Chapter 12: Alaric is what I'm Called. Gatekeep is my Other name.

Call me Alaric, I grew up in Warrington city and up to now, I'm still here in Warrington. 

Life in Lovaria is difficult, all thanks to its great king Edric Galante the terrible. He has ruled for 19 years and has never proved to be a great king and one day I will replace him.

He is the kind of king who sets meaningless laws, sometimes it's like he acts according to his wife's wishes. 

My Grandpa used to say that Lovaria was a great kingdom but when compared with the current Lovaria, It is different. This isn't the Great Lovaria people knew and I am on the mission to fix things and find out what went wrong.

"Alaric, his majesty the king is standing behind you.

Peterson said. He bowed down.

"What! Is he?" I said turning around, my heart was pounding. 

Noticing that he wasn't there, I felt relieved, "Peterson, why would you do such a thing to me?

I was kidding about replacing him. I can't replace him because I'm not from the royal family. Peterson was just laughing at me but didn't know how afraid I was.

"I'm sorry Alaric," he said, laughing uncontrollably.

"Was the way I reacted that funny," I wondered.  I left as soon as I remembered that I had to be somewhere, I had to help out my mother with her chores.

I walked briskly on the city streets and the destination was home.

"Hey mister, watch where you are going?" said a young lady, we had bumped into each other.

She is telling me to watch where I'm going and yet I'm not to blame, we both are to blame. I would take the blame if she was grey-headed but she wasn't. 

"Hey, you should also watch where you are going to miss, are you blind?"

"Interesting! You bumped into me and now you are acting as if it was my fault," she said.

My watch was counting out the minutes. I couldn't waste another minute as I had already done earlier with Peterson.

"Miss, we are all at fault but since I don't have the time to waste on you, I'm sorry, next time I will be careful."

"Mister, It is time to pick up my stuff, I want you down here," she said. She was kidding. There was no way I could do that, I had to leave.

Soon I was home.

"Alaric, what took you so long?" my mother asked. She cared and loved me so much. I'm her only son.

I guess if we were financially stable, she wouldn't let me work. Being financially stable in Lovaria is a dream for some of us.

"Mother, I was with Peterson and you know how he is," I said standing by the doorway looking at her.

"Yes, I know how he is," she said. 

Peterson's family was one of the middle-class families, I guess that's why he had a lot of free time.

"Mother, I'm going to my room.

Today was a long day for me. I just fell onto my bed, I knew very well that I was likely to visit dreamland since I had a ticket and the ticket was sleeping.

When I was 5 years old, my Grandpa used to say, "Just sleep and you won't know when and how you arrived in the land of dreams.

He was right.