Chapter 17 - Brandon

I woke up on Monday morning to the sun streaming in the windows.  I was hot, but comfortable in a plush bed.  There was a warm and comforting weight on both sides of me, but I was disoriented from having just woken up.  I look around the unfamiliar room and realize that I wasn’t in my own room.  Looking down, I see Zak snuggled into my chest.  Charlie is cuddled into a pillow behind me, her legs tangled with ours.

 Then it all comes back.  My amazing night with the loves of my life.  I’m so excited and happy and aaaahhhhh!  I can’t help but pump my fist in the air and kick my feet a little.

 “Mmmm,” Zak groans against my chest.  “Why are you moving around so early?

 “Sorry, Cupcake,” I say.

 At that, Zak opens one eye to look at me.  “Cupcake?” he says incredulously.

 “No good?  I’m trying out some nicknames.  “What about Meatball?  Honey Bear?  Sugar Lips?

 “Really?” Zak says, leaning up to look at me.  “What’s with all the food nicknames?

 “What?  I love food!  And I love you,” I say, kissing him on the lips.

 “I love you, too,” Zak says.  “But you’re a dork.

 “What?” I say.  “You’re gonna get it for that!” I’m smiling uncontrollably and leaning into his face.

 “Oh, yeah?  And just how am I going to get it?” Zak says, smiling just as broadly.

 “Like this,” I say, pouncing on him and tickling him.

 Zak starts laughing heartily, trying to squirm away.  I continue tickling him until I am smacked on the back with a pillow.

 I turn to see Charlie covering her head with the pillow she just hit me with.  Her voice is muffled as she says, “If you two don’t shut up, I’m going to kick your asses!  It’s too early for this shit!

 Zak looks at me and stifles a laugh against my shoulder.

 “Bathroom,” he whispers to me.

 “I fucking heard that!” Charlie says.

 Biting my lip to keep from laughing out loud, I roll off of Zak and the two of us hurry into the bathroom.

 We close the door and fall over each other laughing for several minutes.  Catching my breath, I struggle out, “I guess our Luna isn’t a morning person.

 “Definitely not,” Zak confirms, his arms snaking around me, laughter still bubbling from his lips.

 As I stand to look into his face, I instantly sober.  Zak’s eyes rake over my face and he presses himself into my body.

 “What are you thinking?” I ask, putting my arms around his neck.

 “That I love you.” Zak’s hand trails a slow path down my arm.  “That you are incredibly sexy.”  He kisses the underside of my jaw.  “That I’m so lucky to have this time with you.”  His thumb circles my nipple, stiffening it to a peak.  “And,” he says, nibbling on my ear, “that I want to fuck you again.

 “Damn, Cupcake,” I groan out.  “You’re a fucking stud.  We had sex four times last night and you’re ready to go again?

 He chuckles.  “What can I say?” he asks innocently.  But his movements aren’t so innocent as his hand travels to my stiffening cock.  “You turn me on.”  Zak’s hand starts to move along my cock in a slow stroke.

 “Mmmm,” I moan.  “Goddess, that feels good.

 “Who’s fucking who?” Zak asks, running his tongue down my neck.

 “I want to fuck you,” I breathe out, squeezing his ass.

 “Mmmm, hell, yes,” Zak whispers along my jaw.  He pulls me into a kiss, allowing me to dominate him with my tongue.  Pulling away, he asks, “Shower or bath?

 “Bath,” I say, leaning down to suck on one of his nipples.  The moan I get in response has my cock completely hard.  Speaking into his chest, I say, “I want you to sit on my cock.” I envelope Zak’s nipple with my mouth and suck.

 “Shit,” he hisses.  His hands run through my hair and down my back.

 I straighten and walk to the tub.  Turning on the tub, I test the water before holding out my hand to Zak.  “You ready, Muffin?

 He rolls his eyes at me.  “The food names are getting old.

 I chuckle, while stepping into the tub.  “I’m just getting started, Porkchop.

 He flips me the finger before stepping into the tub.

 I pull him to straddle me.  “You’re an ass,” he says to me and turns off the water.

