Chapter 33 - Zak

I receive a mindlink around 2 pm from my father, waking me from a sound sleep.

 “Son, we need to meet.  There are things to discuss before the Blue Crescent Pack gets here.  And we’ve got to talk to the pack as well.

 I rub my hand down my face, my voice groggy as I reply, “You’re right.  Give me 30 minutes and meet me in my office.  Grab the old leadership.  I’ll contact Carl and let Brandon and Charlie know.

 “Sounds good.” With that, father cuts off the mindlink.

 I want to stay where I am, cocooned in Brandon’s scent, lying in his bed.  But the thought occurs to me that if I get up, I will be able to find him in bed with Charlie and can wake them up in my own way.  The thought has my dick standing at attention and I push myself out of bed.

 I quickly link Carl to let him know what is going on as I hurry to my rooms.  No point in trying to contact Devin or Xander.  They are in the midst of the post-marking frenzy.  They won’t be leaving their rooms for a while.  Honestly, I think that Charlie, Brandon, and I are in that frenzy as well, even without the marking.  I’ve never had this much sex in my life and still been ready for more.  How bad will it get when we do actually mark each other?  

Pushing the thought aside, I make a mental note to have the omegas bring food to Devin and Xander in the barracks.  Of course, they will be moving into the packhouse and taking up the Delta rooms, but for now, they are still in the barracks.  I think they like the thought of being so close to where they first found each other.

 Unlocking the door to our rooms, I am greeted by the scent of both my mates.  It is heavenly to have their scents mixed together to welcome me home.  I can’t wait until this is a daily occurrence.  Two more days.  Two more days until Brandon’s birthday.  Two more days until he finds out that he is our mate.  Our other half.  Well, other third as the case may be.  But regardless, he will find out that he was made for us.  

 I follow my mates’ scents to the bedroom.  As I pass the playroom, I can tell that they used this room quite thoroughly when Brandon initially came home.  Their scents and the smell of sex permeate the air.  I dry swallow, thinking of the things that I have wanted Brandon to do to me in that room.  I’m not into pain the way that Charlie is, but I love being restrained.  The Goddess truly knew what she was doing when she mated the three of us.  Brandon seems to be a deft master in both of these fetishes.  The anticipation of what he will do to both of us in the playroom has my dick twitching in my pants.

 I walk into our bedroom and see my mates curled up in one another on the bed.  The sight is breathtaking, knowing that they both are mine.  They are naked, though I can only see them from the waist up, the rest obscured by the sheet.  Charlie’s hair is fanned out on the pillow where she lays, the raven black complimenting the maroon bed sheet.  She is on her side, her face snuggled into Brandon’s chest as he holds her to him.  He is also on his side and I can see that Charlie’s leg is thrown over his in her sleep.

 Slowly, I pull the sheet down, exposing their lower halves.  I carefully remove Charlie’s leg from Brandon’s, pushing her onto her back.  I spread her legs wide.  Leaning in, I lap at her pussy, tasting her.  At the same time, I grab Brandon’s cock in my hand and begin to stroke.  

 Charlie moans above me, her hands immediately going to my hair.  Brandon stirs on the bed and in my hand.  

 Charlie moans again, her eyes opening to look down at me.  “Fuck, Zak!  That feels amazing.

 Brandon’s hips start to move, but he still isn’t quite awake yet.  He groans, his arms tightening around Charlie.  We can’t have him sleeping through his wake up call.

 I move away from Charlie and turn to Brandon.  I continue to dance my thumb over Charlie’s clit, causing her to squirm and moan under my touch.  I lick the tip of Brandon’s cock hearing his sharp intake of breath.  I look up at him and see his eyes open.

 “Zak?” he says, still half-asleep.

 Just then, I push all of his considerable length into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks as I suck.

 “Oh, fuck!” Brandon yells, unable to hold himself back in his half awake state.

