Chapter 9 The So-called Father

Zeng Mobai held Yu Yao in his arms, but after they walked out, Zeng Mobai let go of his hand.

Yu Yao thought about his announcement of the wedding next month and said dryly, "I know you don't like me and don't want to marry me. I've caused you so much trouble. You don't have to hold a wedding."

"I remember you told your ex-fiancé that you would give him an invitation to the wedding. I thought you wanted to do it," Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao, "..."

At that time, she was just angry and deliberately lashing out at Jiang Chao. Couldn't he tell?

Zeng Mobai looked like it was what she wanted. Yu Yao sighed in her heart. Perhaps he really didn't realize it.

"Then the wedding..."

"It will be held as planned. Even if it's a show, you have to act up and make others believe you."

"Okay, but there's one more thing I don't understand. There are so many reporters here today. But why didn't I see cameras? They didn't take pictures?" Yu Yao asked curiously.

Zeng Mobai said faintly, "I don't like people taking photos of me, so I asked people to take away all the cameras and cell phones when the reporters entered."

Yu Yao breathed a sigh of relief and quickly praised. "It's a good habit that you do not like people taking photos of you. Keep it up."

"Why? You don't like others taking photos of you either?" Zeng Mobai asked.

Yu Yao smiled bitterly. It was not that she didn't like being taken photos, but she didn't like publicity in her. She didn't everyone in Pingjiang City to know that she had married Zeng Mobai.

After all, she didn't want to depend on Zeng Mobai for the rest of her life.

"Mr. Zeng, someone is at the door, asking to see madam." Zeng Mobai's special assistant Wu Zhi walked in and whispered to Zeng Mobai.

Zeng Mobai frowned slightly and asked, "Who?"

"He said he was madam's father."

"Yu Guowei?" Yu Yao said in surprise.

Zeng Mobai looked at her.

Yu Yao was so angry that her face turned livid. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. "How shameless he is to come here? Where was he when my mother and I were in hardships? Where was he when my mother had an accident? Why is he coming to me now?"

"If you don't want to see him, you don't have to see him. Your mother had divorced him and you were sentenced to live with your mother, right?" Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao nodded.

But after a moment of contemplation, she said, "I'll go see him. I'd like to see what he wants to say."

Her mother's death was so strange. Her first suspect was Yu Mei. If it really had something to do with Yu Mei, maybe Yu Guowei knew about it.

"Bring him in!" Zeng Mobai said.

Wu Zhi nodded and turned to leave.

Soon, he brought in a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties.

In fact, Yu Yao's eyes and eyebrows were very similar to her father's. No matter how much she hated him, it would not change the fact that they were related.

Yu Guowei was very handsome when he was young, or else Yu Yao's mother would not fall in love with him at first sight. Or he would not be able to find a young and beautiful rich mistress from a distinguished family and give birth to an illegitimate child while he was still married.

All these years, thanks to his wife, he had a good life and he didn't look old. He strode over, looking rather charming.

"Mr. Zeng." Yu Guowei greeted Zeng Mobai first.

Zeng Mobai just nodded.

Then he said to Yu Yao, "Yu Yao, I'll leave you two here."

Yu Yao nodded. It was better to keep her family's dirty laundry under wraps, and she didn't want to argue with Yu Guowei in front of Zeng Mobai.

However, as soon as Zeng Mobai left, Yu Guowei, who looked like a decent person, stopped pretending immediately.

Raising his hand, he slapped Yu Yao. Yu Yao's face tilted and she almost fell to the ground.

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