Chapter 12 Take Her Home

Yu Guowei was taken away by the police, and Zeng Mobai helped Yu Yao leave there.

Yu Yao's legs were a little weak, and as long as Yu Guowei was taken away, she collapsed.

Zeng Mobai had to bend down to carry her into the car.

Along the way, she was silent. After they got home, Zeng Mobai carried her upstairs and put some ointment on her face.

Yu Yao looked at Zeng Mobai quietly. Zeng Mobai did not speak either, and his long and narrow eyelashes trembled slightly. His expression was gentle, but he didn't show any unnecessary emotion. He was putting the ointment on her face gently.

Her burning cheeks became comfortable because of the cold ointment.

"Thank you." Yu Yao thanked him in a low and hoarse voice.|

After finishing, Zeng Mobai washed his hands, sat opposite her, and said, "I don't know what happened between you and father, but if you need any help, just let me know. After all, you are now my wife."

"I'm sorry," Yu Yao's heart skipped a beat and she quickly apologized. She thought that he felt embarrassed because she was beaten up in public today.

Zeng Mobai looked at her with deep eyes and sighed. He knew she had misunderstood but didn't want to explain.

"You should rest first! I'm next door. You can call me if you need anything, or you can call the servants." Zeng Mobai stood up.

Only then did Yu Yao suddenly realize that she had been brought home by Zeng Mobai.

Her face immediately turned red and she stammered, "Well, I... I can leave right away."

Zeng Mobai looked at her with deep eyes and said in a meaningful way, "Today, I admitted to the reporters that we have already got our marriage certificates and will hold a wedding next month. If you leave now, I'm afraid our efforts will be in vain."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't thought that." Yu Yao blushed even more and she was scolding herself to be so stupid.

"Have a good rest! We can talk about it tomorrow." Zeng Mobai said.

Yu Yao nodded.

After Zeng Mobai left, she looked around the bedroom.

The bedroom was big, even bigger than the home she and her mother shared. There were a bathroom and a cloakroom, and a large balcony with a rocking chair. With flowers and plants, the balcony looked very warm.

The room was decorated with her favorite color. And she was even more shocked when she opened the closet door.

There were many clothes hanging inside, from underwear to outerwear.

At first, she thought this was Zeng Qian's room, and the clothes were Zeng Qian's. But when she found the tags on the clothes, she realized they were prepared for her.

She had met Zeng Qian, a very petite girl. She was not as tall as her, and her figure was much thinner than hers. After all, Zeng Qian had been sick for so long. So these clothes were definitely not hers.

"Are they all for me?" Yu Yao frowned slightly and said to herself.

But she didn't bring anything with her. To take a shower, she had to wear the clothes here. Maybe they were really for her. Yu Yao thought to herself. Then she went to the bathroom with pajamas. She soon finished and lay down on the bed to sleep.

Staying with Zeng Mobai really exhausted her. And Yu Guowei made such a scene today, which made her tired.

So she fell asleep and didn't even notice her phone was ringing.

When she woke up the next morning, she saw that there were more than twenty missed calls.

That woman, Yu Mei, her grandmother, and her aunts had called her.

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