Great Lovaria

Chapter 1:Prince Edric's Desire

"My Lord, what you are asking me to do can not be done, it is impossible and unthinkable of me to do as you say my lord, " said the royal physician, his heart having missed a beat.

"Who dares refuse what I command? Kindler, are you this disrespectful?" A furious male voice thundered, the one who uttered these words wasn't facing Kindler. Kindler was standing behind him.

The one known as Kindler calmly said,"Not that my lord, it is so because my king trusts me with his whole life and has done good for me and my household, I would be a traitor to my king, my lord if I did as you ask."

On hearing this he veered around facing Kindler,  he had black, shoulder-length hair which slightly revealed an angry face; thin beard with neatly trimmed sides.  In his neck was a golden medallion, he wore a brown leather armour and had five golden rings on his right hand and three on his left. 

Whatever he was; he was a powerful person because he was called lord.

"How dare you to praise my brother in my presence," The one called Lord shouted out of anger.

Kindler got scared.

"You mumble 'my king has done good for me and my household' now you listen to me Mister Kindler.

He stopped after hearing the huge large doors being opened, someone was coming, he was 5 feet tall and had the type of beard which traced the jawline and was paired with a moustache.

"Tell me, Darek," he said.

Standing straight and picking his nails, he said, "Prince Edric--

Immediately, horizontal wrinkles appeared on his forehead; his eyebrows raised; and his eyes widened, "since when Darek?" the one called prince Edric yelled.

"Ah, my lord, no, not my lord, your majesty," Darek let out, kneeling on the ground and lowering his head.

"Well done Darek, rise and go on," Prince Edric ordered.

"Yes, what the majesty asked has been done, " he said.

"Great, '' Prince Edric said, "Mister Kindler, I guess you live with someone, she might be pretty old, possibly in her 80's but you still love her, right?"

"What are you implying?" Kindler asked, troubled, with his fists clenched. 

"You understood what I meant, Martin Kindler, " Prince Edric said as he came near him.

" Am, your majesty, why not stop beating around the bush because I think this Kindler will never understand," Darek said to prince Edric.

"Kindler, you are the one providing medication to my brother, I want him to get out of the picture immediately," he said without hesitation. 

Great Lovaria was a kingdom that ruled up to 20 provinces, it was a great kingdom throughout generations, this is why it was called Great Lovaria up to now, and the palace was stationed in the Varian territory which according to the arrangement was the fifth territory. 

"I ask for forgiveness my lord, but what my lord the prince is asking for is beyond my power," the royal physician said," My lord I vowed to cure; to provide medication to all; to the bigwigs and commoners, not the opposite of this."

Taking out his two-edged sword from the scabbard  and placing it on Kindler's neck, he shouted, "How dare you oppose me twice? I can finish you right away."

"Do as you please, prince Edric, how good it would be if I died for the sake of doing the right thing," the physician let out courageously.

"No, taking your life can not and will not solve any of my problems," he said, "Perhaps your grandmother's life will!"

For some time, Martin Kindler, the physician, stood shocked and didn't say anything in response.

"Lord Edric, I'm confused, how does his grandmother's life solve this for you?" Darek, Edric's close and loyal servant whispered.

"You ungrateful son of the devil, don't dare lay a finger on my grandmother, if you do so you'll see what I can--

" Do? Kindler, tell me, what can you do to me? If you can't even kill a fly; you can not even approach my brother to let him know anything and if you did, do you think that he would believe you? Kindler, compared to me you are nothing, "Prince Edric said as he moved back to his chair, he continued, "It is up to you to decide, you have two choices, one is to do as I said earlier; two is to do the opposite and face the music."

"My lord, tears are filling in his eyes, do you think he has a problem?" Darek asked, staring at Martin Kindler.

"Emotions I guess, who in the world cares?" Prince Edric questioned, "Kindler I do not have much time."

"Fine, I will do as you have said, but one day everyone will come to know what you did to your brother," Kindler said pointing at him.

"You are mistaken Kindler, I have nothing to do with my brother's death, but you do, you are responsible for what is to happen, so if anyone comes to know about this, then you will be judged by me in court so better shut up your mouth," prince Edric said.

Kindler began laughing and said," Your desire and dream is to be king someday prince Edric, unfortunately, it will never happen, it is like you have forgotten that King Ashford is expecting a baby in a short time to come, who will become the next king to his father, the king of Lovaria Kingdom," Kindler said.

Prince Edric stood from the chair he was seated on and came forward to Kindler holding his sword and moving his fingers on to it to its edge and let out," I will deal with my problems Kindler, you have your assignment, so you should live from here and do as you were told, you can't mess with me and should you dare tell anyone about this, you are doomed, if I were you I should have been on my way to do as I was told, don't mess with me Kindler because you are not aware of what I can do to sit on that throne," prince Edric was moving around him when he said these words, then he shouted," Go now and if you are not done in a short time from now, you know what the outcome will be, you see, I can't wait to see your grandma begging me for her life, which I won't spare."

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