Chapter 2

"I agree."

She had been in prison for three painful years. If she returned to that nightmarish place, she believed that she would die there in less than a year.

So she had to leave there anyway. Even if the outside world was full of thorns and danger, it was better than dying quietly in that dark place.

"It's fine if you agree. I'll arrange for you to get your marriage license tomorrow. Are you okay with that?"

Meredith was surprised at his eagerness, but she didn't care about this kind of thing. "No problem. It's up to you."

Seeing that Meredith cooperated, senior Mr. Xavier nodded and went back to the study, where Derek's mother, Violet, was already waiting.

Violet was anxious and helpless. She said after seeing senior Mr. Xavier, "Dad, do you really agree with that kind of woman to marry Derek?"

Senior Mr. Xavier nodded without a doubt. "It's settled."

"But how could Derek marry that kind of woman? Even if he is unconscious, it won't be difficult for him to marry a girl from a decent family. This woman is the main culprit for hurting Derek and has been in prison. How could she be worthy?"

"It's all settled. Besides... A woman like her is easy to handle. If she is really useless, we can deal with her at that time."

With that, senior Mr. Xavier drove Violet away. He looked at spirited Derek in the family photo and sighed.

Derek had been unconscious because of a car accident for three years, and his body had already recovered. However, he just did not wake up. The Xavier Family had found many famous doctors at home and abroad, but they were all helpless.

Not long ago, a fortune-teller said that a woman born at a certain time might bring Derek good luck and that woman was Meredith.

This was probably their fate.


Meredith was arranged to go to another room. There was already a clean set of clothes on the bed. She walked over and stroked the fine fabric on the clothes, feeling desolate in her heart.

It had been a while since she wore such clean, unbroken clothes.

After taking a bath and changing into clean clothes, Meredith stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself.

The woman in the mirror was only twenty-one years old, as young and fresh as a flower. But Meredith's eyes had long lost the innocence and hope that they should have at this age,  having only vicissitudes and hatred left, which could not be washed away.

Those three years in prison had completely changed her.

Meredith did not sleep well this night. Although it was clean and warm, the scenes that had happened in the past wrapped around her tightly and suffocated her once again.

On her 18th birthday, out of her expectation, her father gave her a car and a luxury dress that he would never let her wear in normal times. Meredith was coaxed to put on the dress and drive around. However, she was taken directly to the Police Station by the police.

At the police station, Meredith learned that the car had just escaped from a vicious collision a few days ago and the female driver in the surveillance was wearing the same dress as the one she had received.

Her 18th birthday present was a ten-year prison sentence...

Meredith frowned and struggled in her nightmare. It was the knock on the door that woke her up.

"Miss Mason, it's time for you to learn how to take care of the young master."

Meredith quickly washed up and followed the maid. The Xavier Family did not bring her here to enjoy being a young madam. She had to do everything she could to stay here.

After being taught by servants, Meredith learned that she had to clean Derek's body every day and give him a proper massage. Because she didn't know how to massage, she was only allowed to do the cleaning today.

Meredith looked at the man lying on the bed and gritted her teeth. She reached out and carefully took off his clothes.

Although she knew that Derek was just a vegetable, he was still a mature man. Facing the body of a strange man, Meredith felt extremely embarrassed.

At this age, she had never seen a man's body before, nor had she ever had a physical relationship with her ex-boyfriends.

However, this was what she had to do now, and she had no room to escape.

Soon, Meredith held back her shyness and stripped the man of all his clothes.

Although Derek had been in a coma for three years, under the meticulous care of the Xavier Family, he was no different from normal people except for being thinner and paler. He was slender, well-proportioned without any fat, and full of masculine charm.

Meredith looked at his beautiful muscles and blushed. She wiped every corner of his body with a towel soaked in warm water. Finally, her hand stopped at his most private position and she was at a loss.

"Young master's body must be cleaned every day. Someone will come to check on him."

Thinking of what the servant had said before he left, Meredith, though embarrassed, still took off the last piece of clothing on Derek. She moved her eyes away and wiped his private part numbly.

After a while, Meredith felt it was enough, and hurriedly got him dressed. Because she was so flustered, she didn't even notice that Derek's body became tenser because of her actions, and his fingers that didn't react for a long time also moved.

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