 I laugh, then begin kissing along his neck.  “Maybe,” I concede.  “But this ass is about to pound your ass.”  My hands knead and rub the muscles of his chest and back before working my way down to his ass.

 “Goddess, you feel so good,” Zak moans.

 I hum into his neck, then begin nipping down his jawline. I kiss and suck where I bit to ease the pain while my fingers begin probing his hole.

 “Good.  You’re still loose from last night,” I grunt.

 Zak moans loudly as I begin to pump my fingers into him and suck on his nipple.

 “Fuck, Brandon.  Please put it in,” Zak asks.

 “Put what in?” I ask, smirking into his chest.

 “Please, Brandon.  Please give it to me,” Zak starts to plead.

 Under him, my cock jerks at the sound of his pleading.  But he still hasn’t answered me.  “What do you want me to do?” I ask.  “You have to be specific.  I don’t know what you want unless you tell me.

 “Please!” Zak begs.

 I grab his jaw and force his eyes to mine.  “Tell me what you want me to do.  Or I will punish you how I see fit.

 In a hoarse voice, Zak says, “Please put your dick in my ass.  Please fill me up.

 Patting his cheek twice, I say, “Was that so hard?”  Then I quickly pick him up and slam him down onto my cock.

 “Fucking hell!” Zak yells, dropping his head back and straightening on my cock.  “Sweet Goddess, that feels amazing.

 “Shit,” I breathe out.  “You keep clenching around me.  Damn!  That is the best feeling in the fucking world.

 After a few moments, I begin to move Zak’s hips up and down.  “Ride me, Zak,” I hiss into his ear.

 And he does.  He puts his hands on the edge of the tub behind my shoulders.  He pulls his knees up beside him and begins to move up and down on my lap.  I grab his asscheeks and help him to move up and down on my cock.

 “Fuuuuuccccckkkk!” I moan out.  “Goddess, your ass is amazing!

 “Mmmmhhhhnnnnn,” Zak moans.

 The water begins lapping at the side of the tub as Zak moves up and down.  I push his hips faster and his breathing speeds up.  “Yes, Goddess, yes!” Zak moans loudly.

 “Fuck.  Fuck!  FUCK!” I yell, pushing him faster and faster.

 “Oh.  My.  Goddess!” Zak yells.  “I’m gonna cum!

 “Not yet!” I yell.  “Don’t cum yet!

 “Goddess, Brandon!  How am I supposed to stop it when you feel so good?” he whines.

 “Hold it until I say so!” I hiss.  I begin to pound into him harder, feeling his ass clinch around my cock.  “Goddess, you feel so good.  It’s like your ass was made for my cock.  How does that big Beta dick feel in your asshole?

 “So fucking amazing!  Please, Brandon, please!

 “That’s right, Alpha.  Beg for me to let you cum.  Because you know you can’t unless I say so.

 “I’m trying so hard.  Please let me cum!”  His begging is making my cock so hard.  I love it.

 “Tell me who’s cock this ass belongs to,” I say harshly in his ear, still pistoning his body on my dick.

 “You!  This ass only belongs to you, Brandon!

 “That’s right!  Only my cock can make you feel this good.”  Goddess the sex with him is so amazing.  I feel my teeth elongating in my mouth and I have the sudden urge to bite Zak’s neck.  But that would be marking him and I can’t do that.  He’s already marked.  Instead of giving in to the urge, I push him even faster on and off my dick.

 Inarticulate moans and grunts escape Zak’s mouth as I chase my orgasm.  This man turns me on so much.

 “Zak.  Zak!” I scream his name.

 “Please, Brandon.  Please let me cum,” he begs and I finally give in.

 “Cum,” I whisper.

 Immediately, he grabs ahold of his dick and pumps his hand.  Within a few strokes, he releases on my chest and stomach.  A few seconds later, I scream out my release inside of him.

 I lean back against the tub and pull Zak to my chest.  I hold him to me as our breathing slows.

 “I love you,” I say into his ear.

 “I love you, too,” he responds.

 Looking into his eyes, I smile brightly before saying, “Looks like we’re going to need a shower after all, Honey Bun.

 He huffs out a laugh before smacking my shoulder.  “You’ve really got to come up with better nicknames.

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