Chapter 2: The Guards and Kindler

"Guards, there is Martin Kindler, seize him,"a strong man ordered.

"Hey, what is the meaning of this? Wha, What did I do?" Kindler asked. He was seized by two guards, one on his left and one on his right. His voice was stuttering when he spoke.

"We heard that you were plotting something against king Ashford," answered the one with authority on all the guards in the kingdom with his left hand placed at his sword, he was wearing a black leather armor.

Kindler began panicking and immediately freed himself from the two guards, moved forward to the one who ordered that he be seized and he said," Walter, what is this about? I'm not making any plots against his majesty the king of Lovaria kingdom."

"Yes you are, and it is about the king's life," shouted Walter," and I as the Commander in Chief of the guards of Great Lovaria can't let this slide because it is my sworn duty to protect every king who sits on the throne and be in subjection to him until my death."

"Sir Walter, it isn't me who is plotting against the king, it is--

"Martin Kindler, who are you going to accuse now? the commander asked.

"Sir Walter, after a long time of failed pranks, you got him this time," said one of the two guards as he laughed.

Feeling relieved, Kindler questioned," So, all of this was just a prank?

"Of course it was, and setting that aside, I believe that you would never be a traitor to the king, and if you did, I would hunt you down for the whole of my life," said the commander in chief, Sir Walter.

"Seriously, do you think I could do such a thing!" Kindler said as he was shocked.

Yes, he did say this, but deep in his heart, he knew that what he was going to do was bad and that Walter was right with no doubt. 

"Perhaps I do, perhaps I do not because I believe that a trustworthy person can become untrustworthy in just a day, no, not a day; in an hour; or minute; or in a second, that is why we are always on guard," said the commander.

"Sir Walter, it is time for the king's medication, I'm going now," Sir Martin Kindler said as he was set to leave. Only the almighty knew what was going on in his heart and mind at the time. There he was going into the king's layer. He had proved to be trustworthy to all the royal family; the bigwigs and the commoners. I could see that he was being disturbed; he was in confusion. 

He came to the door, stood there for a few minutes, he was afraid and his hand was shaking when he went forward to knock on the door.

"Your majesty, it is the physician," one of the servants said.

"Let him in," King Ashford said lying down in his rectangular wooden bed.

Martin came in before the king. The king's condition was worsening, and Martin Kindler was the only person who had the power to cure him. 

The news that Martin Kindler had come back reached the queen, and she presented herself immediately and in those present was his brother, Prince Edric.

"Martin, tell me, can I be cured?" questioned the king as he coughed.

There was the sound of silence as not a word came out of Martin's mouth, it was like he had forgotten how to speak.

"Martin, will you say something?" asked the queen in desperation, "Martin," she shouted, after a few minutes she began shedding tears.

King Ashford sighed and said, "My love, my condition is hopeless, I'm afraid I won't make it," the king said as tears filled in his eyes.

"No, stop it, my king, you will be okay, we will figure this out, promise you won't leave us, Ashford," the queen said, sitting beside him and holding his hand. 

"Elsa, whatever happens, be strong for our child, it is unfortunate that I won't be there for you when you will be giving birth to our son or daughter, how I wish I held your hand as you go through the pain of giving birth; I won't get a chance to nurture him or her; to carry him or her in my hands; to kiss him or her; to play around with him or her; I won't experience the joy of being a father; maybe I deserve this, maybe I was cursed for being a bad king to the peo---

" Shhh, don't say that Ashford, for you have proved to be the one with a good heart in the whole world," she said lying on his chest, "Forget all of that my love."

"Ashford, you might be right, what if you were a bad king, a selfish king, a king who was filled with pride--

" Stop it Edric, how dare you to say such filthy things to your brother, out of hundreds of people, it shouldn't have been you saying such words--

"Let him speak, let him let out what is in his heart, maybe it's true," said king Ashford.

"No, he has crossed his limits, I'm sorry your majesty but I won't just sit around and see a ding-dong like him say such things to you, why now prince Edric? Why now when he is this ill? guards take him out, everyone go away" the queen furiously ordered.

"Don't you dare touch me, do you know who you are holding this way, "prince Edric yelled as he was being thrown out but no one was ready to hear him out, Kindler followed," Kindler you better do what you have to do instantly if you don't, I promise, you won't like what I will do, are you listening," Edric said in a low but furious tone.

"Prince Edric, where are you going this late?" asked Kindler in fear.

"I'm going to pay a visit to your beloved innocent grandma, one of the two dies today, you choose," Edric said leaving Martin with a bigger decision to make. A decision that was to change everything for the worse or better. Kindler fell on his knees and began shedding tears as he wondered what to do next. The clock was ticking. 

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