Chapter 4: Ashford, Elsa and the New Born Dead

"My lord here you are, Catalina wants to see you, she is here in the palace," said Darek.

"Oh, she finally came back."

"Lord Edric, shouldn't you be saturated with happiness?" asked Darek, he did not expect him to stay the same after hearing the message.

"Yes, I should be as happy as a lark, but how can I be when I still have problems, I may be flabbergasted with joy; be on cloud nine when I get to know that the queen and her good for nothing born baby are done away with."

"Newborn! Is he the prince!"

"Of course he is you birdbrain, with no doubt he will become king instead of me," Edric slammed his hands on the table that was before him after mumbling.

"Lord Edric, maybe you were never destined to rule Lovaria; being a Lovarian ruler is out of your reach."

"Stop it Darek, better watch your mouth if you want to be part of my success, "Edric let out," If the Lovarian throne is beyond my reach then I will reach out to it, I'm not ready to give up.

"Now that you are determined to do everything to reach your goals, what is the plan?" asked Darek, giving Prince Edric all his attention.

"Our first plan to get Alexander's biological son, - that is Ashford - out of the picture succeeded, now what is left is Ashford's beloved wife - the queen of Great Lovaria - and their cute little newborn who won't last a day, the plan is as follows."

He zipped after hearing some voices outside.

"I'm sorry miss, but you can't go inside," said the two men in armour with two-edged swords in their hands.

"You airheads, why won't you let me go inside? I have shocking news for the prince, " she shouted.

"We are sorry miss, but we are following orders, the prince himself said that he didn't wish to meet anyone."

"Unbelievable," she mumbled.

Prince Edric shouted, " Guards let her in."

The Guards opened the doors for her.

"Miss Angelia, I overheard what you were saying to the so-called 'airheads', who unquestionably are my guards," said Prince Edric.

"My insults must have upset you, my prince, I apologize, " Angelia uttered.

"You wanted to meet me, why was that?"

"Prince Edric, I wanted to inform you personally that--

"That a prince has been born, I'm aware of that," Prince Edric said, squinting his eyes and then adopting a stoic expression," I think we should celebrate for that even though we are grieving for the late Ashford."

"No my prince, no matter how much we would yearn for it, it is out of the realm of possibility," Angelia said.

"What do you mean by impossible?" Prince Edric questioned.

"Prince Edric, it is unfortunate that the queen and his newborn did not make it."

Looking down and rubbing his eyes, Prince Edric said," That would be great to be true."

"Pardon me, my prince," Angelia let out.

"Ah, nothing; I spoke from the perspective of her enemies if she had any, " he said.

As soon as he had heard the terrible news, he set off, just to confirm the allegations.

Prince Edric confirmed that the Queen's life had expired. Besides her, her newborn's body was covered.

"This is horrible, I can't take it anymore, who on earth has brought a curse onto us," Prince Edric said, bummed out in the presence of the guards and subordinates. 

"Ssh, hey baby Alaric, stop sobbing already, " Angelia shushed  in the dark, the baby cried as she came out of the tremendous palace, in her sight, was the colossal metallic gate to the palace. It was a breakout this time.

Fortunately, the baby stopped crying and she sighed in great relief.

"Just where do you think you are going to miss?" someone with a strong voice; a sentinel cried out. 

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