Chapter 13 Arrange A Driver for Her

"Hello, grandma. What's wrong?"

Yu Yao was surprised when Grandma Yu called again. Yu Yao quickly answered.

Grandma Yu called out in a trembling voice, "Yao, I called you several times last night. Why didn't you answer it? What's wrong? What happened?"

"Grandma, I'm fine. What's the matter?" Yu Yao asked.

Grandma Yu said quickly, "I have something to say. Did you know that your father was arrested by the police? Mei told her mother that you did it. Yao, did you do it or not? Hurry up and let your father go. No matter what, he's still your father. Why are you doing that?"

Yu Yao frowned. It turned out that grandma called her because of this.

She assumed that was why others called.

"Grandma, I did call the police to arrest him. But he was to blame. He hit me first. Can't I call the police?" Yu Yao said with a grim face.

Grandma Yu said anxiously, "It's not right for him to hit you, but he's your father. Even if he hits you, you can't call the police to arrest him! Yao, listen to me and let your father go. I am really worried about him. I haven't slept all night. You..."

As she said that, Grandma Yu coughed violently and let out a heavy gasp, as if she couldn't catch her breath.

Yu Yao was anxious and said quickly, "Grandma, are you all right?"

However, the phone over there had been hung up, and Yu Yao didn't know if it was Grandma Yu's intention or not.

But no matter what, Yu Yao got up in a hurry. She found some simple clothes to put on and was about to go out to grandma's house.

Yu Guowei had cheated on some rich woman and had not cared about Yu Yao and her mother for so many years. But grandma and aunts still took good care of them, especially grandma, who loved her even more. From time to time, her grandma asked her to go over for a meal and give her some pocket money.

The last time her mother passed away, it was the aunts who helped with the aftermath.

So even she was not close to Yu Guowei, she could not ignore her grandmother and aunts.

Just as she went downstairs, she met Zeng Mobai.

Zeng Mobai looked at her in a hurry and asked in surprise, "Where are you going?"

"Good morning, Mr. Zeng. I'll go to my grandmother's house. She may be feeling unwell. I have to go and take a look." Yu Yao said hurriedly.

"I'll ask the driver to take you there!" Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao quickly shook her head, "Don't bother. I'll take a taxi myself."

"Let the driver send you there!" Zeng Mobai did not explain and immediately arranged a driver for her.

"Thank you." Yu Yao said gratefully.

But when she got in the car, it dawned on her the reason why Zeng Mobai had to arrange a driver for her. They were in a villa halfway up the mountain, so it was impossible for her to take a taxi.

Yu Yao gave the driver the address and the driver quickly sent her there.

After getting out of the car, Yu Yao rushed upstairs. It was Elder Aunt who opened the door. Seeing Yu Yao, Elder Aunt said quickly, "I'm glad that you come here. Come in quickly. We have something to ask you."

Yu Yao nodded and asked hurriedly, "Where's grandma? How's she doing?"

"Grandma is fine. She was a little stuffy just now, then she took the medicine and went to bed. I have to call you if you don't come. You know why your grandma is so stuffy! It's because of your father. We've all heard about you. No wonder you disappeared for more than half a month. Your grandma, Younger Aunt, and I were so worried. I didn't expect you to donate bone marrow to that lady from the Zeng Family. You even actually married Boss Zeng."

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