Chapter 10: True Colors

Raindrops fell from the sky. The sun shone. Businesses run smoothly. Provinces became towns and towns became cities. 

One whole year had passed since the coronation. The Lovarians were living in what can be called peace for a whole year and were living in unity until the king of Great Lovaria showed his true colours. 

As the king of Great Lovaria, he had all the rights to change or modify all the laws of Great Lovaria. 

It was dawn and the royal horses were seen from a distance approaching the city called Warrington.

A man with black shoulder-length hair came out of the carriage. He met the representative of Warrington who had a bald head, together they went inside his office.

"Mr. Frank, the great king of Great Lovaria has set up some new laws and other things," the man from the palace said.

He threw the letter with a signet on it onto the table.

"What new laws?" asked Warrington's representative.

"You will have to unfold the letter first to see what new laws the king set."

Warrington's representative picked the letter from his table and unfolded it. He went through it and his face turned red as soon as he read the first few words written.

"What nonsense is this?" he asked. He wanted to tear it into pieces.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. You don't know what he can do to you for tearing that letter. Do you?" the one from the palace asked.

"I'm not afraid of him."

"You will be paralyzed by fear very soon. It has been just one year already. What do you think he will be like after 5, 10 or 15 years from now?"

"I never wanted him to become king of Great Lovaria," the representative said clenching his fists, I knew that he was a bad person from the beginning.

"I see that you have clenched your fists, what will you do to him?"

The representative of Warrington had nothing else to say. He was wordless. He knew very well that he couldn't do anything to the king.

"Do your job? I'm setting off. For your information, additional laws will be set soon," said the one from the palace in Varia city.

After spending a few hours in his department, he went outside. Everyone was busy as always. No one knew what was going on. 

The representative of Warrington city moved forward to the notice board that was around and pinned the paper that had a set of laws that were to govern Great Lovaria.

"What's new on the notice board mister Frank?" asked one of the Lovarians.

"Come and check it out," he said and shouted," Subjects, the laws of Great Lovaria have been updated."

He left after the announcement.

The people were shocked by the new laws set up by the king.

The lovarians had to pay 30% tax to the kingdom. 

"This is rubbish, how come they are withholding 70% tax off our money," said Williamson.

"Wouldn't it have been better if we had protested, we let him sit on the Lovarian throne people," said one of the subjects in the kingdom.

"No. We didn't let Edric sit on that throne. If there is anyone to blame, then it is the members of G-L-A-C."

"Yes, you are right Henry, Lovarians, Great Lovaria Appointing Committee had the power to stop this, why didn't it stop him?" another Lovarian asked.

"Subjects, G-L-A-C didn't have anyone else to consider for the position, perhaps that is why Edric was appointed," said another man in his 40's.

Williamson said, "I agree with you Jackson, the decision must have been made because in the whole royal family only Edric was left, If Queen Elsa or her son was alive, then things would have been different."

"Lovarians, our days of rejoicing might have ended, just like that," said another subject of Lovaria kingdom.

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