Intermission: Mey's Birthday

The revolution is in full swing and today is Mey's Birthday.

January 3, 1947

Mey was preparing battle plans again because he doesn't have time to take a break from the Revolution.

Karl, Cristian, Ertchin, and Meika decided to throw a party for him. They invited everyone available for the past few weeks and today is the day.

Cristian knocked on Mey's military office.

"Come in," Mey said through the door.

"Hey, Mey you got time?" Cristian said as he sat down on one of the chairs.

"Sorry Cristian but I need to draft some plans."

"Come on it is just for today."

"Fine, what do you need?" Mey said towards him in a frustrated tone.

"Just follow me," Cristian said ignoring the tone Mey used on him.

They both went out of the office and started walking towards the tavern.

The tavern is unusually dark when they entered.

"Cristian what are you planning?"

The lights turned on revealing, the tavern fully decorated.

Everyone was there, all his friends are here.

"You guys planned this for weeks didn't you?" Mey said astonished with how they were able to pull this off.

"Yes!" Karl said laughing at his friend's reaction.

"Since you weren't about to take a break soon. We decided to make a party for you So that you could take a break on your Birthday." Meika said as the bartender started bringing in their food and drinks.

"Wait, today is my birthday?" Mey said with pure shock.

"Well, it is, January 3, 1947, right?"Ertchin said towards him jokingly.

"Oh, my... I forgot. With the war happening and the soldiers breaking their backs carrying guns." Mey said as he laughed. He actually forgot his own birthday.

"Happy Birthday Mey!" Everyone shouted. They all had a good time with each other.

A few hours later

Everyone is knocked out, either out of exhaustion or out of drinks. Today was great for Mey. Since the start of the war, all he did was plan battles, fight against the Cabinet, and aid in battles where they are in dire need of assistance. That it made him completely forget his birthday.

"Sadly Cody and James aren't here." Said Mey as he took a sip from his hot chocolate. He was outside looking at the stars, Karl is with him. He never admitted it to anyone back then but whenever the battles go overnight and the leading officers call for a time out, He would always stay up to look at the stars.

"But at least they are finally having their rest." Said Karl as he drank water.

"Yeah... Rest" Mey said as he thought about what Cody said. Both he and Ken Drick are watching over them up there.

"Well, I have to go now, Mey. I need to defend the supply lines at Volkat before the election" Karl said as Mey looked at him.

"Bye Old Friend, see you at the flipside." Mey said as Karl patted him at the back and started heading towards the military camp.

"See you at the flipside as well." Karl said as he looked at Mey for one last time.

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