Chapter 13 - Zak

I didn’t expect Brandon to kiss me when he walked in the door, but I was very happy that he did.  When he bites my lip, I can barely control the urge to rip off his clothes.  

 I grab his wrists, pushing him against the wall, forcing his arms at an angle beside his head.  I can feel his hardness through his pants, and I wedge his legs apart so that I can rub his crotch with my thigh.  Everywhere we touch, the fated sparks bloom on my skin.  The feeling is intoxicating, and I want to feel them all over my body.

 Brandon moans into my mouth and my willpower is holding on by a thread.

 “Goddess, I want you so badly,” I say against his lips.  I’m about to plunder his mouth again, when I hear our beautiful mate behind me.

 “So, are we going to skip dinner and go straight to dessert?” Charlie asks.

 I pull away from Brandon, slightly breathless with excitement.  I stare into his eyes and say, “I think that is an excellent idea.

 Brandon smiles at me, then turns his smile to Charlie.  “Lead the way.

 Kissing him quickly, I let go of his wrists and take hold of one of his hands.  I reach my other hand to Charlie, and she leads us into the bedroom.  We both keep looking back at Brandon, as if to make sure that he is really there.

 Once in the bedroom, Charlie dims the lights.  Using her Apple watch, she starts some low sensual music through the speakers.

 Brandon smiles as she turns to us.  “Prepared for something to happen, Luna?

 “Cub Scouts taught me well,” she says, pushing the spaghetti straps of her dress off of her shoulders.  Instantly, the dress falls to the floor, having only been held up by those straps.  Underneath, she is only wearing a white lace thong.

 Brandon gasps in a quick breath.  Slowly, Charlie steps out of her dress and walks towards Brandon.  She sways her hips as she walks, causing her heavy, bare breasts to jiggle with each movement.  My attention is on the small triangle of fabric between her thighs, which is already wet.

 Once she reaches Brandon, Charlie presses herself against his body, wrapping her arms around his neck and bending his face to hers.  Brandon’s arms immediately wrap around her lithe body.  Charlie presses a hard kiss against Brandon’s mouth and I bite my lip at the sight.

 As Charlie kisses Brandon, she begins to unbutton his shirt.  He helps her pull it from where it is tucked into his pants.  Quickly, Brandon pulls his muscled arms out of the sleeves and throws the shirt to the floor behind him.  Unable to resist, I pull my shirt over my head and come to stand behind Brandon, my chest to his bare back.  As he kisses Charlie, I kiss my way down the side of his neck and along his broad shoulders.  I grab his hips and press my erection to his ass.

 Brandon moans into Charlie’s mouth and the sound is intoxicating.

 Charlie finally breaks the kiss, grabbing Brandon’s hand as she walks towards the bed.  The look on his face is like a man drowning, seeing the only thing that will save his life.

 Charlie sits on the edge of the bed and pulls Brandon to stand between her open legs.  She begins licking and nipping at his abs and she undoes his belt and pushes his pants down.

 Standing at his side, I pull him into a kiss, just as Charlie takes him into her mouth.  Brandon lets out a loud moan in my mouth.  His hand finds my erection through my pants and he begins to rub me through the cloth.  I growl into his mouth and pull away just long enough to kick off my pants and boxers.

 At the sight of my cock, Brandon licks his lips, causing my cock to jump.

 “I’m never going to get used to seeing that monster ready for me,” Brandon says, finally looking into my eyes.

 Charlie pulls back just enough to say, “It feels even better inside.”  Then she swoops back down and takes Brandon in her mouth until she is choking.

 “Fuck!  Yes, Charlie,” Brandon says, squeezing his eyes shut and cupping the back of her head.  His hips roll as he begins fucking her mouth.

 I begin to stroke my shaft, enjoying the view of my two mates together.  Brandon opens his eyes and looks at me.  “Come here,” he says, reaching his arm out to me.

 I hurriedly walk to him.  Brandon wraps his hand around my cock, jerking me at the same pace as he is pumping into Charlie’s mouth.  I pull him in for a kiss, rubbing my hand down his back to his ass.

           Pulling back, I hiss out, “Fuck!”  Brandon’s eyes are closed, his mouth open as his groans from the feel of Charlie’s mouth.  Suddenly, he pulls out of her mouth. He bends down and grabs her around her waist and tosses her on the bed.

