Chapter 5: Battle of Gregor

Town of Gregor 7:00 am

The 212th and 559th battalions left Vichisburg for Gregor because of their spies at Imperial High Command has reported that the Imperials are going to try to attack Vichisburg.

General Mey and Colonel Lovington have decided to set up a blockade around the town of Gregor, the small town which is along the route to Vichisburg.

They arrived at Gregor around 7:00 am, along the way they bumped into the Imperial army, both sides started shooting their guns.

Continental Point-of-View

Mey quickly called his men of the 212th Continental Battalion to fall back and dig into defensive positions.

Parco did the same with his men and said to the men to set up the cannons and help the 212th defend the town.

They quickly nodded and ran for the cannons. The Continentals were getting a lot of casualties but they are still holding their ground against the imperial offensive. They keep digging trenches on the road and started setting up their artillery. Mey quickly called the messenger.

"Tell the troops at Katipan to aid us in this battle." Mey said towards the messenger. The messenger nodded and quickly ran to the sidelines to get help. As the battle continued the messenger returned with news.

"Sir they have been positioned by President Zachary to aid any ongoing battles nearby. They are still waiting the President's order to leave their post to join this battle."

Desperate for backup, Mey growled in frustration and quickly took a horse going to Katipan, leaving Colonel Lovington to lead the Continental Army.


As Mey arrived at Katipan he saw a few soldiers laying around, playing card games and drinking.

"Someone's coming!" One of the troopers said as he quickly took his hat and buttoned up his polo.

Mey gotten out of his horse, looking at the battalion, with a serious look.

"What is your Battalion number?"

One of the soldiers stepped forward, shaking in fear and said;

"Katipan Battalion No.456 Sir."

"Where is your Captain?"

"He is in there, Sir" The soldier pointed towards a small hut.

"Thank you, soldier, make sure this battalion is still in this formation by the time I come back with your Captain."

As Mey went to the hut. He saw The Captain just playing cards with the locals.

"Good Evening Captain"

The captain jumped a bit hitting his knee on the table. He hissed at the pain, he turned around and saw it was Mey, he felt his pain go away but his fear crawl up his back.

"G-G-G-Good Evening, S-S-Sir"

"Why aren't you responding to my call of Reinforcements at Gregor?"

"Under t-t-the orders of President Zachary, we are to be positioned here no matter what."

Normally Mey would have shrugged it off, but not this time. This is an important battle. Mey grabbed the Captain by the polo and said;

"Listen here, Captain! You're fellow countrymen are dying in a battle that could change the course of history, while you're battalion is just lazying around getting drunk"

Mey dragged him outside for his soldiers to see.

"Now listen here all of you! Do you remember the Military Articles?"

None of the Soldiers said a thing,

"Under Article one of the Military Code, Any Officer/Battalion who do not follow the General in-charge of war shall be stripped of their rank, and be executed as a traitor to the revolution!"

The captain looked at him scared that because of his mistake he will be executed. Mey then remembered what Cody said the first time his battalion did not follow orders in time;

"No, all of you will not be executed for this, because everyone deserves a chance to reconcile."

"But I will let this slide for now. Now all of you get your arms. We have a battle to win."

The captain and his soldiers looked at him with gratitude and relief.

Imperial Point of View

"Sir, Their general has ridden away to Katipan." a soldier went to General Stephen.

"Okay, tell the men to prepare the artillery and go for a charge towards their defense line."

He got a yes sir before the soldier left and took his binoculars. He looked around the battlefield. Somehow, the Continentals always manage to surprise him.

Continental Point of View

"Hold your lines! Make sure they won't break through it!" Colonel Lovington said as he continued firing his revolver.

As he started to lose hope, he heard something. He looked at his back seeing Mey and the Katipan Battalion charge into battle.

"Charge!", shouted Mey as he rode his horse with a revolver in hand.

The Katipan troops charges as well as firing their revolvers and bayonets.


Colonel Lovington said while shooting his revolver towards an Imperial trooper.

The troops under Mey, stopped staring at their General and decided to pick up their bayonets and follow him.

Imperial Point of View


General Stephen said as he got his gun and started shooting the Continental Units.

Some of his troops followed what he did. While others ran to the artillery and started shooting the Continental Units.

As they fired, one of the bullets had a lucky shot on Mey.

When Stephen saw this, he mutters to himself saying,

"Well, I'll be damned."

Continental Point of View

"The General was hit," said a soldier as Colonel Lovington quickly ran to see the general behind a turned over supply cart.

He helped Mey remove his coat and polo just to see a hole on a bag of gold coins Karl gave.

Mey started to laugh saying,

"They said stop carrying those coins around. Well, it saved my life."

The soldiers were relieved to see their general just fine. They fired their artillery and guns towards the Imperials.

Imperial Point of view

"Sir, should we continue firing our artillery to them?" A soldier said towards General Stephen.

"Let them have it, we're almost out of artillery shells and ammo," Stephen said as he and his soldiers prepare to leave.

Continental Point of View

"They're retreating!" One of the troopers exclaimed as they started celebrating and throwing their hats high to the air.

Colonel Lovington was about to make them stop when General Bracodo holds him by the shoulder and said.

"Let them celebrate, they deserve it."

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