Chapter 31 - Brandon

Zak and I emerge from the trees at the front of the packhouse.  We both grab some shorts from one of the chests that are scattered around the property for just this purpose.

 “Did you link Charlie?” Zak asks, his arm going around my shoulders.  To anyone else, it looks like two friends coming back from an early morning run.  But my heart flutters at his closeness, tingles reverberating from where his skin touches mine.  I’m so in love with this man.

 “Yes.  She’s waiting for us in your suite.”  I put my arm around his waist, pulling him in for a squeeze before quickly letting him go.

 He stops and pulls me to him.  Zak leans his forehead on mine.  “I’m so happy that I found you and that you came back with me.

 “I’m sorry that all of that happened.” I say, feeling ashamed that I’ve caused so much drama.

 “It’s over and you’re back.  I’m glad that we made up,” he says, smiling brightly.  “But I think my mate needs some time alone with you.

 I pull back slightly, my eyebrows furrowing.  “Are you sure?

 “Sweetcheeks, I didn’t sleep at all last night and you wore me the fuck out.  I’m going to sack out in your room and leave you and Charlie to...make it up to one another.”  Zak’s smile is lecherous.  His eyebrows move up and down in a goofy suggestive way and I can’t help but laugh.

“Alright, Dumplin’.  I’ll go make sure that your mate isn’t too lonely.

We head into the packhouse and up the stairs.  Zak stops at the landing to the third floor.  Looking behind us, he pulls me into an alcove.  He pushes me against the wall, his lips claiming mine.  Our tongues fight for dominance as Zak’s hands roam my body.  I moan when his hands play with my nipples.  I grab his ass, squeezing and pulling his body into mine.

When we pull away, we are both breathing heavily and we can feel each other’s erections through the thin fabric of the shorts we wear.

“You sure you don’t want to come with me?  We could have a lot of fun,” I say, rubbing my erection over his.

His eyes close and his hands tighten on me.  He bites his bottom lip, groaning.  He shakes himself and pulls away slightly.  “No, you need some time alone with Charlie.  And we all need some sleep.  I’ll catch up with you guys later today.”  He pecks me one more time before heading off to my bedroom.  “Link me when you guys wake up,” he calls over his shoulder.

After readjusting my pants, in case I come across someone in the halls, I head up to the fifth floor.  Once I got to Zak and Charlie’s door, I knock.

Door’s open, Sexy.  Come on in.

I grin, opening the door.  I close the door behind me.  “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” I call out.

I’m hiding from the big bad wolf.

I chuckle, kicking off my shorts as I walk in.  “The big bad wolf is ready for you, little girl.”  More than ready judging by the way my cock bobs while I smell for her most recent scent.

I’m afraid that you’ll eat me up.

“Oh, I will.  I will eat you up and lick every last drop.

She moans through the link and I smell her arousal coming from one of the spare rooms.

“I’m coming for you, Little Red,” I call.  My steps are light and slow, building the anticipation.

I walk down the hall and push open a door that is ajar. There is Charlie, wearing a red bustier and matching thong. She has on thigh-high black stockings and black stiletto heels.  Her jet black hair is down around her shoulders.  Taking a look at the bedroom, it was set up like some kind of sex playroom.  There is a bed, a sex swing, a love sofa, and a sex pillow with a mounted dildo.  There are bondage straps attached to one wall and various hooks on the furniture. There are also dressers which are bound to be full of interesting items.  I want to ask about it, but now is not the time.  My Luna is waiting.

A sultry smile glides onto Charlie’s face when I enter the room. “Oh, no!  The wolf found me.  And he certainly is big,” she says, eyeing my cock.  “Whatever will I do?

I stalk towards her, my eyes roaming up and down her body.  A growl rumbles through my chest as her arousal invades my senses.  I know that her thong is dripping wet.  I grab her hips and forcefully pull her body to mine.  “I’ve caught you now, little girl.  You’re trapped.”  I run my nose down her jawline and neck to the shoulder without a matemark.  I bite lightly, my canines having extended with the role play and my own desire.

Charlie gives a loud moan, clutching my arms.  “Not yet,” she says breathily.  “But I can be.”  Smiling, she raises her hand in front of my face, a pair of handcuffs dangling from her forefinger.

A snarl rips from my throat and I fling her onto the bed.

I climb on top of her, straddling her hips and grabbing the cuffs from her hands.  Using my were speed, I adjust her on the bed, cuff her hands, and attach the cuffs to a hook on the headboard.

She stares at me, panting, and I know that my wolf has leaked into my eyes and face, turning my usual countenance into something new.  I truly am starting to look like the big bad wolf.

I move between her legs and kiss her fiercely.  She moans into my mouth and my cock twitches between her legs.

I work my way from her mouth to her chest with nips, licks, and kisses.  Her little yips of pain and moans of pleasure are intoxicating.

When I get to her chest, the bustier is in my way. I grab the top edges in both hands and rip the two pieces apart.

“I really liked that,” she says, drily.

“I’ll buy you a new one,” I say, my face pressed into her breasts.  I take one nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the nub as I roll the other nipple between my fingers.  I suck and bite, feeling her back arch, her legs widen, and her breath quicken.  She calls my name, her cry is half pleasure and half asking for more.

Charlie’s legs wrap around my waist, her pussy rubbing up and down my cock.

“Put your legs down or I’ll tie them down,” I say against her tits.  I suck one breast as far into my mouth as I can and bite down until my teeth almost meet.

Her feet immediately fall to the bed, her movements stilling as she screams wordlessly.

I release her and admire the teeth marks all around her nipple.  I blow and kiss it before smacking it with the flat of my hand.

“Fuck!” Charlie shouts, ecstasy lacing her voice.

“There are rules, Red.  Rules that you will follow if you want this to continue.”  My gaze is locked on her face as one hand travels to the back of her head and the other travels to her inner thighs.

Charlie’s eyes are closed, her body giving in to the anticipation and pleasure.  I love that look on her face, but I need her to pay attention right now.

I grip her hair in my hand and pull slightly to get her attention.  “Are you listening to me, Red?

“Yes!” she exhales, eyes opening.

“Good.  First, you will address me as sir.  Do you understand?”  My hand travels to the apex of her thighs, playing along her lips, but not entering.


I move my hand from her pussy and smack her titty, earning a sharp squeal.  “Yes what?

“Yes, sir!

“Good girl,” I say, running my hand back down to her pussy and beginning to finger her clit.  I watch her eyes widen as the pleasure starts to build.  “Second, you only cum when I say you can.  You cum before and I will punish you any way I see fit.  Do you understand?

“Yes, sir.”  Her breathing is starting to quicken and she is fighting to keep her eyes on mine.

“If at any time it becomes too much, use your safe word and we will stop.

“Yes, sir.

“Then let’s begin.”  Immediately, I let go of her and move away from the bed.  She moans in frustration, watching me walk away.  I head to one of the dressers and open a drawer.  Inside are various blindfolds, gags, and collars.  Another is full of restraints.  And still another has a variety of vibrators and dildos.  I turn back to Charlie, breaking out of the role play for a few seconds.  “Have you and Zak used these before?

“Not many, sir.  I have the room stocked with things I like and want to try.  Zak isn’t as into pain as I am.

“Good.”  I smile.  I grab a blindfold, leg cuffs, and a vibrator with a broad head.  I turn back to Charlie, carrying my selections.  A wide smile grows on her lips and her gaze becomes even more heated.  “This will be fun,” I say.

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