Chapter 32 - Charlie

Fuck!  I watch Brandon walk towards me, his erection swaying as he walks.  My mouth is dry in anticipation of what is going to happen.  Brandon has to smell my arousal, which is running down my thighs.  His eyes are fully azure, his canine teeth still elongated.  His wolf is close to the surface, the threat arousing on it’s own.

 Brandon places the toys on the bed.  He grabs both of my ankles and roughly pulls me further down the bed.  I can’t help the squeal that escapes my lips.  

He grins wolfishly.  “Don’t be frightened, Red.

“But, sir.  What big eyes you have.

He chuckles as he restrains one ankle to the bedpost.  “The better to watch you writhe in pleasure.

“And what big teeth you have.

“The better to eat your sweet pussy with, Little Red.” He restrains my other ankle to the bedpost.

I lick my lips.  “And what a big dick you have.

Picking up the blindfold, Brandon walks to the head of the bed and leans in.  He plucks one of my nipples before nibbling on my collarbone.  “The better to fuck you senseless.”  I gasp as he captures my mouth with his right before he ties the blindfold around my eyes.

“What do you want?” he whispers along my neck.

“Your dick, sir.” I whisper.


“In my mouth, sir.

I feel him grin against my skin before he moves on the bed.  He lifts my upper body, placing two pillows under me.  He then straddles my chest and I feel his tip at my lips.  “Suck it down, Red.

I open and he pushes himself inside of me.  His precum is salty and slick on his tip.  I greedily clean it off before wrapping my lips around him and hollowing my cheeks.

“Good girl,” he groans above me.  “Just like that.

My movements are restricted because of my cuffed arms, so I make up for it by swirling my tongue around his shaft.  Brandon leans forward, grabbing the headboard and repositioning so that his hips are above me.

“You ready?

I hum along his shaft.  Groaning, he begins to move.  At first, his pace is slow, giving me time to adjust.  But he quickly finds a faster pace, his length pumping in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly, he pauses and pushes further into my mouth, making me deepthroat him.  My eyes tear and I begin to gag.

“Hold it,” he says.  “Keep it right there to the count of three.

I suppress the need to breathe while he slowly counts.  “One...Two...Three.

Brandon pulls out of my mouth and I gasp for air.  “Did you like that, Red?

Still gasping, I say, “Yes.

“Yes, what?” His tone is low, threatening.

“Yes, sir.

“Don’t make me remind you again.

“Yes, sir.

He repositions my head and enters my mouth again, immediately pushing all the way down my throat.  “Now, hold it again.  To the count of five.

He waits several moments before beginning to count, moaning.  “One...Two...Three...Goddess that feels good...Four...Five.

Again, he pulls out and, again, I gasp for air.  His domination and the breath play leaves me shaking with need.  My thighs are slick with my arousal and I know that the sheets on the bed are soaked.

“You really like that, don’t you, Red?

“Yes, sir.

“One more time then?

“Yes, sir!

He pushes into my mouth.  “Hold until the count of ten. One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six...Fuck, your throat keeps contracting around me!Seven...Eight...Holy shit!Nine...Ten.

He pulls out and my body shudders with the sudden intake of breath.

I don’t even notice that he has gotten off of me until I hear the electric buzz of the vibrator.

“What was the second rule, Red?

“Don’t cum without permission, sir.

“Good girl.  I’m going to give you a reward for being such a good little cocksucker.

“Thank you, sir.

Brandon pushes his thumb against my clit, swirling it around.  I moan, attempting to push my hips into his hand.  But I’m too restrained and can only slightly elevate my hips.

“You like that, baby?”  Brandon’s voice is husky with need.

“Yes, sir.  Please don’t stop.

Brandon chuckles.  He removes his thumb and quickly replaces it with the head of the vibrator.

“Holy fucking shit!” I scream.  The vibration is set on the highest setting.  I try to squirm away slightly from the intense pleasure.  It is almost too much.

“Look at how flushed your pussy is.  That is so fucking hot,” Brandon whispers.

I give a loud moan, pulling as far from the vibrator as possible.

“Where do you think you’re going, Red?”  Brandon pushes the vibrator harder into my clit and I scream.

“Fuck, sir!  Please let me cum!

“Not yet, Red.  I’m enjoying watching you squirm.

I whine, frustration seeping through my pores.  “Please, Brandon.  Please let me cum.  I can’t take it anymore.

He pulls the vibrator away from my body and speaks in a low, dangerous voice.  “What did you call me?

Only then do I realize what I’ve done.  Shit!  “I’m sorry, sir.  I didn’t mean to.  I - “

Before I can say anything else, Brandon pinches my clit - hard.  At the same time, he smacks my nipple with an open hand.  I scream, a guttural, wordless sound.

“What was rule number one, Red?” His voice comes from right next to my ear.

I can’t respond, the pain and pleasure of his fingers still pinching my clit resonating throughout my body.

Brandon smacks my nipple again and shoots his hand through my hair, pulling it roughly.  “I asked you a question.

“I can only call you sir.

“So why did you call me by my name?

“I’m sorry, sir.  I got carried away.

“You know that naughty girls get punished,” he whispers as he pinches my clit harder, his teeth playing down my neck.

I can’t help it.  The feel of his body on top of mine, his teeth on my neck, his hard length on my thigh, and the exquisite pain on my clit sends me over the top.  I cum hard, screaming.

