Chapter 2: Political Business

Revilaburg 6:00 pm

The inner circle of the Empress is located inside the old National Convention Hall which is now renamed the Imperial Inner Court.

They are currently having their meeting on how the Empire should be managed.

Inside the Circle was Senior General Dwayne Newhiskey, First Consul Victoria Bialo, and General Secretariat Herryl Korldi. It was really quiet inside despite everything that happened over the course of a few months.

General Secretariat Herryl Korldi broke the silence, "We all know that the Continental and National Forces have declared revolution. How do we get more soldiers on our side?" He said as the other members of the inner court looked towards Dwayne.

"We'll create propaganda that the Imperial Army has a much better chances of winning this war." Replied General Newhiskey,

"That's a good idea, but I need to mention the fact that despite our empire having more funding it doesn't invest in better weapons for the Imperial Army." First Consul Victoria Bialo said.

"I agree with her, Mr. Newhiskey. Look at the weapons the Continental Army has, as a part of the Revolutionary Guard during the revolution. It's painfully obvious that they kept the arms from the patriotic republic. Improving it to the point that its more advance than our military advances." General Secretary Korldi said.

"Ahh, but what makes up for strength is numbers, that is why I need more troops to lead." General Newhiskey said as General secretary Herryl resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"General Rivera was a much better military leader and he wouldn't have agreed to that. He would not agree in this entire damn thing," Secretary Herryl thought as he continued watching the other members of the court bicker.

Vichisburg 6:00 pm

The Cabinet of the old republic gathered in the old capitol building and declared Vichisburg as the capital of the revolution.

Commodore Mey was at the entrance with the some of his men from the 212th Battalion, as he pulled out his binoculars he saw familiar hats across the hill.

He remembered when he first received his uniform. It was during the time Ken Drick declared the declaration of Independence. Cody wore a dark blue uniform during the declaration as well as the battle of Cheapsake.

When Cody asked Mey what he wants his uniform to be designed as, he asked for it to be color purple.

"Mey, why purple?" Cody asked as he looked at the young man.

"Because I dedicate the color between you and James." Mey answered as Cody's passive frown turn into a little smile.

"Heh thanks kiddo." Cody said as he patted Mey at the back.

When he was given the chance to make a new uniform. He decided to dedicate and base it from the french uniform. He didn't change the color. Cody was praising him for the design, until that faithful day.

The day when he was called into that duel.

He wished the man never died.

As Mey snapped back into reality he saw the battalions from the outer boundaries, the 59th Battalion, the 315th Artillery core, the 205th Special Forces, and the 409th Battalion.

Commodore Bracodo quickly greeted the commanding officer of each battalion as he shook hands with each officer.

"We are being called towards the Capital Building, they are having a meeting how the Revolution could defend itself and plan an attack on the Empire." he said.

Each officer asked their field marshal to guard Vichisburg and command their troops, while they attend to the meeting.

Vichi Hills 6:50 pm

"Looks like they are still waiting for the other Battalions to arrive" said a spy

"Yeah, we should report back to Revillaburg, plan a surprise attack on their base." replied his partner.

"I think we should wait for our informant." the other spy said.

"Okay lets wait for him then." his partner said as they wait for the informant.

Inside The Capital Building(Vichisburg)

7:00 pm

Mey and his fellow officers were currently arguing with the leaders on where the next battle should occur so that they could stand a chance,

"If we have a battle at Likop Courthouse, we could stand a chance of cutting their supply lines and set up an outpost to make sure the Imperials won't be able to take back that supply house," Mey said as he draws out a map of the country and points towards that location.

"Maybe, but we might risk losing more men than at the early battle of Hillop Hill.It was a heavy lost considering that your fellow officer here had recklessly led his men to battle." Replied Secretary of war Bartholomew Krej as he pointed towards Cristian.

Mey couldn't even think of a reason why he was replaced from Cody's position. Originally Cody appointed him as Secretary.

