Chapter 4: Battle of Roga

General Karl Brooker having received news that he must defend Roga at all cost brought shivers up his spine.

He had so many bad memories over here when the revolution started. It was a massacre, twenty-one suspected revolutionaries lost their lives here and he was here to witness what happened.

"Sir, shall we prepare the cannons and trenches?" A Lieutenant asked towards the General.

The General nodded as he took a sip from the canteen on his uniform. He wished that he would have been assigned to another town or city but whatever the cabinet says is what he must follow.

He sometimes wished that the Supreme Council hasn't been disbanded due to how the brightest military and economical minds of the Secret Society were there planning attacks and last stands. He was even surprised that he was added into the council.

He took out his binoculars and looked at the imperial encampment. This is going to be another long battle.

Imperial View

Overviewing the battle for the Imperial Army is General Ivory Lucas. He participated in many battles in the Revolution and was there during the November riots, but when they gained independence.

He saw the darker side of things. The corruption in Congress and Senate has gotten out of control. He watched as senators bicker over simple things, but worst of all he saw how they handled the rising Imperial threat.

One of the Senators even had their gun pointed towards Senator Karlos Codinera. He knew Senator Codinera before the war they were close friends, but he couldn't watch as the bullet barely hit his friend's face. He was done with everything the Republic had to offer. When a member of the Imperial movement offered him to join. He joined without hesitantion because what the revolutionary republic he fell in love with, fell to ashes.

Now he battles one of the legendary generals of his time. General Karl Brooker, he honestly had met the man a few times during the Election as well as the declaration of Independence.

"Sir, we have prepared our cannons. What will we do now?"

"Prepare to attack the town, if we take out their defenses and overwhelm them. We might have a chance to win this war in it's infancy. The French decided to go against the Empire and continue siding with the fallen Republic."

It was hard to believe but the Continentals were still allies with the French. He would have thought that the French would end their alliance with the North Pacific Republic but then again only President Winchester, General Rivera, and the Former Supreme Council would probably be the only ones who knew about the entire ordeal.

Continental view

"The Imperial troops are preparing to attack. Tell the troops to prepare and be ready to fire their guns at the sight of the first Imperial trooper." General Brooker said as he watched through his binoculars.

"Yes Sir." The commander said as he gave a salute and prepared the troops for the impending attack.

Captain Cutter Lucas was down in the trenches as he saw with horror that his brother joined the Imperialist. Through all his life he saw supernatural happenings that had something to do with Commander Lystrum's beloved ship and felt tears going down his face as he saw the pride of the Republic navy get stuck inside a bottle.

He thought that was painful, but this is more painful. He lost his home on the ship and now he lost his brother, but he will fight for his ideals even if it meant going against his own brother. Before he could even continue with that train of thought. He heard the Imperial war cry. They're attacking them.

"Hold your Fire men!" General Brooker said as he nodded and giving the signal to fire the cannons.

Imperial View

"Sir, they fired their cannons towards our troops. Shall we call a retreat?"

"No, just let them continue." General Lucas said towards the private.

"But sir this will cause heavy casualties." The private tried to reason.

"I know but if they could over run the trench, the continentals would be forced to fight the battle out in the open." General Lucas said making the private look down and start thinking about his life choices.

General Lucas nodded, signaling the cannon handlers to fire the cannons. He could only hope that will do the job.

Continental View

"INCOMING!" General Brooker shouted as his troops leaped out of the trench, watching as the cannon ball hit the Imperial troops inside the trench.

General Brooker pointed his finger towards the Imperial cannons and commanding officers of this battle. The cannon handlers nodded pointing the cannon towards the enemy command.

"FIRE!" The cannons fired, the imperial cannon handlers were able to escape but the same couldn't be said about the cannons.

"Charge!" General Brooker commanded as his troops ran along with him. They moved towards the Imperial encampment.

Imperial and Continental troops alike fighting each other with their guns. Captain Cutter pointed his gun towards his own brother.

General Brooker was about to fight against General Lucas before Captain Cutter stepped in front of him and fired his gun.

"I'm sorry Ivory" he heard the Captain say as he fired the gun towards the ankle. The general fell down to the ground trying to stop the bleeding.

The Imperial troops who saw their general on the ground kneeled down dropping their guns and placing their hands behind their heads.

"Captain Cutter!" the captain looked towards General Brooker.

"Escort this man to the caravan. We will be taking this men to the Capital for further questioning." the general said as he patted the captain on the back.

"Yes sir, thank you." Captain Cutter said as he helped his brother up.

"Why didn't you just kill me?"

"because you're my brother Ivory."

"but that would have saved you a lot of trouble."

"but like I said you're my brother Ivory and plus we also need the information that you have."

Ivory sighed as he let his brother drag him towards the caravan.

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