Chapter 3 Caught in Bed

"Chao, you're going to marry that bitch tomorrow. What about me? What about our unborn child?"

"Baby, just wait, OK? If her mother hadn't been able to save Zeng Mobai's sister, I would have broken up with her long ago. I'm doing this for you, for our child. After I have a connection with Zeng Mobai, my company can go public soon. As soon as it goes public, I'll divorce her. You and our child are everything to me."

"Really? You are not lying to me, are you? I'm afraid you like that bitch." The woman said pleasantly and coquettishly.

"No way! With a beauty like you by my side, how can I like that kind of woman? Don't worry. Baby, I love you the most."

"Oh, don't touch me. Mmm... Chao, you're so bad."

Obscene voices streamed through the crack of the door.

Yu Yao stood at the door of the office, trembling with anger.

The man's voice inside was very familiar. He was the person she was going to marry tomorrow. And the woman's voice was familiar too. She had heard it too many times. It was Yu Mei, the daughter of her father's mistress and her half-sister who was only a year younger than her.

Ever since Yu Mei was young, she had liked to snatch things from her. Even if she had everything and Yu Yao had nothing, she liked to vie with Yu Yao. But she really didn't expect that Yu Mei would even steal her fiance.

With a bang, Yu Yao kicked open the office door.

Jiang Chao was doing Yu Mei and almost impotent from the loud noise.

However, when he turned around and saw the person rushing in, he thought he was really being impotent. He quickly got up from Yu Mei with a frightened expression and stammered. "Yu Yao, why are you... Why are you here?"

"If I didn't come, how could I see such a wonderful scene?" Yu Yao was so angry that her face turned pale. She took out her phone and took a few photos.

Jiang Chao didn't even put on his pants. That thing had completely shrunk and hung out of his pants, which looked extremely obscene and disgusting. Yu Mei was in a mess too. She had already been stripped naked by Jiang Chao. She could only have time to cover herself with the clothes and she was photographed by Yu Yao.

Yu Mei was so scared that she burst into tears and scolded Yu Yao. "Yu Yao, you bitch, delete the pictures now, or I will make you pay."

"Yu Yao, listen to me." Jiang Chao walked towards Yu Yao as he lifted his pants and reached out to grab her phone.

Yu Yao dodged, raised her hand, and gave him a hard slap. She gritted her teeth and said, "You two even have a child. Explain? How are you going to explain it to me?"

"Yu Yao, I was lost and made a mistake. It was all because she seduced me that I couldn't help it. I'm a man. I have desires. We've been in a relationship for three years and you won't let me sleep with you. Is this my fault?" Jiang Chao defended himself anxiously.

Yu Yao sneered. She wanted to give herself to him on the day they got married, but her cleaning living became the reason why he cheated on her.

Only now did she know how shameless a man she had loved for three years could be.

She kicked him in the crotch and Jiang Chao tightened his legs and bent down in pain.

Yu Yao said coldly, "Tomorrow's wedding is canceled. I won't be a stepping stone for you to have a connection with the Zeng Family."

"Yu Yao."

Jiang Chao shouted, but Yu Yao had already turned around and left.

The moment she turned around, tears flowed down. But no one saw it.

What made it even harder for her was that when she got home, her mother was not there. She hurried out without closing the door. Then she found her mother in the middle of a deserted road. Blood had stained the ground and her eyes.

"Ah." Yu Yao let out a shrill scream.

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