Stealing Your Heart

Chapter 1 Forced Marriage

Yu Yao sat in front of the French window in the coffee shop, and a black business car stopped at the door. The waiter politely opened the door and Zeng Mobai got out of the car.

Outside the window was the ordinary traffic, but once he got out of the car, it seemed that everything around him became different. The bustling scene was reflected through the large French window, but it set off Zeng Mobai's dignified appearance and calm attitude.

"Hello, Mr. Zeng." Yu Yao got up and greeted him.

Zeng Mobai nodded slowly in response. It was a little hot in the coffee shop, so he took off his coat. His brown shirt outlined his slender waist. His tall and straight figure made the woman's heart beat faster. In short, this was a very charming man. He was as attractive as the finest suet jade, which made people couldn't help but covet him.

Yu Yao waited for Zeng Mobai to sit down. She coughed softly, pursed her lips, and said slowly, "Mr. Zeng, I think you should already know why I'm looking for you today."

Zeng Mobai nodded and looked at Yu Yao, "I'm sorry."

Yu Yao's eyes turned red and she smiled bitterly.

She did not know that Zeng Mobai was sincere or not. Her mother and he were only acquainted several times but had no feelings for each other.

But it didn't matter. Yu Yao said in a low voice, "Thank you."

Zeng Mobai's eyes flickered and then he said in a low voice, "I'm very sad about your mother's death. It's not appropriate to mention this at this time. But my sister can't wait. I wonder if our previous agreement is still valid. I remember that Miss Yu and your mother are of the same blood type."

"Yes, the rare ABRH." Yu Yao smiled bitterly.

"Then Miss Yu..."

"Of course it works. Mr. Zeng has already transferred the money into my mother's account, as well as the transfer ownership of the house. I won't go back on my promise."

Zeng Mobai was obviously relieved as if he secretly gave a sigh.

Yu Yao added, "However, I have to add another condition. I hope Mr. Zeng will agree."

Zeng Mobai said, "Please tell me, Miss Yu. If I can do it, I will try my best."

"I heard that you are still single, so my request is... To marry me."

"What?" Zeng Mobai frowned and looked surprised.

He looked at Yu Yao, trying to see a teasing or a joking expression on her face. But Yu Yao's expression was very serious, even solemn, without any intention of joking.

"But I remember that you are not single. If your mother hadn't died suddenly, I would have attended your wedding." Zeng Mobai said coldly.

Yu Yao sneered and said, "You also knew what happened. Unfortunately, things are unpredictable. You can't attend my wedding as a guest anymore, but you can be the main character of my wedding. I only have this one condition, I do not force you. I am also willing to give you time to consider it. But I hope you could make a decision as soon as possible. After all, your sister can't wait too long."

Zeng Mobai's face turned red with anger. As the heir to the Zeng Group, he was the richest man in Pingjiang City. No one had dared to speak to him like this for many years, and she dared to threaten him with his sister's life.

Zeng Mobai's phone suddenly rang. He suppressed his anger and took out his phone to answer it.


"Mr. Zeng, Zeng Qian is suddenly unconscious. Please come to the hospital immediately."

Zeng Mobai's face changed. He immediately stood up and hurried out.

But after two steps, he suddenly remembered something, then he turned around and grabbed Yu Yao's wrist. He pulled her up and said, "Come with me."

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