Chapter 3: Delivering the Baby

"Kindler you've got to help us, it's the queen," said one of the Queen's servants. She came running all the way, her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. She wheezily said, "It's urgent."

Kindler got on his feet and asked, "Does this mean it is the time?"

"No it isn't, the baby isn't due for another month," a lady probably in her 30's said, "This is what I've always tried to avoid since his majesty's terrible illnesses, let's go."

"Thank God you're here in time," said the Queen's servant as they both rushed to the Queen's aid.

"Everyone, bug off except two of the Queen's servants, " said the lady. "You too Sir Walter, wait outside for this isn't a battlefield."   

"Ah!" Elsa screamed, she could barely stand the pain, it was like hell.

"Hey Elsa, we are going to deliver this baby, okay," said Angelia. She was always ready or looking forward to this day, she had all she needed.

"Angelia, you can't imagine how painful this is. Ah!" Elsa screamed. Sweat was dripping down her face; Her body was hot, heavy and in pain. She wished Ashford was around but wasn't, she would want him to be around but that was far from what was possible, she clenched and unclenched her fists, getting hold of the sheets on her bed tightly, this was a nightmare for her, she never imagined that giving birth was painful.

"Elsa it's now, push," said Angelia, "Is the position comfy enough for you?" Angelia repeatedly let out.

They went on like this for a while. Breathing, chanting and pushing. It was a repeated cycle. Elsa started feeling drowsy.

All Elsa heard was Angelia, her friend and midwife chanting, "You can do it. Push. Pause to take a breath."

Elsa did it. She had finally given birth to a child they'd waited for 9 months in 8 months. 

Elsa carried the baby in her hands, she was filled with joy after seeing him for the first time.

The baby was sleeping soundly.

"You did it, Elsa," Angelia cried out, she began shedding tears of joy. On hearing this, Sir Walter hurried inside.

Walter cleared his throat and said," My Queen. Congratulations. He is a prince and I - I strongly believe that he will be like His father and mother. I'll inform the king now, this will cheer him up and the whole kingdom."

"Angelia," called the Queen.

"I'm all ears, Elsa," Angelia answered back, shortly after she moved to the Queen's bed and sat beside her.

"Angelia Gatekeep, we have been best friends throughout time. I've always viewed you as my sister. I don't have any relatives so you are the family I've got," said Queen Elsa as she held Angelia's hand.

"Elsa, I know that and you can always count on me."

"Angelia, there is something you should know," Queen Elsa whispered," I don't trust anyone in the kingdom, but I trust you. I'm going to hand over to you a great responsibility. I'm sorry Angelia, it never crossed my mind that things would turn out this way. You are going to take away my son."

The prince was in the throne room looking at the throne which he was reaching out for.

"Your majesty," called Darek, "The bad news that your brother has died has been announced to all."

"Too bad, this shouldn't have happened if I was crowned as king in the first place, now see what has come about, " he mumbled, moving towards the throne and taking hold of the golden crown from the throne.

"My lord, your heart has craved for this moment for a long time, aren't you satisfied?" asked Darek, standing in front of his king, Edric.

"Satisfaction, do you think a day will come when I will be satisfied?" Edric asked as he inspected the golden crown. He had it in his hands.

"My king, that is what I think."

"Anyone who says that 'I'm satisfied' is a liar. No one can be satisfied with riches, power or authority and fame," Edric said. He put the crown back in its place.

Darek didn't stop. He continued, "Leaving that alone, do you think you will be crowned as King? because--

"Why wouldn't I?" Prince Edric shouted.

"Be- Because I have heard rumours that it is not right for you to be king because you still had many things to learn from your brother," Darek hesitated telling Edric what was going on.

"That is what they think of me, now after I'm crowned king they will get a clear understanding of me; they will take back their words," Edric said, He left the throne room.

"My lord, I'm sorry for your loss," said Sir Walter.
Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Walter, I don't always express my feelings, but honestly, I should have died instead of him, I can't stand this pain sir Walter, I have lost everyone in the royal family, I'm all alone now," Prince Edric said. His eyebrows were deeply knitted and his mouth was slightly ajar in his grief.

"No my lord, the queen and the newborn baby still exist, so, you will not be alone," said Sir Walter and footed it.

Prince Edric's blood boiled, he was at loss with words.

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