Chapter 11: You are a disgrace

At the Palace in Varia City

"Your majesty, the new laws have been sent out to all the cities and provinces in the Great Lovaria kingdom, " said one of the administrators.

"Great," King Edric said, giving a dismissive wave of his hand.

"Your majesty. Don't you think that the percentage of taxes being taken by the royal treasurer is high?" asked Darek.

"Darek. You have been my advisor but I won't listen to your advice this time, these people have to know who has the power here in Great Lovaria."

"Your majesty, every subject of Lovaria Kingdom knows that you have the power; the authority to do everything," said Darek.

"Darek, I don't have to explain myself to you, excuse me, I have to see my son,"  the king said leaving the throne room. 

The Next Day at The Palace in Varia City.

"Your Majesty, the one called Harvey wishes to have a conversation with you," said the guard.

"Let him meet me," said king Edric.

Harvey came inside to the king. In the king's chamber.

Harvey bowed down and said, "Your majesty, greetings."

"Say what brought you here, Harvey," said the king. His eyes were on the timepiece.

"The G-L-A-C is concerned about the laws that you set up," said Harvey.

Edric looked at him and said, "So."

"The G-L-A-C kindly requests that you reconsider the laws that you set up."

"I won't. Havey, advise the G-L-A-C members to mind their businesses," said king Edric," what do the G-L-A-C members call themselves?"

"Your royal highness, the committee is concerned about the welfare of the lovarians. This is why they sent me to you," said Harvey.

"I couldn't care less," shouted Edric.

"I'm sorry for saying this. Your majesty, you are a terrible ruler. A disgrace to us is what you are."

Edric burned with anger, he stood from his throne, pointed at him and shouted, "Harvey, do not taste me."

Harvey shouted, "Your majesty, what I have said is nothing but the truth. If you continue with this the subjects will hate you."

King Edric turned red with fury and cried out, "Guards, " Immediately after he had cried out, the guards came inside, "I want him jailed now, let him be an example to the rest."

The Guards looked around for the person they were supposed to lock up but didn't catch a glimpse of him.

"Your majesty, who should we lock up?" asked one of the guards. He did not know who to lock up.

He pointed at Harvey. "Him. He is called Harvey. I want him locked up.

"Your majesty. He is grey-headed. He is old," mumbled the guards.

Prince Edric approached them and asked, "Do you think that I'm blind? I know that he is old but I want him to be locked up."

All the guards had to be submissive to their king. They would be against the king if they did not do as he had commanded.

"I can not believe that it is you doing this Edric Galante," said Harvey. He was then taken away from King Edric's sight.

"Harvey, what are you doing here?" asked Sir Walter. 

He did not expect to see Harvey this soon.

Seeing that Walter was wasting their time, one of the guards said, "Sir Walter, we are commanded by the king of Great Lovaria to lock him up."

Walter's eyes widened, and he said, "What. No. You can not be serious."

"Move it old man," said the guard pushing him.

Walter's temper sparked, he pushed the guard and shouted, "What are you doing that for?"

"He is a criminal, does he require any special treatment?" the guard who was pushed by Walter shouted. His sword ready in his hands.

"He isn't a criminal. He is Harvey from the Great Lovaria Appointing Committee, all of you know that very well," shouted Walter.

The other guard who was their leader excluding Walter shouted, "Walter, stop it. We are doing as we were told. Men, let's go."

Walter blocked their way and said, "You are not taking Harvey anywhere you creatures."

"Who do you think you are, Walter? Get out of our way now, " the one leading the other guards shouted.

Walter didn't move from where he was. They stared at each other for seconds. This roused the leading guard's anger.

"Walter, I have had enough, get out of our way," he shouted, "By your actions you are going against the king of Great Lovaria."

"I'm doing so for what is right, I can not just watch such injustice going on, not when I can do something to stop it," Walter said.

Harvey shouted, "Sir Walter, that is enough, you can not do anything to get me out of his mouth. He is terrible. He is a lion."

Walter said, "No Harvey, you can not be locked up just like that. This has never happened in this kingdom and will not happen right now."

"What is this drama about?" asked King Edric. He was accompanied by 15 guards. When he saw Harvey, he asked, "Why haven't you locked up this crazy old man?"

"Your majesty, sir Walter has blocked our path," one of the guards said.

"I have done so because I believe that. No, I know that what is being done is wrong, your majesty," said Walter. Still blocking their way. He didn't move from where he was.

"Let him be. Harvey, you are free. Let this be the last time you meet me," King Edric said.

Walter felt a surge of happiness when Harvey was set free. As for Harvey, he looked at Walter with great joy. Walter had just saved his butt.

Walter bowed down and said, "Thank you, your majesty, for your kindness."

"Walter. You are no longer the chief commander of the guards."

He snapped his finger, then his guards moved forward to Walter, they took off his scabbard and the ring that he had. He was no longer a guard of Great Lovaria.

Walter was shocked. He didn't know what to say.

"You have proved to be false to your own words. You made an oath. It is now broken."

After saying these words, his majesty, the king of Great Lovaria left.

Walter stood from a distance, looking at the palace he had never thought to leave in his lifetime. 

Edric came to Darek and said, "Darek, I want you to find out who the members of G-L-A-C are. I will destroy G-L-A-C."

"Your Majesty, it won't be an easy thing to do. G-L-A-C is a secret group."

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