Chapter 6 - Brandon

 I spent the morning in meetings with my father and Former-Alpha Jared. We were discussing my upcoming Beta ceremony, Devin’s Delta ceremony, and the Blue Crescent Pack’s visit.  Zak was apparently in a meeting with the Oracle.  I couldn’t help but worry. Why was he visiting the Oracle?  Was something wrong between him and Charlie? Were they having trouble conceiving a pup? When I saw them this morning, they looked awful.

Though I know that the Oracle was the mouthpiece of Selene, she creeped me out.  She was a wizened old woman who was well into her 90s.  Her eyes are the amber of the Goddess’s and they seemed to hint that she knew something that I didn’t.  Every time that I was near her, I felt like she knew some secret about me that I couldn’t figure out. Her smirks and perplexing comments made me uneasy.

I don’t like to be in her presence for long and I don’t like that Charlie and Zak with her.  But neither my father nor Former-Alpha Jared knew why they were visiting her.  It bothers me and I don’t relax until I see them in the dining hall at lunch.

My meeting had run late and the hall was nearly empty.  I had mind-linked Devin to see if he was available to eat together.  He is waiting for me at the head table.

When Zak and Charlie walk in, they are hand-in-hand. They look relaxed and...are they drunk?  Charlie’s cheeks are red and Zak’s typical upright carriage is loose and swaying. It’s 1:00.  How are they this wasted?  It takes a lot for a werewolf to get drunk.  The Oracle’s alcohol must be 200 proof.  What happened?

I stare at them a little too long and catch their eyes.  Charlie’s face lights up.  She looks so beautiful, nearly glowing.  A huge smile spreads across Zak’s face and his eyes twinkle as he looks at me.  Zak whispers something into Charlie’s ear and she giggles.  They continue staring at me as they make their way to the head table.  Charlie’s tongue darts out across her lips seductively.  My gaze narrows in on her lips and I feel myself start to harden.  My knuckles whiten as I grip the edge of the table.

They walk to their seats across from me.  Zak sits down, leaning back in his chair and spreading his arms across the back of his and Charlie’s seats.  His shirt spreads tight across his chest, outlining his heavily muscled chest and arms.  Holy fuck!  Watching me, Charlie leans into Zak’s chest and begins to nibble on his ear.  Zak’s eyes close and I hear a low moan leave his mouth.  I can smell Charlie’s spicy arousal in the air and my dick gets so hard, I’m surprised that I haven’t poked a hole in the table.

Beside me, Devin looks between the three of us, face filled with confusion and unease.  “Do you guys need a room?” he asks Charlie and Zak.

“No,” Zak breathes out.  “We’re happy right where we are.”  His eyes find mine again, having darkened from his desire.

Fuck me!

Under the table, I grip Devin’s leg.  If all the blood wasn’t flowing to my cock, I might have wondered if they were putting on a show specifically for me.  But at that point, all that I could do was watch and enjoy.

Devin’s hand grabs mine on top of his leg.  I don’t have to look to him to know that he has no idea what is happening either.

At that moment, the omegas drop our plates in front of us, breaking the spell that Charlie and Zak put on me.  I quickly turn to Devin.  “Let’s go,” I whisper in his ear.

I start to stand, but Charlie stops me.  “Where are you going, Brandon?  You haven’t eaten yet.

I look into her eyes as Charlie runs her finger through the sauce of her enchiladas.  Slowly, watching me, she puts her finger in her mouth, sucking her finger.  Involuntarily, I sit back down, watching her slowly pull her finger from her mouth.

“Yeah, Brandon,” Zak says, pulling my attention to him.  “Grab a seat.  Eat.”  Turning to Charlie, he says.  “How is it, babe?  It looks delicious.

“Try some, love,” Charlie says.  Again, she dips her fingers into the sauce.  This time, however, she holds her finger to Zak.

I hold my breath as I watch Zak turn his eyes towards me and take Charlie’s finger into his mouth.  He sucks her finger, hollowing his cheeks, then licks her finger.  My mouth falls open as I imagine all the things I want that mouth to do to me.

“Mmmm.  That is good,” Zak says, never taking his eyes from me.

“Shit,” I breathe out.  My cock is straining against my pants and it is all I can do not to touch myself.

Turning back towards me, Charlie says, “Go ahead, Beta.  Eat.”  She smiles, picking up her forking and playing it along her lips.

“Yeah…” I respond, absentmindedly picking up my fork and starting to eat.

I taste nothing, but continue to watch Charlie and Zak throughout the meal.  By the time they are finished, my balls ache with need and it is all that I can do not to jump across the table.  I have no idea how I am going to be to stand up, let alone walk out of the dining hall.

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