Chapter 8 - Devin/Brandon


“Holy fuck!  What was - “ I start to say before Brandon grabs my elbow and pulls me up.

 “My room!  Now!” he growls at me.

 I don’t quite understand what is happening.  “Why - “

 Pulling me by the elbow, he hurries me out of the dinning hall and to the back stairs.

 “Brandon!  Slow down!” I say.

 “We have 10 minutes and I need to get rid of these blue balls before I walk into Zak’s office!” His voice is husky with need and my knees weaken.  Oh!  Yeah, that makes sense.  That show wasn’t even directed at me and I was horny as hell.

 We bust into Brandon’s room and he slams the door behind us.  Immediately, he pushes me onto the bed.  He rips his clothes from his body.  “Undress!” he growls as he sees me staring at him.

 I quickly pull off my clothes.

 Brandon lays on the bed beside me.  “Get on top of me.  Suck my dick,” he orders.

 Immediately, I comply.  My ass is in his face and he wastes no time eating me.  His tongue runs around the rim of my asshole before dipping inside.  He rolls and wiggles his tongue inside of me while I moan around his cock in my mouth.

 I feel Brandon’s hand on the back of my head, pushing me further onto his cock.  “Fuck, yes!  Take it deep, Devin!

 Brandon rarely calls out my name during sex and it drives my orgasm closer.  I bob my head on his cock as fast as I can.  Brandon sticks his tongue even deeper inside of me and his hand wraps around my cock.  He starts jerking me off fast, squeezing hard. 

 Within minutes, I’m on the brink of an orgasm.  “Brandon!” I call out, pulling off of him.  “I’m gonna cum!

 “Cum!” he says, pushing my head back onto his cock.

 I let go and almost immediately feel Brandon cum down my throat.  I swallow him greedily, moaning the whole time.

 We lay in a daze for a few moments before I roll off of him.  He quickly stands and goes to the bathroom to clean himself up, taking his clothes with him.  He comes back out a few minutes later, fully dressed.

 He walks over to me and kisses me.  “Thank you for that.  I’ll see you after training?

 I can only nod and give him a small smile.

 He chuckles and heads to the door.  “See you later.

 I wave a tired hand and grab a few more minutes to myself before I clean up and head out to the training arena.



Feeling physically better, but no less confused, I quickly walk to Zak’s office.  I also feel the overwhelming sense of guilt that I always feel after dreams about Charlie and Zak.  They are a mated pair.  What am I doing craving them this way?  I know I shouldn’t, but it is like something in my body won’t let them go.  

The office of the Alpha is on the top floor of the packhouse.  It is the only part of the top floor that is not dedicated to his home.  Still, the office is large, with it’s own full bathroom attached.

I knock on the door and let myself in, as usual.  The room is brightly lit from the floor to ceiling windows on the far wall.  The room is decorated with plush chocolate-colored carpeting and pale yellow walls.  Zak set up a seating area with large, brown, leather couches.  Though he has a desk, it is pushed against the wall and only used when necessary.  That was the extent of Zak’s decorating abilities, so Charlie had stepped in.  She added yellow throw pillows and blankets, shelving, and pictures of the pack, their families, and the four of us growing up.  There is a coffee table in the middle of the sitting area and end tables between the couches.  Flowers decorated the tables and there was a serving table on the side with a k-cup coffee maker, cups, glasses, and a fridge underneath.

The space was homey and inviting.  The perfect mix of our Alpha and Luna.

I felt better after my quickie with Devin, but I still wasn’t sure what had gone on in the dining room.  Why were Charlie and Zak acting like that?  Yeah, mates go nuts when they first find each other.  That frantic mating and constant touching was normal.  But as the Alpha and Luna, they had better control over it than the rest of us.  After that initial frenzied month, they didn’t act like that in public anymore.  What was going on with them?

I don’t see Zak when I walk into his office.  Where was he?  He had said that he wanted me here now.  

