Chapter 5 Anemia

Yu Yao was brought in for an examination and the results came out quickly, but Rong Jin frowned and looked anxious.

A bad feeling welled up in Zeng Mobai's heart and he asked in a low voice, "How is it? Was her blood type not compatible with Qian?"

Rong Jin shook his head and said, "No, it's Miss Yu who has severe anemia. Her body condition is very poor. If she donates bone marrow to Qian, I'm afraid it will hurt her badly... As a doctor, I don't recommend her to do such a dangerous thing."

"But we have no choice but her." Zeng Mobai said in a low voice.

Rong Jin nodded and smiled bitterly, "As Qian's boyfriend, I naturally hope that Qian can be saved. But as a doctor... Brother, we should tell Miss Yu the truth and let her make her own decision."

"Let me tell her." Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao lay in the ward to rest. She just had a checkup and took some blood. But that Doctor Rong insisted on her lying in the ward and gave her an iv drip.

Zeng Mobai came in and saw Yu Yao staring blankly at the drip, as if counting the drops.

A trace of disgust flashed across his gentle face and he walked to Yu Yao and said, "Did you already know that you are anemic?"

"Ah?" Yu Yao looked at him in surprise, not understanding what he had said.

However, her reaction made Zeng Mobai misunderstand that she was pretending to be innocent, and he was even angrier, "Qian's operation can't be delayed any longer. How can you be so selfish? You're wasting my time just for your own personal interests. Do you know this will kill Qian, I..."

"Mr. Zeng, what do you mean? Can't I donate bone marrow for Miss Zeng?" Yu Yao finally understood what he meant and immediately asked with a frown.

"Rong Jin said that you have serious anemia. If you donate bone marrow in this condition, it will hurt you very much. You must have known that you are anemic! But you still forced me to marry you. Yu Yao, don't you know that even if we are married, if you can't save Qian, I can divorce you."

"Mr. Zeng, I didn't know I was anemic. I had dizziness since I was a child, but I never took it seriously. I didn't know I am anemic at all." Yu Yao explained anxiously.

But Zeng Mobai didn't believe it and said coldly, "Do you think I'll believe you?"

Yu Yao took a deep breath and said seriously, "I know that in Mr. Zeng's eyes, I am a villain who takes advantage of you. But what I said is true, whether you believe it or not. Just now, you said that if I donate bone marrow, it will hurt me a lot. That is to say, I can donate it. In that case, I'll stick to our agreement. I won't go back on my word."

"It will hurt you..."

"Even if I die of misfortune, it's my fault. If I can survive, it's my luck." Yu Yao smiled bitterly.

Zeng Mobai frowned and looked at her with deep eyes.

He didn't understand what kind of person this woman was.

However, Zeng Mobai heaved a sigh of relief when she agreed and said slowly, "It doesn't matter if you live, but I'm afraid your health... will not be good in the future. But I'll try my best to get someone to take care of you. You can rest assured of that."

"Thank you." Yu Yao said gratefully.

"Have a good rest. I'll discuss the operation time with Rong Jin." Zeng Mobai said and left.

After finding Rong Jin and telling him about Yu Yao's decision, Rong Jin pondered for a moment and finally agreed. He set the operation time, which was tomorrow.

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