Then when Cody died, Zacharias took the chance and changed all the members of the previous cabinet.

He is still bitter over that fact that other officers have to nudge their arms on him just to keep him from attacking the new secretary out right.

"WE WERE AMBUSHED FOR FOUNDERS SAKE!", Cristian shouted as he tried to draw out his gun yet stopped when he saw Mey shacking his head.

Mey wouldn't personally mind if Cristian shot the idiotic man but he needs the war effort to not suffer a lot of internal fighting or else they are toast towards the Imperialists.

"Then maybe we should court martial this Lieutenant. He tried to draw out his gun. HE MIGHT BE THE SPY THE CONTINENTALS WERE TALKING ABOUT.", After hearing that comment National Guardsmen quickly draw up their guns towards Bartholomew.

"Wait, did I say Continental, I mean troops were talking about. Hahaha" Bartholomew laughed nervously as everyone in the room looked at him. Most specifically the Military officials and National Guardsmen are ready to chase him down.

"Huh, Only an Imperial would use the term 'Continental' on us rebels, So tell us, Mr. Krej who is the spy now?" Mey said in an arrogant tone as National Guards started to surround Bartholomew.

"No you got it wrong, I'm not an Imperial. It is really hard to break off old habits you know.", Bartholomew said as he tried to make the Guard back down.

"So you do admit that you're an Imperial. Well I guess boys ya can have him now." Mey said as the troops broke into a sprint.

"COMMODORE BRACODO order your men to place down their guns, there is no need to fight in here." President Zachary said as he glared at Bartholomew and continued,

"Heh... well, whatever you say boss." Mey said as the troops held on Bartholomew.

"and you, Mr. Krej, don't have the right to be Secretary of War due to you not having any experience at all from the first revolution. We could already see that you are the Imperial Spy that our troops are talking about so Commodore Bracodo take him away." Zacharias said.

Mey nodded and signalled his men to take him away but before that he quickly went up to his face to and said,

"In the name of the Revolution and in the name of the founder Cody Rivera, Bartholomew Krej, You are under arrest for High Treason and shaming the position a founder once held."

"Take this disgusting piece of crap out of here!" Mey said towards his men.

The troops nodded and quickly went to the back of the Secretary and pushed him with their guns.

"This is against the Constitution, I demand the right to stand Trial!"

"And you have the right to Shut up!" One of the troops said to him as they shoved him against the wall.

Zacharias turned towards Mey and said,

"Commodore Mey, You are to be promoted to High-General and shall lead the Continental Army, as well as become part of the cabinet and reclaim your old position." Zacharias said as he shook Mey's hand and saluted towards him.

"Thank you, Sir" as Mey gave a salute, giving the signal to his fellow officers to follow him.

Revillaburg 10:15pm

Their informant didn't arrive but they just decided to go back to Revilla and give whatever they have. The two spies reach the Imperial High Command Building and said to General Dwayne,

"Sir, The Continentals are located at Vichisburg I would recommend an attack at Vichi Hill. If they were to be defeated, we could surround them and force them to surrender."

"Okay, let's just wait, get more intel on their surroundings." The General said towards the spies.

"sir, yes, sir" the spies said as they quickly went off. Dwayne went into his office and sat on Cody's old swivel chair and said,

"Guess who is truly in High Command now" looking through Cody's old stuff he found an old pamphlet from 1944 it said,

"Here is an open letter to the fat-arrogant, Revolutionary embarrassment known as Head Commissioner Dwayne Newhiskey. The man claims that I am Irrational. Sucker! never call me irrational. I worked all day and night while you were missing in action doing, God knows what, let me ask you a question who was sitting on your desk when we were all trying to fix the internal Corruption, While you were at France Getting on with the Girls, I only have one term for you "You are a Fat, Corrupted Commissioner that is a lazy fart who disgraces the Revolution!" as Dwayne finishes reading the old piece of history,

He quickly ripped the pamphlet to half and threw it to the bin.

"Well who is arrogant now?" He thought.

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