           “Take off the thong,” Brandon orders.  It is very apparent that Brandon enjoys being in control in the bedroom. It’s undeniably sexy. Some time, I want to find out what he does when you disobey. But right now, I just want to be inside of him or have him inside of me. We will have plenty of time later.  We’ll have the rest of our lives.

            With a sexy smirk on her face, Charlie pushes off her thong, revealing her shaved pussy. Brandon hums in approval.

            Turning to me, he says, “Show me what she likes.

             I smile and pull him toward Charlie’s open legs.  Both of us lay on our stomachs on the bed.  I put one leg over my shoulder and he puts the other over his.  I bend down and slowly start to lick her clit.

             Charlie starts to squirm above us, but Brandon holds her down. My tongue moves faster over her clit, my hand reaching up to pinch and roll her nipple.

              “Yes, Zak!” she squeals. Her fingers thread through my hair and I bite her clit lightly.  “Fuck!” she grits out through clenched teeth.

               I hear Brandon’s breathing hitch and suddenly he reaches under my chin, pushing two fingers into her entrance.  He begins to push them in and out of her while I continue suck, lick, and bite her clit.  Charlie nearly howls in pleasure.  One hand fists in my hair while the other claws at Brandon’s arm that is holding her down.

 Brandon’s face comes close to mine and I move over slightly so that we both have access to her dripping, throbbing pussy.  Brandon flicks his tongue along her clit with mine, our tongues overlapping.  Our tongues almost dance in a french kiss with her clit between them.  Charlie screams incoherently and my cock aches with desire.

 Brandon pulls back.  His voice comes out husky as he says, “Goddess, she tastes amazing.”  His face comes back to mine and we continue our sweet torture on Charlie.  I push one finger into her entrance, serving as a counterpoint rhythm to Brandon’s.

 “Oh, fuck!” Charlie screams and releases her orgasm all over our faces.  Brandon and I lap her up, her juices tasting tart and sweet.

 When she calms, Brandon pulls me up to kneeling and kisses me deeply.  The taste of Charlie’s juices and Brandon’s mouth are almost my undoing in that moment, but I somehow manage not to cum yet.

 “Damn, you two are so hot!” Charlie exclaims, watching us.

 We turn to her, Brandon’s hand reaching to cup my balls, giving them a squeeze.

 “Brandon…” I sigh.

 He licks and nibbles on my neck.  “I love hearing you say my name like that,” he says.

The sparks send tingles throughout my body and my dick jerks.  I grab his head and pull him to my lips again for a deep kiss.  “What do you want to do?” I whisper against his lips.

 “I want to fuck Charlie,” he says, looking at her.

 “What do you want Zak to do?” Charlie asks, breathily.

 Turning back to me, he swallows hard.  “I’ve - I’ve never been fucked,” he says, not looking me in the eye.  “I want be the first.

 Grabbing his chin, I pull his face up so that he’s looking at me.  “I’m honored,” I say, kissing him tenderly.

 He smiles softly at me.

 Stepping off of the bed, I open the drawer in the bedside table.  I pull out the lube and walk behind Brandon.  Bending over, he lays across Charlie, kissing her deeply as I pour lube onto his ass and my fingers.  Slowly, carefully, I insert one finger.

 “Awww, fuck!” Brandon moans.

 I let him adjust to my finger, waiting for a sign from him to keep going.  Soon enough, he relaxes around my finger.

         Charlie scoots down his body and begins to stroke his cock.  I slowly begin to push and pull my finger in and out of Brandon’s ass, twirling it and moving the tip back and forth.

          Brandon’s moan is muffled by Charlie’s mouth and his hips begin to move back and forth.  Holy shit this is sexy.

            I pull my finger out slightly and insert a second one. As I scissor, twirl, and wiggle my fingers, Brandon’s hips begin to pump back and forth.

            Keep it together, I mentally tell myself. I need to insert at least one more finger so that he is loose enough for my dick.  As the third finger enters, Brandon pulls away from Charlie’s mouth.

             “Goddess, somebody fuck me before I go crazy!”  His voice is strained.

 Charlie and I make eye contact.  Her grey eyes are the color of rainstorm from her desire and her face is flushed.  I nod for her to start as I continue to finger Brandon.  He’s gotta get looser before anything else can happen back here, but Charlie is ready.

 Charlie pulls Brandon’s face to hers and kisses him.  She trails kisses down his jaw to his ear before whispering “Fuck me.

 With that simple command, Brandon leans more into her, lining up his cock at her entrance.  Slowly, he pushes himself into her, savoring the feeling.

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