Chapter 28 - Brandon/Devin


The second I left Zak’s office, I ran out of the pack house.  I quickly undressed and shifted, racing into the darkness of the night.

 I’ve been running all night, trying to outrace my feelings of betrayal and loss.  How could they not tell me?  They all knew and hadn’t said a word.  It’s not like Devin and I were in love, we both knew that the other would find their mate soon.  But a heads up would have been nice.  I was happy for him.  He was one of my best friends.

 Of course, I hadn’t told him about Charlie and Zak asking me into their bed, either.  But that’s beside the point.  I was mad at them.

 Or was I?  Honestly, I think I just felt left behind and left out.  They had all found their mates.  Yeah, Charlie, Zak, and I were fucking, but they were mates.  They were the ones that were made for each other.  When they grew tired of this little experiment, where would that leave me?  Alone, while they continued their happy life together.  And now Devin was gone, too.  Don’t get me wrong, Xander seems like a great guy.  But now I have no one to understand what I am going through.

 No, I wasn’t really upset about the Goddess’s secret.  It kind of gave me hope that whoever my mate was, at least I had the chance that they would be someone I could care about normally and not just forced to love because of the mate bond.  I was happy for Devin and Xander.  Even with my own issues with secret keeping, I know that if the Goddess had said it, it was law.  They had to follow it.  I wasn’t that unreasonable.

 What really upset me was the loss of that connection with my best friends.  And the reminder that what was happening with Charlie, Zak, and me has an expiration date.  It made me feel unbearably sad and lonely.  And the guilt that has been plaguing me since Charlie and Zak mated, since I realized I still wanted them, clawed its way up and around my throat.

 I ran through our territory, not even knowing where I was going.  I just needed to move.  Needed to not think beyond where the next obstacle was in my path.  But, eventually, even a wolf has to stop.  As the sun crests the horizon, I found a patch of heavy brush in a densely packed part of the forest.  I wiggle my way in and curl myself so that my tail covers my nose.  I drift into an uneasy, restless sleep.



I wake up feeling Xander’s arms around me.  The tingles from the mate bond spark up and down my skin and I am already aroused by the feeling of him against me.  I savor the feeling of his arms around me, his chest against my back, and his morning wood beginning to stir against my ass.  I push my ass further into him and his erection responds with fervor.  He grinds against me, but I can tell he isn’t fully awake yet.

 I am about to act on my baser urges, when the events of yesterday all come crashing back.  If that isn’t a mood killer, I don’t know what is.

 I try to mindlink Brandon, but he is either shielding really hard or is asleep because he doesn’t respond.

 I link Zak, since Charlie is definitely not a morning person.

 Hey, man, you up? I say.

 Never went to sleep.  You? Zak’s tired voice responds.  I can feel the pain in his voice.  As close as he and Brandon are, and even though he is Charlie’s mate, this is a side that only I see of Zak.  He doesn’t like to let people in on his pain.  

 Ever since we were kids and fully understood our positions in the pack, Zak has felt that he has to be strong for his pack.  That he can’t show his pain.  It’s stupid, because everyone feels pain, but Alphas are...different.  They sometimes take macho to the extreme and at the weirdest times.

 But as the Gamma of the pack, it was my job to carry out the Alpha’s laws, enforcing any punishment that he himself didn’t fulfill and consulting with him on pack law and precedent.  This was the only time that Zak allowed his pain to show.  Any time that he agonized over a situation, was hurt by a choice that he had to make, or had to carry out a punishment, I was the one that he spoke to.  The first time that he had to make the choice to kill a rouge, at the age of 16, he came to me bawling.  He was looking for a loophole to spare the man’s life, as he was not the leader of the rouge pack, but just following orders.  We searched pack law books for hours until Zak’s father insisted that he carry out the sentence.  Zak was brokenhearted, but showed a mask of indifference to his pack.  He found me later and cried over the life he had taken.

