Chapter 11 Strength to Protect His Wife

"I think you misunderstood it." Zeng Mobai said coldly, "My marriage with Yu Yao is consensual. There is no deception or coercion between us. Mr. Yu, even if you are Yu Yao's biological father, you should at least give me an explanation for coming here and slapping my wife!"

Yu Guowei was shocked and looked at Zeng Mobai in disbelief.

Zeng Mobai held Yu Yao in his arms, tidied up her hair, and frowned unhappily when he saw her swollen cheeks. Looking at Yu Guowei again, Zeng Mobai's eyes became even colder.

"Zeng... Mr. Zeng." Yu Guowei stammered.

This was completely different from what he had expected! Even if there was a press conference, he knew better than anyone that a person like Zeng Mobai would not take a fancy to Yu Yao. Even Jiang Chao didn't like Yu Yao, let alone Zeng Mobai.

So the rumors should be true.

Shouldn't Zeng Mobai be grateful to him for what he had done? How would Zeng Mobai be angry at him?

"Apologize." Zeng Mobai said coldly, "Apologize to my wife now. You should be glad that you are her biological father, or else this matter today..."

"Apologize to her? Mr. Zeng, are you mistaken? I'm her father. And I'm doing this for your own good. You must be sad to be pestered by her and forced to get married!" Yu Guowei screamed strangely. He couldn't believe Zeng Mobai asked him to apologize to Yu Yao.

"Wu Zhi, call the police!" Zeng Mobai said emotionlessly.

"OK." Wu Zhi nodded.

Wu Zhi quickly took out his cell phone and called the police to deal with Yu Guowei.

Yu Guowei was dumbfounded. Only then did he believe that Zeng Mobai was serious.

He said hurriedly, "Mr. Zeng, don't call the police! This is a family business. There is no need to call the police. Do whatever you want, and I'll leave now!"

After that, he was about to leave.

However, Zeng Mobai had ordered to call the police, so how could Wu Zhi let Yu Guowei go so easily?

Two security guards came over immediately and blocked Yu Guowei's way, forcing him to wait for the police here.

Yu Guowei was irritated. He shouted at Yu Yao, "Yu Yao, do you really want the police to take your father away?"

"When you slapped me, you didn't see me as your daughter," Yu Yao said drily.

Yu Guowei was speechless.

"You took the advantage to force Mr. Zeng to marry you. I hit you for the despicable thing you've done. Do you know Jiang Chao was angry? He had planned to marry Mei, but when he heard that you were holding a press conference, he canceled the wedding with Mei in no time."

"Oh, I see. I mean, no wonder you forced me to divorce Zeng Mobai. You just did it for Yu Mei." Yu Yao sneered. That was the reason.

"She's your sister, and she's pregnant. What if she can't marry Jiang Chao because of you? What do you want her to do?" Yu Guowei yelled.

Yu Yao closed her eyes. Yu Guowei's words hurt her more than the slap he had just given her.

She had known for a long time that Yu Guowei did not like her, but she still felt cold at the fact that he was so ruthless.

The police arrived soon, and Wu Zhi talked to the police about this.

The policeman who came happened to know Wu Zhi. After hearing Wu Zhi's words, he came to Yu Yao to take a deposition.

Yu Guowei screamed to the police, "I'm her father. I only slapped her. It's natural for me to hit my daughter."

"Nonsense! This is domestic violence. Come with us. People like you have to be educated." The police berated.

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