"Mey, You have a letter."

"It is from Ertchin, place it on my desk."

"No, It is from the Military office."

"What does it say?"

She opens the letter.

Commander Lystrum has been killed during the retreat order. Their Retreat was due to them planting dynamite on the pass to make sure no Imperial forces passes through. Commander Lystrum's body will be sent back to Cheapsake and will be buried in 5 days. May we all pray and hope that he is in a happier place now.

"Does Karl know about it?"

"Yes, he will leave later to attend the funeral."

"Meika will you come with me, To pay respect to him."

"Yes, Mey I will."

They both prepared their things and left to attend the funeral.


3:00 Pm

As they arrived, They saw everyone gathered at Ertchin's house. The locals and Soldiers of his battalion had their hats down. Karl and Cristian were there. Mey went up to them;

"He was a good man," Mey said to them, they both looked at him.

"He was, No one will ever replace that man," Karl said as he took something out of his trench coat.

It was a piece of a picture, Mey and Cristian did the same.

They connected the picture yet 3 parts of the photo were missing.

"We will never be united again without Cody, James, and Ertchin," Cristian said as he took out a handkerchief and blew his nose.

"You're right but at least they will rest in peace up there."

Months later

"Well Karl, I guess Mey really needed the rest since he fought battle after battle," Cristian said as he takes a gulp from his glass.

"He is so happy, that he finally spends time with Meika," Karl said smiling at Cristian as he waits for a familiar face.

In the Skies

"Well, Ken Drick I guess they won this battle already," Cody said as he smiles towards his Old Friend.

"I guess so, I am just wondering where is your son this entire time?" Ken Drick asked as he looks at Cody with a raised eyebrow.

"He is traveling around the Country, studying, avoiding battles, and learning to handle everything under pressure," Cody said as he remembers he's sons first birthday, it made him smile sadly.

"Well, your wife is going to be in jail for life." Ken Drick said as he remembered every person they have met.

"To be honest, I feel angry a bit but she got what she deserves and I loved her but she honestly destroyed everything I worked for," Cody said as he wiped his glasses

"I am okay if she gets punished because it is the right thing to do."

"Well anyways enough of this talk, let us go and explore other timelines." Ken Drick said as a portal opened

"Okay, lets gooo," Cody said as he gets into the portal.

At the tavern

The tavern where Karl and Cristian stayed at was nearly empty. Both of them waited patiently as the doorbell rang indicating that a person came in.

"I guess you cannot have more Drinks to drink without me?" Mey said jokingly towards Karl and Cristian.

"Yeah, Well all I could say is that without you the Revolution has continued without your tactics and strategies," Karl said as he orders another drink.

"The National Convention sent me a letter saying there was something important, I'll see you guys later" Mey said as he waved bye to Karl and Cristian

National Convention building

As he entered the building, he remembered the day that they won against the Empire.

That seemed long ago, As he entered the National Convention hall. The lights were out he heard a familiar voice in the shadows.

"General Mey Bracodo, the hero of The Revolution, and loving husband of my friend," The lights turned on.

President Venator was on the podium and the senators were on their seats.

"It is by the great honor of the founders that I give you the Medal of Heroes, First people whoever received this was Ken Drick and Cody, their legacy passes to you. General Bracodo, may the lord guide the path you take through life."

President Venator went out of his podium went up to Mey and placed the Medal on his chest and patted him on the back.

The Senators and National Guardsmen were all giving applause.

"Today is a day, to be remembered for." Mey smiled as the cameras takes photos.

The End