Brandon moves off of me without saying a word.  I hear him rifling through the drawers on the other side of the room.  After a few minutes, I hear him walking back to the bed.

“Naughty girl, Red,” his voice is low.  “You’ve broken two rules in the span of five minutes.  Now, you’ll have to be punished.

I can’t help the spike of arousal and fear that penetrate me.

He unhooks the cuffs on my wrists from the headboard and I groan in pain as feeling suddenly rushes back into them from the change in movement.  I roll my shoulders a few times, bringing my hands down to my chest.  I feel him unhook the cuffs on my legs from the bedposts.  The cuffs are still on my ankles, but they aren’t attached to anything.

Without warning, Brandon flips me over onto my stomach.  He hooks something to my left ankle cuff and I don’t know what it is until he forces my legs further apart to hook it to my right cuff.  A spreader bar.  I can’t close my legs if I wanted to.  But I really don’t want to.

He reaches under me to my cuffed wrists and pulls them down to the bar.  I have to scoot back so my ass is in the air, my cheeks and core spread wide open for him to see.  Brandon hooks my cuffs to the spreader bar and I am totally at his mercy.  I can’t move at all.

“Are you ready for your punishment, Red?

“Yes, sir.

“Be a good girl.  Take your punishment well and I might just reward you again.

“Thank you sir.

“So polite.”  I feel something hard caress my back.  I can’t tell what it is and my arousal spikes.

His laugh is low and confident.  “You don’t even know what is about to happen and your pussy is dripping.”  

Whatever he is holding continues its path from my back to my ass and down my core to my clit.  I struggle weakly, yipping as he pushes the corner of the object hard into my clit.

“Since this is our first time with a punishment, I will be lenient and only give you ten. Count loud and clear or we will start over again.  Do you understand, Red?

“Yes, sir.

As the words leave my mouth, I feel a sudden, stinging smack on my ass.  A paddle.  That’s what he was holding.  My breath comes out in a gasp as I handle the shock of it.

“What do you say, Red?

“One, sir.

“Good girl.

He hits me again on my ass, harder this time.

“Two, sir.


“Three, sir.

Smacking the other cheek, the paddle hits harder this time.

“Four, sir.

Another smack.

“Five, sir.

Another and another and another in quick succession.

“Six, sir.  Seven, sir.  Eight, sir.

The next one is lighter, but he aims for my core.  It sends a jolt of electricity, pain, and immense pleasure through me.

Breathily, I say, “Nine, sir.

The final smack is the hardest one, running across both of my ass cheeks.

“Ten, sir,” I say through gritted teeth.

I hear the paddle being tossed to the floor and Brandon begins to rub my stinging cheeks.

“Such a good girl.  You took your punishment so well.”  I feel him kiss my ass cheeks, soothing away some of the pain.  “Goddess, your ass is so red.  It’s so fucking hot.  Are you ready for your reward, Red?

“Yes, sir.  Please, sir.

“That’s a good girl.  I love to hear you beg.”  Brandon’s fingers are suddenly inside of my core, fingering me, preparing me for him.

“Oh, fuck!  That feels so good, sir.

“Damn, you are so wet.  Did you like it that much?  Who knew that our Luna was such a fucking pervert?

“Only for you,” I say, my voice muffled by the mattress.

“What was that, Red?”  Brandon adds a third finger and begins finger fucking me hard.

“Only for you, sir!” I scream.

“That’s right, Red,” he says, his voice seductive and low.  Brandon removes his fingers from inside of me.  Before I can complain, I feel him move between my legs, his length running between my ass cheeks.  “You only act like this for me.”  His big hands knead my ass as he continues to run himself up and down my ass and core.

“Please,” I beg.  “Please, sir.

“Please, what?”  His voice is obviously excited by my begging.  “What do you want?

“Please fuck me, sir.  I need to feel you inside of me.

“Since you asked so nicely…”  In the next second, Brandon is inside of me, stuffing me full with his length.

“Oh, shit,” I groan.

“You like that, Red?

“Yes, sir.

“Get ready.  This is going to be hard and fast.”  With that, he begins pounding himself in and out of me.  I am completely helpless in front of him, a fuck toy for him to use.  All I can do is moan wordlessly, filling the room with the sound of my pleasure.

“Such a good pussy.  So wet and so tight for me.”  His voice is husky.  His breathing is rapid.  “Tell me how my cock feels.

“Amazing, sir.  I fucking love it.

Brandon spits on my asshole and slides his finger around it’s rim.  “The only thing that would be better is to have Zak’s cock in your asshole.”  With that, he slides his thumb into my hole, stroking it in and out in time with his length.

“Oh, fuck!  Oh, fuck!  Please, sir.  Please let me cum!

“Not yet, Red.  You’re being so good.  Just hold out a little more.

I try to ignore the pleasure that is building, but it is probably the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life.

Brandon smacks my ass with his other hand and I tighten around him.

“Hold on, Red.  Almost.  I’m almost there.

“Oh Goddess.  Oh, fuck!

He continues to pound into my core, his finger stroking in and out of my ass.  Every so often, he punctuates a thrust with a hair pull or a smack to my ass.  It is amazing and I am about to lose my mind.

I don’t even realize that I’m repeating “Please, please, please…” over and over again until Brandon finally grabs my hips with both of his hands.

“Cum, Red.  Cum all around my cock.

I immediately let go, screaming my pleasure.  Seconds later, I hear Brandon cumming inside of me with a loud roar.

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