Charlie’s and Zak’s scents are everywhere, of course.  The scent is both calming and unbearably arousing to me.  I hear a low groan coming from the bathroom.  The door is partially open and I can hear the shower running.  The groan sounds again, louder this time.  Was Zak ok?  Had he fallen in the shower?  Was he hurt?

“Zak?” I call out.  No answer.  “You ok, man?

Another groan escapes the bathroom.  It doesn’t really sound like Zak, but the shower running and the bathroom tiles distort the sound.  I can’t really tell what is happening.

I quickly go to the door and peek inside.  What I see is...holy shit!

Zak’s back is to me.  Water beads and rolls down his muscular back and thighs and his asscheeks tighten and loosen as he moves back and forth.  The sight is mesmerizing.  He has Charlie up against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist.  One of her breasts is in his mouth as he suckles her nipple and pumps into her.

An inarticulate sound escapes her mouth and she sucks on his mate mark.  Immediately, her nipple falls from Zak’s mouth as he groans loudly again.  Charlie pulls back and they kiss each other deeply.  Charlie’s hair is plastered to her face, neck, and shoulders and the water flows between the valley of her breasts.  Charlie faces me and I can see all the minute expressions of pleasure her face makes as Zak fucks her.

Suddenly, her eyes fly open as Zak does something with his hands that I can’t see.  She sees me and her eyes darken.  Instead of the embarrassment I expected to see, I see excitement and deepening lust.

“Hi, Brandon,” she says, seductively.  “Enjoying the show?

I hadn’t realized that my hand was squeezing my cock through my pants until she said that.

Zak looks over his shoulder and grins lazily.  “Sorry, man.  Time got away from us.

I blush, immediately turning away.  “I’m sorry, Alpha.  So sorry, Luna. I didn’t mean...I thought...I just...I’ll, uhm,” my thoughts won’t come together and I turn toward the door.

Zak lets Charlie down and turns toward me.  I can’t help but stare at his hard, glistening cock.  As I’ve said before, Alphas are typically the biggest out of any of us.  They are arrogant for a reason.  And Zak did not disappoint.  I had never seen him erect before and the sight was everything I had dreamed of.  My cock twitches in my pants and my jaw falls open.

Zak just stands there with this cocky grin on his face for a few seconds.  Slowly, he says, “If you were enjoying the show, you don’t have to leave.  I promise that watching Charlie get fucked is well worth it.

Charlie comes from behind him, molding her body to his.  She reaches for his cock, stroking it while I watch.  I can easily hear the hiss of pleasure that Zak emits.  HIs eyes close and his head falls back.

“Yeah, Brandon.  Stay.  That must be pretty uncomfortable,” she nods towards the bulge in my pants.

Zak turns off the water and Charlie opens the shower door.  She walks towards me, water dripping off of her full breasts and toned legs.  Unconsciously, I lick my lips, thinking about what she would taste like.

“Mmmm,” she moans, her eyes watching my tongue.  When she reaches me, she stands on her tiptoes and whispers in my ear, “I want to watch you jerk off in the mirror while Zak fucks me.

It’s so close to a dream that I had about the two of them that I groan, grabbing the door to help steady myself.  My knees are suddenly weak, just like my willpower.  There is no way I can leave this room now.  I nod my head slowly, staring into her eyes.

“Good,” she says and pulls me towards a small settee where their clothes lay.  She pushes me gently onto the sette.  As she pulls her hands away, one of them skims over the tent in my pants.  I gasp and I know that my eyes are blazing with desire as she bites her lip and walks to Zak.  He has been steadily watching us the whole time, but it’s not until now that I notice his hand moving slowly up and down his cock.

Charlie turns Zak’s face away from me to her mouth and gives him a slow and deep kiss.  Zak’s hand travels between her thighs and begins to pump in and out of her.  She whimpers into his mouth and her arousal spreads throughout the air now that the shower is off.

Zak slowly turns her to face the vanity and bends her over so that her ass is against his cock.  Grabbing his cock to prepare to enter her, Zak looks at me in the mirror.  “Get your cock out and start jerking,” he says.  “This is going to be hot.

And Goddess help me, but I unzip my pants.

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