Chapter 7 The Feeling of Love

"I want you to cooperate with me to hold a press conference and show me how much you love me throughout. Then we'll announce the wedding date so that we can prove the rumors wrong that we are just using each other."

"What? What did you say?" Yu Yao looked at him in surprise, unable to believe what she heard.

Zeng Mobai raised his eyebrows, "Am I not clear enough?"

Yu Yao shook her head and said, "No, it's just... Why don't you take this opportunity to divorce me? If you divorce me, you can solve this problem."

Zeng Mobai sighed and said, "We just got our marriage certificates but didn't announce it to the public. How do you think this news got out? If it weren't for your ex-fiance, who would know? Now someone has found the evidence that we went to the Civil Affairs Bureau together. Even if we divorce now, it can't erase the fact that we were once married. Moreover, divorce now will only confirm the rumors. Others will think that I'm an ungrateful person, which would cause harm to my company."

"I see," Yu Yao nodded.

According to Zeng Mobai's disgust for her, how could he not take this opportunity to divorce her? It turned out that he had a better plan.

"The press conference will be held the day after tomorrow. In these two days, you should cultivate a good understanding with me. When you attend, try to show that you're passionate about me." Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao blushed and said in a low voice, "I'll do whatever you say. The feeling of a loving couple... I don't know what it looks like."

When she was in love with Jiang Chao, they didn't spend much time together. Jiang Chao rarely said sweet words to her, and she was not a sticky woman. She used to think that it was because of their personalities but never thought that Jiang Chao didn't love her at all.

She had never experienced such a feeling before.

"Look up at me," Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao was stunned and looked up obediently.

Zeng Mobai looked at her with deep eyes, which were filled with tenderness and affection.

Yu Yao's heart skipped a beat and suddenly felt her face turn red and her throat dry. She hurriedly lowered her head as her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Zeng Mobai was truly good-looking. He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. His face was fair and he was elegant and gentle. A pair of long and narrow eyelashes flickered slightly, which were much more beautiful than any woman's eyelashes. Those eyes revealed a gentle and affectionate look, with which he was infatuated after a glance.

Of course, she did not dare to have any evil thoughts about Zeng Mobai. However, in the face of a handsome man, any woman could not help but feel her heart beat faster.

"Why don't you look at me?" Zeng Mobai asked with a frown.

Yu Yao thought to herself, she didn't dare to look! It would make her blush. It was so embarrassing.

"Well... Why are you looking at me like that? It's a little strange." Yu Yao lowered her head and said with a red face.

Zeng Mobai frowned and said, "How should I look at you if you don't look at me like that? All couples are like this. If you don't even look at me, how will others know that we are a loving couple rather than strangers who use each other?"


"Yu Yao, have you forgotten the purpose of your marriage to me in the first place? If you can't even do this, how can you get what you want? Of course, if you want to give up, I won't force you. Even if I get a bad reputation, it won't affect me much. After all, I started my company based on my strength. There will always be a day when rumors disappear. Think about how much energy you have wasted. Are you really willing to give up now?"

"Unwilling." Yu Yao raised her head abruptly and clenched her fist.

Zeng Mobai was right. She made that request shamelessly that she could use Zeng Mobai's identity to find out the cause of her mother's death. How could she give up so easily because of such a small matter?

Facing Zeng Mobai's affectionate eyes, Yu Yao returned her affectionate gaze.

Their eyes met. It seemed like they were deep in love.

Zeng Mobai suddenly raised his arm and slowly carried her into his arms.

Yu Yao's calm heart thumped again and her body stiffened.

"You're too nervous. Relax. Otherwise, if someone sees us, they'll think I'm forcing you."

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