Chapter 19 - Charlie

I woke fully to the heavenly smells of my mates and pancakes.  My body was pleasantly sore in several places and my hair was disheveled.  I was naked and alone in the bed, but that didn’t last for long.

 “Finally awake, Beautiful?” Brandon says.  I squint to see him standing at the door with two cups of coffee in his hand.  He is wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else.  I see the fading hickies on his skin from last night, as well as some new ones. He and Zak must have had some fun time while I slept. 

           “I don’t know.  You might have to come and help motivate me to get up.

           He eagerly walks towards me, setting the coffee cups on the dresser before sitting beside me on the bed.  Brandon leans down, smoothing my hair back.

           “Goddess, you are gorgeous,” he says, right before he kisses me.  One hand cups the back of my head, keeping me anchored to his mouth.  The other travels down to trace my nipples.  For someone who has never been with a woman, Brandon really knows what he’s doing.

           My hands run through his hair and claw down his back, earning me a grunt of pleasure.  Something that I very quickly learned last night was that Brandon likes to be in control in the bedroom, but he also likes a bit of pain with his pleasure.  

           Brandon moves his lips down my jaw to my ears and neck. Every place his lips stop, he places either a kiss, a lick, or a light nip. I never know which one he is going to do and the anticipation of it is arousing on it’s own.

           My hands grab his face, maneuvering him to my right breast.  He chuckles right before he sucks my nipples into his mouth, rolling the right bud between his teeth.

           “Goddess, Brandon!  Bite it harder!

           Immediately, his body tenses as he bites down on my nipple, his teeth almost meeting in the middle.  That was another thing that I noticed last night. Brandon quickly realized that I also like pain. He is completely willingly to provide me with the pain I crave, his body completely stilling so that he can attend to how I react.

            At the feeling of the pain and pleasure that he is giving me, I fist my hands into the sheets, breathing out forcefully. I have him stay there like that for a few more seconds. My orgasm has continued to build throughout the biting. I’m just on the brink when I scream, “Truffles!”  It’s the safe word that we agreed upon last night.

           Immediately, Brandon let’s go and my orgasm rolls through me. I scream his name as I cum.

           He moves his hand to touch my pussy, but I stop him.  “Still too sore from last night, love. Give me a few more hours and a nice soak in the tub and I’ll be ready for you again.” I say, kissing his lips.  “In the meantime, there are other things that I can do.

           A smirk crosses his lips. “Well, there is one thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t very easily with a guy.

           I nibble along his jaw to his ear, listening to his breathing hitch.  “Mmmm, what’s that, love?

           Gulping audibly, he says, “A tit job.

           I pull back, smiling.  “Grab the lube.

           Brandon quickly moves to the bedside table on Zak’s side of the bed and grabs the lube. He hands it to me. Opening it, I squirt a generous amount all over my breasts. Unable to keep his hands to himself, Brandon begins rubbing it in.

           I prop two pillows behind me and lay back. “Straddle me,” I say, lifting my arms to accommodate his knees.

           Getting into position, Brandon lays his length between my breasts and looks at me with hooded, lust-filled eyes.  I push my breasts together from the sides. His shaft is long enough that I can suck on the tip of him without straining my neck.

           Looking up at him, I play my tongue along the tip of him. I watch his mouth drop open and his hands clench in the air.  I look directly into his eyes. “Fuck my titties.

           Brandon groans, grabbing the headboard. He starts slow, but quickly picks up speed at the feeling of my slick flesh enveloping him.

           “Holy shit, that feels good!” He gasps out.

           I suck the tip of him into my mouth and each upward thrust pushes more of him into my mouth.  Quickly, his movements become sloppy. The new feeling must have proven too much for him.

            “Charlie! Charlie, I’m gonna cum!

           I moan on his tip to let him know that I’m ready and he grabs the back of my head to hold my mouth on him. He thrusts upward one last time and his release flows down my throat.

            After a few breathless seconds, he rolls off of me and scoops me into his arms.

           From the doorway, we hear a knock.  Looking up, we see Zak in the doorway.

           “As fucking hot as that was, you two need to hurry. Your pancakes are getting cold,” he says before walking out the door, a smirk on his face.

 Brandon and I laugh.  We go clean up in the bathroom.  Brandon slips his boxers back on and I grab Zak’s discarded polo from the night before.

 We eat breakfast, even though it is 11 by now.  It is so comfortable between us, just like before Zak and I mated.  I can’t wait until it is like this always, but I have to be patient.  Only four more days until Brandon would officially be our mate and he seems to be giving in to the initial stirrings of the mate bond now.  We will have our mate.

 Lucille warned us not to tell Brandon.  It is better for him to have undeniable proof of the mate bond.  For him to feel it on his own.  He will be less likely to reject it then.  So, right now, we are keeping quiet.  It is so hard not to mark him, but Zak and I agree with Lucille.  We won’t tell him yet.

 I go to shower as the boys clean up from breakfast.  Just as I’m stepping out of the shower, Zak and I get a mindlink from Devin.

 Zak.  Charlie.  Can we meet after lunch?  Say, 1:00? Dev’s voice has an unexpected tenseness to it.

 Sure.  I’ll loop Brandon in and you can come to our suite.  Zak’s voice is full of satisfaction.

 Actually...I don’t want Brandon there.  It is actually really important that he isn’t.  Can we meet in your office, Zak? Dev’s response is full of urgency.

 Seriously, Dev? We can’t tell our Beta? My voice comes out a little pissed. We just got Brandon to acknowledge his feelings for us. We didn’t want to waste anytime with our mate. I could feel Zak’s annoyance through the matebond as well. But, of course, we can’t let Devin know that Brandon is our other mate yet.

             What is this about? Zak asks, his voice a mask of calm.

              It’s about my mates…and your third mate. Devin responds.

              I instantly feel the weariness and suspicion that radiates from Zak down the matebond.  Meet us in my office in 10.  Zak shuts the link down and I hurry to dress.

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