Chapter 12: Battle of Gloya Pass

Commander Lystrum left after the elections. His spy told him that they are going for the same tactic again.

Instead of taking the route to Gregor. The Imperials decided to invade through Gloya Mountains.

His Battalion arrived at the Mountains before the Imperials.

They set up their positions as Ertchin gave them a speech.

"Men, I know we just came from elections and were supposed to be celebrating with our fellow revolutionaries back at Vichisburg, but if the Imperials get through this pass. Let's just say that the attack on the Capital might be delayed for a few months at best but a few years at worst."

"Men that were under Gen. Fohingri. It is time to hold no more resentment against your fellow soldiers. It is time for us to stand together and win this battle."

None of the soldiers from Foringhi's battalion even stood up or acknowledge the words Ertchin gave.

As he was about to shout at them for being such cowards. A lieutenant came out of a small hut from the back and started shouting towards his fellow soldiers.

"You all should be following your officer in command! Now my fellow battalion, men stand up and help the Commander!"

The Soldier looked up at him and nodded. They placed their guns on their shoulders and quickly went to work building defenses.

Ertchin came up to him and asked;

"What is your name Lieutenant?"

"Maricio Garcia"

Gloya pass

6:00 Pm

The Imperials already set camp at the base of the mountain. Major Yorks of 33rd Imperial French Company goes up to the pass.

With passing through these mountains, they could stab straight at the heart of the Revolution.

The Company started going up the pass. When they heard a shot and saw one of their comrades fall holding their hat.

At the top of the pass lays a small hut. Where Lieutenant Garcia fired the shot and hit the man.

They were both laughing, he saw some of his men going down to their positions.

He called one of them and asked them if they could speak french.

They nodded and he asked him to say welcome;

"Bonjour, Bienvenue Votre Bienvenue." as the soldier said that, both Lieutenant Garcia and Private started laughing harder.

They both recovered from that and Lieutenant Garcia saw a few of the Company's men going back to their base camp.

"I'll come back" Garcia stood up, running to the side grabbing a blue flag and started waving it.

Imperial Point of view

One of the privates came up to General Stephen.

"Sir, It isn't General Mey but an Important figurehead."

"Who is this?"

"Commander Ertchin of the Cheapsake division, Sir!"

"Ahhh, The Commander who defended Cheapsake from Commodore Crolin."

"Yes, Sir"

"Alright, you're dismissed."

The Private nodded and went to prepare the troops.

General Stephen looked at the mountains with fascination.

"If we win this battle, we could push through with the invasion of Vichisburg."

The Imperials tried going up the pass again only to be shot by the men up at the second point.

"Major, they surrounded us by both sides there must be another way to get through this defense." A Private said to Major Yorks.

"Quick, three men go under the cover of the rocks ahead and the rest , stay here. I will ask the locals if there is a way around this defense."

Continental Point of View

Commander Ertchin was with his soldiers firing his rifle towards the Imperial troops.

They were outnumbered even with the men from the late General Foringhi's battalion.

The battle was going exactly as planned. There were a lot of things to follow. If they messed up, it would result in the death of a lot of soldiers.

He considered their back and decided to place part of the guard. It was a part of the Mountain pass that was under-defended.

Soon he heard guns firing, He needs to help defense.

Lieutenant Garcia was firing his gun until he heard gunfire from his back. They were surrounded.

Imperial point of view

They continued going up the back route. As soon as they reached the destination, they started firing their guns towards the National Guard.

Some of them recognize the Guardsmen as their old Friends, others just continued to shoot them.

It is war after all.

The troops at the ridge heard the shot. It was the signal to start running up the pass.

Continental Point of View

Continental Soldiers saw this and took their guns and run-up to the Commander.

Ertchin has called a retreat yet he had one last trick up his sleeve.

As he prepared the retreat of his battalion, He planted dynamite on the top of the pass to make sure no Imperial could pass through it.

"Commander!" A soldier called.

"Your horse is ready, sir"

"How about the men?"

"They are already on their respective Caravans and formations."

"Alright, light up this dynamite for me will you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

The soldier lit up the dynamite and started running. Ertchin was able to get on his horse and retreat. He was going down the escape.

He felt something pierce his neck. He touched it, there was blood.

The soldiers saw this and some of them quickly grabbed him off his horse and carried him to the Medical Caravan.

Imperial Point of View

"You shot their Commander!" They were celebrating, Yet their celebration didn't last long.


They heard an explosion and saw the pass starting to fall on their battalion.

"Everyone, retreat! the pass is destroyed. We cannot pass through anymore." General Stephen ordered in an annoyed tone as he leave.


11:00 pm

The last of them arrived at Vichisburg.

Commander Cristian Nikes was waiting for the report on the defense of Gloya pass from a friend.

He was expecting him to be riding on his horse, yet he didn't see any horse at all. Only caravans filled with soldiers or the wounded.

A trooper came up to him and gave the report.

"Sir, we were able to defend the mountain pass but sadly we needed to blow it up."

"Okay, okay, where is your commanding officer?"

"Sir, he was shot on the neck" the trooper said sadly.

"Imperial snipers shot him, during the retreat. We tried treating his wounds along the way , sir, but his wounds are beyond our healing capabilities."

"I'm sorry, sir, but Commander Lystrum didn't make it. "

"Alright trooper, you're dismissed. Prepare him a casket. I will write the news to the defense."

The trooper nodded and went to prepare the casket. Cristian gone into the military office and started writing the report to Mey and Karl.

'Sirs, The defense on Gloya pass is a Continental Victory yet Com. Lystrum has been killed during the retreat order. Their retreat was due on the planting of dynamite at the pass to make sure that no Imperial passes can get through. Commander Lystrum will be buried in five days. He will be buried in his home town of Cheapsake.

-Commander Cristian'

Cristian called a messenger to deliver this to Mey and Karl at Vicksburg.

"Deliver this to General Bracodo and General Brooker. This must arrive to them before 5 days is over" Cristian said in a stern tone towards the messenger.

The messenger nodded and delivered the message.

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