Chapter 15 She Couldn't Open Her Mouth

"Yes, Madam, I'll do it right away." Wu Zhi said.

"Thank you, Assistant Wu." Yu Yao thanked him.

After hanging up the phone, she looked at Yu Guohong and Yu Guofang's eager eyes and sighed, "I've already called. He should be released soon."

The two people heaved a long sigh of relief together.

However, Yu Guohong quickly became excited again, grabbing Yu Yao's arm, "Yu Yao, I know you were the most promising. You are now Zeng Mobai's wife, the president's wife of the Zeng Group. Look, your cousin hasn't been able to find a suitable job since he graduated. Can you tell Zeng Mobai to arrange a position for him in his company? It doesn't have to be a good one. A supervisor or manager will do. I had taken care of you a lot when you were a little kid. It's time for you to thank me."

"Oh, sis. Yu Yao just got married. How could she mention this to Zeng Mobai?" Yu Guofang said.

Yu Guohong snorted, "Fang, don't be sarcastic. You're no better than me. Didn't you ask Yu Yao to help arrange a good job? You even talked about me."

Yu Guofang blushed and was ashamed that Yu Guohong was right.

Yu Yao, "..."

What was all this about? Did they know that her marriage to Zeng Mobai had completely offended Zeng Mobai? Zeng Mobai hated her a lot. How could she have the audacity to make these requests to Zeng Mobai?

But these two were her aunts, and they had indeed treated her very well.

Even if she wanted to refuse, she had to be more tactful.

"Elder Aunt, Younger Aunt, it's not that I don't want to help you. It's really... We're a family, and I won't hide it from you. Although today's newspaper says so, it's not the truth. I did use my bone marrow to force Zeng Mobai to marry me. A person like Zeng Mobai was forced by me, so is it possible for him to have a good impression of me? He hates me to death. And because of the marriage, the stock fell. Therefore, he had to hold this press conference and then announced that he would hold a wedding with me. In such a situation, I wouldn't be able to ask him for anything. Even if I did, he wouldn't help."

"Then you mean..." Yu Guohong was shocked and she felt diasppointed.

Yu Yao continued to persuade her patiently, "Aunt Elder and Younger Aunt, I will not forget your kindness to me. But don't make things difficult for me. When I have the ability in the future, I will repay you. But this matter... I really can't do anything about it."

The two women sighed and thought about it. No one would be happy to be forced to marry a woman who didn't match him. How could he help her relatives arrange work?

"Yu Yao, don't worry. Forget it. If you can't help us, we can figure it out ourselves." Yu Guofang said softly.

However, Yu Guohong still refused to give up and whispered to Yu Yao, "Yu Yao, do you two have... sex?"

Yu Yao was stunned and her face suddenly turned red.

Yu Guohong immediately understood. So she quickly lowered her voice and said, "Yu Yao, listen to me. Men were all the same. He didn't like you at first. But when he sleeps with you, he will slowly become interested in you. You should think of a way to do that with him first. Gradually, he'll have feelings for you. Then, are you afraid that he won't listen to you?"

Yu Yao didn't know what to say.

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