Chapter 13: Another Dream

Mey entered another dark hallway, he swears he could see a familiar girl in the dark.

"Meika!" he called he was behind about to grab her by the shoulder.

"You suck! Why do you keep going after me you know that I hate you!" A weird demonic tone to her voice that gives Mey chills through his spine.

As Meika turns around she has a knife with her. She has that odd smile that makes him creep out.

"Meika there is no need to fight here, there is a peaceful solution to everything," Mey said as he starts to back away from her.

"Ohhh always the hypocrite, shut it with your pacifistic point of view, Mr. General of the freaking army. You say you are peaceful but what about your strategies against the empire?!" Meika shouted

Mey started to feel something break, but he cannot allow this to get the best of him. He has survived a lot of battles and a lot of loss but he cannot lose to a barrage of insults.

"Assassinate the General, that is the most idiotic move that I have ever seen. You don't honor the technicality of the battle for crying out loud!" Meika was beyond regular shouting

"Meika why are you so upset?" Mey asked wondering why she was angry, he tried his best to keep his temper cool.

"BECAUSE YOU FAILED EVERYONE!" Meika shouted as she tried to stab Mey with the knife.

"How could I have FAILED everyone, if I was successful in nearly every battle I faced!" Mey snapped nearly shouting at her.

"You had a chance to end this revolution with one mighty swing at the neck of the Imperial armada but NOOOOOO, you are too much of a wimp to even know how to strategize!" Meika said at a really low voice.

as the nightmare continues the environment somehow changed into a dungeon or cidatel.

"Well, I hope you are ready to suffer!" Meika said as she stabs Mey by the shoulder.

Land of Dreams

"Mey, Mey, MEEEEEYYYYYY" Cody shouted as he shook Mey awake from the Nightmare Realm.

"Uh, what happened I thought Meika stabbed me," He said as he looked confused towards Cody and Ken Drick.

"You went beyond your regular stop and landed towards the Nightmare Realm." Ken Drick explained as he helped Cody get Mey up.

"Then what about her stabbing me?" Mey asked

"What you saw was a possible future where the republic was formed and both of us continued to live." Cody explained, "all those things you saw were possibly from another timeline."

"Wait both of you can see different timelines?" Mey asked looking confused

"Well Yes and No," Ken Drick said

"Yes because we already passed away and we could go through other timelines where the same thing happens or something completely different happens." Ken Drick explained as he started to walk with Cody and Mey to the Stronghold.

"And No, because we both don't have the energy to pass through the barrier to see the entire thing." Cody continued with what Ken Drick first said

"In a few months the revolution will be over but I cannot tell you the outcome of it," Cody said as they arrived at the stronghold.

"Why is that?" Mey asked as he about to turn on the tape player.

"Well both of us cannot really tell the possible future because it could change how the events would go on from the election."Ken Drick said standing by the door as he watched for that entity that came by last time.

after the conversation, Mey turned on the tape player but this time it's different.

"The Revolutions financial side is failing and we can't support another year of attacking and defending. General Rivera has the Colonialist Army surrounded at Cheapsake. They are waiting for the reinforcements, The French Navy is making sure that the colonialist army won't escape maybe the revolution will be over soon." A familiar voice said, it was Kyra.

Both Mey and Ken Drick looked at Cody with one eyebrow raised.

"Well she did say that the National Army was wasting a lot of the money the economical side produced, so why not end it in one final swing," Cody said as he shrugged his shoulder looking innocent.

The tape stopped playing. Both Ken Drick and Cody looked at Mey. He could feel that they are both scared. He couldn't tell why they were nervous, the entire room is already tainted red by the light.

Mey decided to play the tape again

"Everyone is not satisfied with what they got." The unknown voice from last time said.

"Well maybe if you didn't torture an entire battalion just for not reporting in time maybe you wouldn't have been here in the first place." It was his voice.

"You are sooo Naive letting me go into battle. The Empire will be back and your republic will fall to the ground like all the work you have done before."

They heard the church bells ringing.

"Well, I guess its time for both of us to go," Cody said as he was starting to fade along with Ken Drick.

"Mey beware, you have the choice to change the future for better or for worst"

and with that Mey woke up. He checked his clock it was 5 am, he mumbled.

"Well, I guess I have to go to Vichi Church today. Just to make sure the Candidates and Delegates are safe."

He got up fixed himself and gone to the church.

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