Chapter 15 - Brandon

I cough out a laugh at Zak’s comment.  “Yeah, I would say so.

 “Mmmmm,” Charlie says, snuggling into my chest.  “Good.

 Zak kisses the side of my neck, sending a shiver through me.  He chuckles as he nuzzles into me.  “Charlie, don’t go to sleep yet.  We need to clean up.

 “Shut up!  I’m comfortable, satisfied, and happy,” she retorts, wrapping her arms around my torso.

 “Mmmm.  Me too,” I say snuggling into both of them.

 “Ok, I’ll go draw us a bath.  You can snuggle for a little, but we’ve got to make sure we’re all clean and give Brandon some aftercare,” Zak says.  He gives us both pecks on the lips before getting up and walking to the bathroom.

 I hear the water running and turn to snuggle Charlie closer to me.  She mumbles something into my chest that I can’t understand.

 “What, Beautiful?” I ask, pulling back.

 “Did you like it?  Being with me?” she asks, her voice small.  I can barely hear her above the running water, even with my enhanced wolf hearing.

 “Of course I did,” I say.  I pull her face up to look at me.  “I loved being with you.  Being inside of you.  Watching you cum, feeling your body react to me.

 “I was so worried that you wouldn’t want to be with me.  That you were only here for Zak,” Charlie looks into my eyes, begging for reassurance.

 I wrap Charlie up in my arms and pull us up to the headboard.  “Charlie, I’m not just gay.  I’m bisexual.”  Her eyes widen in surprise.  “I’ve had feelings for you since I was 13 years old.  I wasn’t just here for Zak.  I wanted to be with both of you.

 “You are all I ever wanted,” she says.  “You’re the one that I hoped was my mate.”  Her finger runs down my jaw.  “I love Zak.  More than anyone I have ever loved.  But I wanted you.

 “Charlie…” I say, astonished.  “I...I”

 “Zak knows,” she says.  “We’ve told each other everything.  You don’t have to worry about me rejecting him for you.  I just wanted you to know that I’ve thought about being with you for a long time.  I’m happy that it finally happened.

 The water turns off in the other room, but I can’t look away from Charlie.  Slowly, I lean down and kiss her.  When I pull back, I lean my forehead against hers.  “This is going to kill me when I find my mate, but I have to tell you both now…”

 Zak cuddles in behind me on the bed.  “Tell us what, Brandon?

 “I have to tell you...I love you both.  I’ve loved you both for so, so long,” I say, tears falling from my eyes.

 Charlie wraps her arms around me and Zak wraps us both in his arms.

 “I love you, Brandon,” Charlie whispers into my hair.

 “I love you, so much,” Zak says against my back.

 They hold me while I cry.  As I finally stop, I say, “What the hell kind of fucked up shit have we stepped into, huh?  We all three love each other, but only two of us can be mates.

 Charlie looks like she’s about to say something, but closes her mouth before starting again.  “We will be together until the Goddess says different.  We will be in love together.

 I nod, kissing her, then turning to kiss Zak.

 “How about that bath, huh?” I say, smiling.

 Zak laughs, getting up.  He quickly smacks my ass.  “Come on, Sweetcheeks.  Let’s go take care of that amazing ass.

 I cock an eyebrow at him.  “Sweetcheeks?”  

 Zak smiles broadly at me.  “You can’t deny that your ass is pretty sweet.

 Charlie giggles.  “I like it.” 

 I give her an annoyed look.  “Only you two get to say it and only in the bedroom.

 “Alright, Sweetcheeks.  Now get that sexy ass in the tub.

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