Chapter 8 Love at First Sight

The press conference was held in a five-star hotel of the Zeng Group and all the reporters invited were famous. Zeng Mobai's special assistant was in full charge of it, and Yu Yao and Zeng Mobai only had to attend the conference on time.

However, when Zeng Mobai glanced at Yu Yao's clothes, he said with a slight frown, "Call Ada over and change her style from head to toe."

Yu Yao frowned and looked down at herself, "Why? Don't I look good?"

Zeng Mobai did not speak. Soon a very fashionable and beautiful woman came. Behind her were two assistants, each carrying a big box.

"Mr. Zeng." Ada greeted him with a smile.

Zeng Mobai looked down at his watch and said, "There are still 40 minutes left for the press conference. Get her a look that suits her."

"Okay, no problem." Ada smiled and agreed.

Forty minutes was indeed very urgent for others, but it was totally enough for Ada, a professional stylist.

She first spent ten minutes scrutinizing Yu Yao carefully, then accurately picked out a slim pink dress and paired it with high heels of the same style. Yu Yao's temperament immediately changed.

"Miss Yu, you have very good skin, so I don't need to spend too much time on foundation. Also, nude makeup suits you. Miss Yu, your eyes are so big. This type of eyes is best for eye makeup." Ada praised Yu Yao generously as she put on makeup.

It was the first time Yu Yao had been praised like this. She was so nervous that she couldn't even smile. It took her a long time to give a forced smile and say, "Thank you."

"That's it. Mr. Zeng, are you satisfied?" Ada asked. After putting YuYao's makeup on, Ada helped YuYao up and pushed her in front of Zeng Mobai.

Zeng Mobai looked Yu Yao up and down with deep eyes. Yu Yao stood up straight nervously, as if afraid that Zeng Mobai would say something bad.

Fortunately, Zeng Mobai nodded and said, "Not bad."

Yu Yao and Ada both breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Zeng Mobai's special assistant came in and told Zeng Mobai that it was time.

Zeng Mobai nodded. He reached out his arm for Yu Yao to hold and led her in.

As soon as the two of them entered the scene, the reporters began to feel excited. Although everyone was assigned a seat, the reporters kept leaning forward, hoping to get closer to them.

The two of them walked in intimately and looked at each other affectionately from time to time. They looked like an affectionate couple.

"Mr. Zeng, what do you think of the hearsay?"

As soon as he sat down, a reporter couldn't help but stand up to ask.

Zeng Mobai smiled and turned to kiss Yu Yao on her cheek, "I believe everyone's eyes are discerning. Facts will eventually scotch these rumours."

Yu Yao's face froze. Zeng Mobai never told her that he would kiss her. However, after two days of training, she was quick to react. She immediately showed a shy expression and casted sheep's eyes at Zeng Mobai.

Laughter came from the audience.

However, a reporter stood up and asked soon, "Mr. Zeng, a year ago, you announced that your girlfriend was miss Cheng Jiayi from the Cheng Group. But now, you suddenly announce that you are in love with this lady. Did you break up with miss Cheng Jiayi? Did you meet Miss Yu before or after you broke up with miss Cheng Jiayi? Did you break up with miss Cheng Jiayi because of Miss Yu?"

Yu Yao pursed her lips slightly. She had heard about the relationship between Zeng Mobai and Cheng Jiayi before, but at that time she just took it as gossip. She didn't expect this reporter to ask such a sharp question.

However, Zeng Mobai seemed to have been prepared. He smiled and said, "Miss Cheng and I thought we were suitable for each other at that time. We did fall in love for a while with an attitude of trying. But when we found out that we were not compatible, we broke up peacefully. Of course, I met my wife after I broke up with Miss Cheng. We fell in love at first sight. I never believed in love at first sight before I met her, but the moment I saw her, I believed that there was such a feeling in this world."

After saying that, Zeng Mobai looked at Yu Yao affectionately and tenderly.

"Wife? Are you planning to get married? Someone showed evidence that you went in and out of the Civil Affairs Bureau together. Have you already got marriage certificates?" A reporter exclaimed.

Zeng Mobai held Yu Yao in his arms and smiled at the crowd as he announced, "Yes, we have already received our marriage certificates and will hold the wedding next month."

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