Chapter 7: Governing Laws

"One of the Governing Laws of Great Lovaria states that, “All guards of Great Lovaria should make sure that the inauguration ceremony takes place without any interruptions, and should anyone interrupt this ceremony in any way whatsoever, he or she must be jailed or done away with except if he or she has any sort of evidence or a valid reason as to why he acted the way he or she did.” Lovarians. Do you have a piece of evidence that shows that Prince Edric isn't late King Alexander's and Queen Mia's biological son?" asked the old man in his 50's. 

"People of Great Lovaria, does anyone have such evidence against Prince Edric?" One of the men from the crowd asked.

Still, another mumbled, "Maybe someone from the other territories of the kingdom knows something about this, do you think we should try asking them?

"Lovarians, these words may reach Prince Edric's ears if they are spread, remember that in situations like these we don't always know who to trust, what if the Prince's spy is here among us?

"You are the one who brought this up, perhaps you have the evidence we need," said one of the ladies staring at the one who had said those words in the first place.

"I don't, just as I said, it was only a gossip, It is also unfortunate that I do not remember the people who uttered those words," he -the one who uttered those words- replied.

No one from the crowd had any evidence on this matter. So they parted ways.

"Young man, don't leave yet, I want us to talk about this matter once and for all," said the gentleman in his 40's, leading the way.

They stood by a building which was nearby, it was evident that they didn't want anyone to hear what they were to discuss, they looked around just to make sure that nobody was around.

"Sir Williamson, I now know that I shouldn't have uttered those words," the young man probably in his 20's said.

"But you did anyway, Willie," Williamson said.

"I apologize, sir Williamson, next time I will control my mouth.

"Willie, I beg of you, don't utter anything like that ever again because we don't know yet what the prince can do when he finds out, I have strong faith that the truth will come out one day," said Williamson.

"Understood, sir Williamson," he said.

"That is it, my daughter is moving towards us, " Sir Williamson said, seeing her approaching them.

She could barely conceal her delight when she saw him, she approached him and said, "Father, you are here."

"Angelia, who is this with you?" asked Williamson with his eyes set on the baby her daughter was carrying.

Willie then said, "Sir Williamson you have a grandchild! Is it a boy or a g--"

"Willie, stop it, what nonsense are you talking about," said Williamson, he didn't expect to be a grandfather at the time.

"Chill out sir Williamson, it isn't a big deal," Willie said.

"Will you shut up Willie," he said, "We didn't close up the store, you better go and check it out all else we will end up on the streets."

## a letter from the palace


The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun and in no time the night sky was aglow with bright street lights.

"Prince Edric I have received a letter from G- L- A- C," said the royal private secretary, all dressed up in a black suit.

"G-L-A-C as... Great Lovaria Appointing Committee," Prince Edric let out looking at the royal private secretary.

"Yes, my prince.

"At last, they remembered what they had to do," said Prince Edric," Go on, read the letter aloud, let us hear what they have to say."

“To The Lovarian Royal Family:

We as the G-L-A-C send our condolences to the royal family. We know that it is painful to lose a loved one for we all have lost those who we love. We have lost our friends; parents; children and so on, those related to us and those who aren't. As it has always been, the G-L-A-C has a duty to carry out in Great Lovaria. Here is the history of G-L-A-C.

In recent years there were always conflicts in the royals, the question was always one “who is to be the next king” Everyone wanted to be king which was impossible because only one had to. Great Lovaria was a kingdom that was organized in other areas but not this. So a decision was made by the royal family to set up a committee that would select or appoint the next monarch. This committee was supposed to select a person not by outer appearance but by the inner self, we all know that we can't see what's in the heart so this means that we have to be very careful in the decisions that we make for they affect all of us as Lovarians. All those in the committee have proved to be faithful and will continue to be whether they are threatened or not. The committee was named 'Lovaria Overseeing Committee' ( L-O-C ) and later changed to 'Great Lovarian Appointing Committee' which is G-L-A-C. We -the committee- hereby appoint Prince Edric as the new king of Great Lovaria. The inauguration will be held in three days; all have to attend.

Serving Faithfully,


Prince Edric clapped his hands and shouted, "Bravo G-L-A-C.

He was on cloud nine when he heard that he was appointed as king.

"Your majesty, I'll take my leave now," said the royal private secretary.

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