Chapter 14 Looking for Wu Zhi for Something

Yu Yao blushed at her Elder Aunt's teasing and she explained in a low voice, "Auntie, it's not what you think. Actually... I have my own difficulties."

"I see. But I've always thought you're a good girl. You've been smart since you were a child and you're much better than Yu Mei. Anyway, you have already married Zeng Mobai. You can enjoy a luxurious life! The news report came out today. Your eldest uncle was overjoyed after reading it. He even said that he would tell all his colleagues that Zeng Mobai was his niece's son-in-law."

"Ah, please stop him. Our marriage... is temporary. The news reported it? Let me see. There aren't any photos of me, right>" Yu Yao said worriedly.

"There's no photo, but there's your name. Why don't they put a photo? Your name isn't special. A lot of people share the same name with you. I've told my neighbors this morning, but they didn't believe me." Yu Guohong said angrily.

Yu Yao breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Zeng Mobai didn't lie to her. There were no photos.

It was good. She didn't want everyone to know about it. It would be better if no one believed that so that she could continue to live a peaceful life in Pingjiang City.

"Yu Yao, hello." Aunt Yu Guofang came out of the inner room and greeted Yu Yao.

Yu Yao quickly asked, "Auntie, is grandma awake?"

Yu Guofang shook her head, "She's still asleep. She had taken a sleeping pill. Yu Yao, your father was arrested by the police yesterday. Chen Mengjiao and Yu Mei had come yesterday and said that you did it. Is that true? If you had called the police, ask them to release your father! After all, he's your father. No matter what he did to you, you can't call the police to arrest him."

"That's right," Yu Guohong echoed her, "Yu Yao, tell them to release your father. Otherwise, your grandmother will cry again after she wakes up."

"I can't do that." Yu Yao said, "He hit others and was arrogant. The police will punish him according to the law. I can do nothing with that."

"You can do nothing? You've married Zeng Mobai." Yu Guohong grumbled, "As long as Zeng Mobai speaks for your father, he can be released in no time. It depends on whether you ask him to do it or not."

"Yes, Yu Yao, it was his fault, but after all he's your father. Now that you've taught him a lesson, tell the police to release him! You know Chen Mengjiao right? Her family is powerful too, but she couldn't bail him out. It must be Zeng Mobai who had told the police not to do that." Yu Guofang's tone was much gentler.

"Really?" Yu Yao frowned. She really didn't know what Zeng Mobai had done.

Yu Guofang said, "If she could bail him out, Chen Mengjiao wouldn't have come to us. She had been here for half the night yesterday. If your father didn't be released today, she would make a scene again. Your grandmother will suffer."

"That woman..." Yu Yao gritted her teeth.

But what her auntie said was right. She had taught him a lesson, and even for her grandma's sake, she couldn't keep him locked up.

She had to take out her phone and call Zeng Mobai, but Zeng Mobai didn't answer.

After a while, he sent her a text that said, "I'm in a meeting. You can ask Wu Zhi for help."

Then he gave her Wu Zhi's number.

Yu Yao had no choice but to call Wu Zhi, but she was glad that she didn't need to tell Zeng Mobai this matter because he was too busy. Otherwise, she would feel ashamed of herself.

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