Chapter 10 - Brandon

We huddle in a heap on the floor of the bathroom.  Our breathing is heavy, but slowing.  Somehow, I ended up between Charlie and Zak and I feel their rapid heartbeats where they lay on me.  Zak’s head is on my shoulder, my arm around him and our chests pressed together.  Charlie’s head lies on my lap, her body leaning on my stretched out legs.  My fingers tangle in Charlie’s locks as I run my hand through her hair.  Zak’s hand brushes across my chest and I shiver at his touch.  I can feel him smile against my shoulder at my reaction to him.  

 I want to be calm.  Their touch, their scent, everything about them makes me feel calm.  But unease niggles at my mind.  What did we just do?  Is this even kosher?  The guilt starts to claw at me again.

 “So, can we talk about this?” I ask.

 Charlie stiffens against me before forcing herself to relax.  Zak takes a deep breath.  His lips brush against my collarbone in an almost kiss before he pulls back to look into my eyes.

 “Sure,” he says.  “What do you want to talk about?

 I laugh at him incredulously.  “Well, we basically just had a threesome.  What’s not to talk about?

 His eyes search mine and I feel Charlie sit up against me.

 Carefully, hesitantly, Zak asks, “Did you like it?

 “You couldn’t tell?” I ask, my eyebrows shooting up almost into my hairline.  I’ve never seen Zak this cautious or unsure about himself.  He’s a fucking alpha.  But there is an uncertainty in his eyes that makes me want to comfort him.  “Of course I liked it.  It was the best fucking sex I’m ever hand and I didn’t even fuck anybody.

 “That could be arranged,” Charlie says.  Both Zak and my eyes snap to hers.  Those words already have my dick half erect again.  But then, I notice that both Charlie’s and Zak’s eyes are glazed over as they look at each other.  They are talking through the mindlink and, from the looks on their faces, they are having a heated “discussion.

 “Hey, no fair not including me in the conversation,” I say, waving my hand between their faces.

 They blink and look at me.  “Sorry,” Charlie says.  “Just having a quick...pow wow.

 “Pow wow,” I ask, eyebrows raising and a smile tugging at my lips.  “And what did the big chief here say?

 Charlie giggles and Zak breaks into a smile.  “I just don’t want to push you too hard,” he says, his cheeks tinged with a blush.

 “Wait,” I say, sudden clarity flashing in my brain.  “What do you mean?  Do you guys want to do more?

 Again, a look passes between Zak and Charlie.  But this time, they don’t link each other.  The look seems to be sufficient.  Charlie clears her throat and looks back at me.  “We...want this to happen again.  We’ve thought about it for a while and we want to try something out with you.

 Looking between the two of them, confusion covers my face.  “Wait, you’re saying that you want to be in a sexual relationship with me?

 “Yes,” Zak says and Charlie nods her agreement.

 I scoot up into a sitting position, leaning against the wall.  Zak and Charlie let me up.  They sit up, too, but stay where they are, giving me some space.  I take a few minutes to attempt to gather my thoughts.

 “How long have you been wanting this?” I ask.

 “A few months,” Charlie said.

 That shocks the hell out of me and it must show on my face.  Zak reaches out and strokes one finger along my jaw.  Charlie grabs one of my hands and holds it in both of hers.

 I unconsciously lean into Zak’s touch and my fingers tighten on Charlie’s hand.

 “We’ve wanted you for so long, Brandon.  But you’ve been avoiding us,” Zak says, longing in his tone.

 “I’m sorry.  I - “ I start, but Charlie places a finger on my mouth.

 “It doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is now,” she says.

 I nod, her finger still on my mouth.  I kiss it before taking it into my hand.  But there is more that I need to clarify.  “You know that my birthday is in six days, right?  I’ll likely find my mate within a few days, if not that day.

 Zak smiles.  Not exactly what I was expecting, nor are his words.  “We’ll do whatever you want.  All you have to do is tell us and we will follow your lead.

 I nod.  I want to say yes.  This is the only thing that I have ever wanted.  Both of them want me to be a part of their relationship, even if it is only sexually.

 But, can I really do that?  Can I really enter into the relationship that I’ve always wanted, just to leave it in less than a week?  Won’t this haunt me for the rest of my life, even if I find my mate?  These are the two people I have been in love with forever.  Can I really give them up after having them all to myself?  I don’t know the answer to that.

 “Can I think about it for a little while?” I ask, looking between them.  “Just the afternoon?

 Charlie smiles at me, but her eyes are sad and...scared?  Does she really want this that badly?  “Of course.  You can take whatever you need.

 Zak nods, his head bobbing up and down a little too quickly.  He’s obviously nervous as well.  “How about you take the rest of the day off.  I’ll catch up with Dad and Beta Carl about everything that you talked about this morning.  How about you have dinner with us in our rooms tonight?  You can tell us your decision then.

 “Okay,” I say, nodding.  I move to get up, but Charlie puts a hand on my chest.

 “Can we say goodbye before you go?” she asks.

 Eyebrows scrunched in confusion, I say, “Sure…”

 She moves towards me, maintaining eye contact the entire time.  She slowly leans into my face and places her lips on mine.  Charlie’s scent invades my nostrils and I hum into her mouth.  One of her hands winds into my hair while the other wraps around my shoulders.  I moan as I feel her still naked body pressed against mine.  I grab her ass and pull her to straddle me.  She takes advantage of my opened lips and her tongue sweeps into my mouth.  Her kiss is slow and tender, but thorough.  We break apart, breathless.

 “My turn,” Zak growls.  Charlie smiles coyly and moves off of my lap.  Zak’s kiss is completely different from Charlie’s  Where Charlie was affectionate, Zak is domineering.  He roughly pulls my face towards his and pushes his tongue into my mouth.  His body is flush against mine and I feel his erection begin against my stomach.  I’m already full erect from kissing Charlie and a sweet ache develops in my groin.  Zak’s hand fists in my hair and keeps my mouth molded against his.  We both groan and I pull back, nipping at his bottom lip.

 The scent of Charlie’s arousal leaks into the room and Zak is fully erect by now.  His eyes are deep brown, nearly black, pools of desire.  His command comes out as a grunt, “Go before we don’t let you.

 I nearly change my mind about leaving.  But I have a lot to think about and that will only happen away from them.  I quickly peck both of them on the lips once more before grabbing my clothes.  I leave the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

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