 I bob up and down on his dick before popping him out of my mouth and turning back to Charlie.  I continue to move between the two of them for a few minutes, hearing them moan and kiss each other above me.

 “More, Zak,” Brandon sighs out.  “I need more!

 Looking up at him from lapping at Charlie’s pussy, I say, “You want me to fuck you?

 “Goddess, yes.”  Brandon’s eyes are blue fire, his desire consuming them.

 Charlie hands me the lube from the bedside table.  Giving her a nip on her clit before getting up, I push Brandon’s body so that he is flat on the bed.

 As I begin to ready him, I hear him say to Charlie, “Sit on my face.”  I look up to see her straddle his face, her pussy lining up with his mouth.

 I pour lube all over my fingers and his asshole before inserting my fingers inside of him.  His dick bobs as his hips move along with the movement of my fingers.  

I chuckle.  “Somebody’s hole is hungry.

Brandon moans as he continues to pump his hips into me.  I look up when I hear Charlie’s groan of pleasure.  Brandon’s hands are gripping her hips as he holds her to his face.  Charlie is gripping the headboard, her back arched and her head thrown back.  Her eyes are closed as she says Brandon’s name over and over.

“Fuck, you two are so hot,” I say, my mouth dry.

Brandon’s voice comes out muffled.  “Just fuck me already!

“You’re not quite ready.” I continue scissoring and twirling my fingers inside of him.

“I don’t care!  I need you inside of me.”  His voice is pleading and I completely understand why he likes it when we beg.

“I’m sorry, Sweetcheeks.  I didn’t hear you,” I say, pushing my fingers harder into him.

“Fuck me!” Brandon yells, gripping Charlie’s ass as she rides his face.

“I think that you might need to ask me a little nicer.”  I smack his ass as I continue to finger him.

Charlie chuckles, but it turns into a moan at something that Brandon does.

I pull my fingers out of Brandon and begin to rub my cock along his asshole, pouring lube along my shaft.  “What do you say, Brandon?

He moans against Charlie’s pussy, causing an answering moan in her.  But Brandon still doesn’t answer.  I slowly push my tip into his hole, stroking his cock.  “Tell me, Brandon.

“Oh, Goddess.  Please!” he pleads.  “Please, fuck me!  I need you inside of me.  Plea-”

His last plea turns into a long, low, loud moan as I thrust inside of him.

“Fuck, you are so tight!” I cry out.  I begin to fuck him fast and hard.  His moans are muffled by Charlie moving on top of him.

“Yes, bite my clit,” she says, followed by a scream as he listens to her.  “Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!

“Charlie,” I call to her.  “Turn around and kiss me.

She turns around, sitting herself on Brandon’s face again.  She props herself up by one hand on Brandon’s hip and the other on my shoulder and she kisses me.  It is all tongue and teeth.  I can’t help but moan into her mouth at the feel of Brandon’s ass clenching around my cock and Charlie’s mouth on mine.

She pulls back when Brandon smacks her ass and she groans at the pain.

“Suck his dick, baby,” I say to her.  She gives me a wicked grin and leans down to take him in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!  Don’t stop!  Zak!  Charlie!  I’m gonna cum!” Brandon cries out.

“Me too,” I rasp out.

Charlie moans around Brandon’s cock.

Brandon’s asshole tightens around my dick and I scream my release.  This seems to trigger both Brandon’s and Charlie’s orgasms.  They both scream, their mouths still on each other.

“Oh. By the way...we have a meeting with the old leadership in about 15 minutes,” I say after a few minutes breather.

Both Brandon and Charlie groan.

“Really, Zak?” Charlie says.  “You couldn’t have told us that earlier?

“Would you have changed what just happened?” I ask, smiling cheekily.

“No!” Brandon says adamantly.

Charlie and I both laugh.  We snuggle in closer to Brandon.

“Come on,” Brandon says, kissing us both on the head.  “We’ve gotta hurry.

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