 Off and on.  Have you heard from Brandon? I ask, hopeful.

 Nothing. Zak’s tone is dejected.

 Do you think we should go looking for him?

 We’ll give him until morning.  If he isn’t back or hasn’t contacted any of us, then we’ll go looking.

 I sigh.  I know he’s right, but this sucks.  Ok.

 Try to keep your mind off of Brandon.  You’ve been relieved of duties for the few weeks to unite with Xander, except for the Beta ceremony and Blue Crescent’s arrival.  Enjoy your mate.  The sex after marking is amazing. His forced chuckle flits through my mind.  I know that he is trying to change the subject and I appreciate it.  But I hate that he is hiding his pain away, even from me.

 Are you ok?  I know that this is hard, especially after knowing that he is your mate.

 Honestly?  It sucks, but we should have anticipated it.  I’m desperately trying to keep myself from going out searching for him.

 Why don’t you?  I mean, I know that he’s pissed and he said some really shitty things, but you three are mates.  Even if he doesn’t know it yet, he has to feel the pull of the mate bond.  And besides, we’ve been friends forever.  All of that counts for something.

 I know.  I’m just...I’m just trying to give him space.  I’m so afraid that we will push him, like the Goddess said not to do.  She specifically said not to tell him because she didn’t know what his path held if we did.  Will he reject us if we do?  Will he run from all that we can give him?  I don’t know.  His inner voice is choked and I can tell that he is trying to fend off tears.

 Hey, Z.  It’s ok, man.  The Goddess said that she didn’t know what would happen if you told him that he was your mate before his birthday.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for him.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t try to make it up to him.  He loves you and Charlie.  He’s loved you two for years.  This isn’t the end.  I know it.  The Goddess wouldn’t let it be the end.

 Thanks, Dev.  I think I’m just going to go for a run.  I’m too antsy to sit here and wait.  If you need me, you can link.

 Ok, man.  Let me know if you need anything.

 Zak cuts the link.  I breathe out a heavy sigh and rub my hands over my face.

 Xander cuddles into me more, wrapping his leg around my waist.  The sparks course through my skin, making a beeline to my dick.  Fuck!  I’m really upset, but now I’m really horny, too.  Trying to ignore my raging boner, I think of where Brandon may have gone.  Do I send someone to look for him?  Should I go for a run with Zak?

 Lost in thought, I don’t notice Xander’s breathing pick up as he wakes.  He must feel my erection against the leg that he has thrown over me because his hands start to travel.  I feel his hardened dick rub against my ass and only then notice that my mate is awake.

 His hand wraps around my dick and he squeezes the head slightly.  “Good morning, Mate,” he says as I groan from his touch.  “Is this a present for me?”  His hand moves roughly up and down my dick and I can’t help as another moan escapes from me.

 “Fuck, babe!  That feels so good,” I hiss out.

 “You like it when I touch your cock?” Xander whispers in my ear as he rubs his dick between my asscheeks.

 “Yes,” I sigh.  Turning slightly, I pull his face to mine.  I kiss him hard, molding my lips to his.  My hips begin to pump and he moans into my mouth.  He bites my lower lip and my dick twitches in his hands.  “Fuck me, Xander.  Fill me up!

 He rolls me onto my back and grabs the lube from the bedside table.  Kneeling between my legs, he pours some on his fingers and my hole.  He pushes two inside of me and I call out his name.

 “Mmmm.  Look at that hole sucking my fingers in.  It’s like it’s begging for more.”  His voice is low, husky, and seductive.  He lowers down between my legs and kisses his way up and down my thighs.

 My only response is a whimper as he bites one thigh and then the other, leaving teeth marks in the sensitive flesh.  I watch him look up at me.  A devious grin on his face.

 “My present looks so lonely.  Maybe I should play with it.”  He licks up my shaft and sucks the tip into his mouth.

