Chapter 10 Kneel down And Admit Your Mistake

"Yu Guowei, what are you doing?" Yu Yao covered her face and shouted angrily.

Although Yu Guowei had always been indifferent to her, it was the first time he had hit her.

"What am I doing? I want to ask you what have you done. Yu Yao, how did I give birth to such a vicious daughter like you? Your sister Yu Mei is already pregnant. How can you do this to her? You are so inhuman." Yu Guowei was so angry that he pointed at her and scolded her.

Yu Yao was confused. She didn't know what happened to Yu Mei or why did Yu Guowei rush to her to settle the score. She had been lying in the hospital for so long that she had not seen Yu Mei for a long time, but they now laid the blame on her. It must have been Yu Mei's fault.

"I'm inhuman? Yu Guowei, aren't you afraid of the wrath of God when you say that? Do you know that Jiang Chao is my fiancé? Do you know that Yu Mei is pregnant with Jiang Chao's bastard? They cheated on me and you hit me. Yu Guowei, I never expect you to love me as a father, but you can't be so inhumane."

"How dare you! I'm your father. How can you talk to me like that?" Yu Guowei cursed angrily again.

Yu Yao sneered, "Father? You don't deserve to be my father. You haven't nurtured me for so many years, so you are not qualified to teach me a lesson."

"Bastard." Yu Guowei raised his hand to hit her again.

This time, however, Yu Yao grabbed his wrist and held it tightly, looking at him angrily.

"How dare you!" Yu Guowei trembled with anger and shook Yu Yao's hand away.

However, he didn't hit her again. Instead, he pointed at Yu Yao and warned, "Yu Yao, listen, I'm your father no matter what. I won't agree to your marriage to Zeng Mobai. How can you threaten him into marrying you over saving him? You're embarrassing me. I'll tell Zeng Mobai that your marriage doesn't count. Even if you get your marriage certificate, you must get a divorce right away."

"So that's why you're here today." Yu Yao finally understood his real purpose.

Yu Guowei was enraged by her insightful gaze and said angrily, "That's my purpose. Now go apologize to Mr. Zeng immediately. You must kneel down and ask for his forgiveness, and divorce him immediately."

As he spoke, he grabbed Yu Yao's wrist and dragged her out.

However, Zeng Mobai did not go far and waited outside in the hall.

Yu Guowei grabbed Yu Yao's wrist and came to Zeng Mobai. He threw her hard and shouted, "Kneel down and apologize to Mr. Zeng. Ask Mr. Zeng divorce you immediately."

Zeng Mobai was originally sitting. Yu Yao was thrown by Yu Guowei and fell at his feet.

He immediately stood up. He picked Yu Yao up first, then said to Yu Guowei with a cold face, "Mr. Yu, what do you mean?"

Zeng Mobai had always been gentle and courteous. Wu Zhi, who was standing beside him, was shocked. It was the first time he had seen Mr. Zeng in such a rage.

Yu Guowei was also shocked and said awkwardly, "Mr. Zeng, I'm really sorry. I know my own daughter well. She has been cunning and extremely lofty-minded since she was a child. I don't think a girl of our kind is worthy to marry you. If she did not rely on her blood type to force you to marry her, you could not have any relationship. I have asked her to divorce you immediately and will bring her back. I will never let her bother you again."

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