned to face him.

He went to his desk and took his glasses. He placed it back on and checked Mey to see if he could really trust him.

"Mey, as my final act as Vice President, I want you to have my personal Battalion under your command."

Mey recognizes that Cody was opening his desk. He recognizes a familiar case that is always held on every soldier's utility belt.

"Well, that is how he gave me his battalion," Mey said as he remembered more of that conversation.

"You're going to a duel aren't you?"

Mey said in disbelief.

Cody loves peace, the only time he would go violent if he would defend the republic or his family.

"Mey, You don't understand! This duel could determine the fate of the country!" Cody said as he packed his things inside a suitcase and ran.

"Then let me be your right-hand man, one last time," Mey said as he looked at Cody dead at the eyes.

"Okay, One last time." Cody took Mey's hand and shook it like the first time they met.

"Um...Mey, what happened next?"

Karl asked with curiosity.

"Yes, Sir what did happen next." Henry who was next to them asked.

"Wait, did I just think that out loud?" Mey asked as he looked at both Karl and Henry confused.

"Yes!" Both Karl and Henry said.

"Well, Sorry guys. That is a story for another time."

"Awwww, what a tease, Mey!"

They continued to talk to each other in the tavern until Mey decided to go back to the camp.

He saw his men already on their caravans, preparing for the final battle at the Capital.

He sighed;

"Looks like I'm getting sleep on the way, again."

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