 “Shit!” I hiss out, my hands fisting in the sheets.  My hips involuntarily come off of the bed, pushing me further into Xander’s mouth.  He chuckles around my cock, but continues to suck and lick it as he fingers my hole.

 My hips move up, pushing me further into his mouth, and down, pushing his fingers further into my ass.  The sensation is incredible.  One that I would happily go insane from.

 Xander slips a third finger into my ass and I grunt from the intense pleasure.  My hip speed increases and I can’t help but grab his head, pushing him further onto my dick.

 “Yes, Baby.  Don’t stop.  Take that big dick,” I say, my voice low and guttural.

 Xander moans around my dick, fingering my ass faster to keep pace with my hips.

 “Get up,” I say, pulling his face off of me.  I stand, dragging him with me, then pushing him to the floor.  “I’m going to fuck that sexy mouth of yours.

 Xander grins up at me, quickly taking my shaft in his mouth.  His big hands wrap around my waist, and he pushes himself as far down my dick as he can go.

 Giving him a second to adjust, I feel his throat open wider.  He gives me a quick squeeze on my hips, letting me know that he’s ready.

 My pace starts slow, gentle.  He sucks harder, his lower teeth grazing along the underside of my dick.  The slight pain only spurs me on, making my pace faster.  My balls are lightly bouncing off of his chin as I wrap my fingers in his hair and guide him further onto my dick.

 Xander’s jaw widens and his lips tighten on the base of my dick.

 “Fuck, Xander.  Just - like - that.” I say, moving my hips faster, shoving him back and forth on my dick.  My pace is fast.  My balls bounce, smacking his chin with a loud “fwap” as I move.  He moans around my cock and I look down to see him jerking himself off.  He is loving this.  

 My motions become less rhythmic as I edge closer and closer to my orgasm.  The feeling of the fated sparks writhe up and down my dick and along my hips, everywhere he touches.  My breathing is hard, hitching more as I inch even closer.

 “Xander,” I say over and over, his name like a prayer on my lips.

 His hand reaches from my hips, around to my ass, digging his nails into the flesh.  The pain shoots me over the edge.  I push all the way into Xander’s mouth, pulling his head to the base of my dick.  I roar as I release, Xander swallowing every bit.

After a second, I let him go, panting heavily.  He immediately pulls me down onto his lap.  His lips find mine as his fingers push into my asshole.  Xander lines himself up and pushes into me.  I pull back screaming at the pleasure of having him seated inside of me.

He begins to lift my hips up and down on him, his pace fast and his thrusts unrelenting.  I’m already half hard again, feeling him take me how he wants without asking. 

Xander smacks my ass hard.  “Ride me!” he commands in my ear.   I get my legs under me and start to move.  Xander leans back, propping himself up on his hands.  “Faster!  Fuck my dick like you fucked my mouth.

 I groan as I pick up my pace, lifting until he is almost completely out and then forcefully thrusting him back in.  Xander’s eyes roll back into his head and his mouth opens in a slight “o.”  I can’t help but grab the back of his head, pulling his lips to mine.

 I play my lips down his jaw and neck until I get to his mate mark.  I bite down hard and he moans my name.

 “Devin!  Fuck, I’m going to cum!”  Xander grabs my hips, meeting me thrust for thrust.  “FUCK!”  He pushes me onto him one last time and I feel him cum inside of me.

 He’s panting hard and leans back against the bed.  I pull off of him and straddle his chest.  I pump my dick in my hand, cumming on his chest.

 I roll to the side of him, laying on the floor.  I toss him one of the shirts that we wore yesterday and had thrown on the floor before bed.  He wipes his chest, then wraps me in his arms.  “Good morning, sexy,” he says, kissing me.

 “It is now,” I chuckle.  I nuzzle into his neck, breathing in his scent.  “I love you.

 “I love you, too, Dev,” Xander says, kissing the top of my head.  “Come on, love.  Let’s go shower.  I’m hungry.  I need sustenance so I can fuck you again.

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