Chapter 13

Ava was deflated. Seeing Meredith's mockery, she gritted her teeth in an angrier way. She stomped her feet and went back to the villa furiously.

Clara felt sorry for Ava, but she was also afraid of the Xavier Family. So, she had to submit to humiliation and pull Leo forward, "Well, Leo, five million is five million. We'll pay for it. If this thing is exposed, you have to think for Ava. If what happened in the car just now gets out, Ava's career will be affected..."

Clara also used such seductive methods to get ahead. When she saw the blush on their faces, she knew what Leo and Ava had just done in the car. Once this thing got out and became serious, it would affect her daughter, Ava, the most. No matter what, Clara had to think for her daughter.

Anyway, it was Leo who paid for it, not the Mason Family.

Wesley also stepped forward, "Yeah, give it to him. If you get into a lawsuit, it won't cost you just five million."

Leo gritted his teeth angrily and looked at the driver viciously for a long time. He wished that he could cut this man who suddenly appeared and blackmailed him into pieces in his heart. How could he, the Young Master of the Howard Family, be willing to suffer such a huge loss for no reason?

But under pressure, he still took out his card and threw it to that man.

The driver took out the POS machine and transferred five million. Before he left, he smiled and said, "Mr. Howard, be careful next time when you drive. I wish you a happy life."

"Get out of here!" Leo was so enraged by the fact that the driver acted as a good man after blackmailing him.

The driver calmly got in the car, drove to Meredith's side, then got out of the car and opened the door for Meredith, "Miss Mason, please get in the car."

Seeing that the Mason Family and Leo had suffered such a big loss, Meredith wanted to laugh. She thought that he, Leo, was a very proud and arrogant man. But it turned out that he could also suffer such a setback.

Meredith felt much better for no reason, and her movements into the car were much quicker and smoother.

The car drove away. Wesley narrowed his eyes as he watched Meredith get into the car of the Xavier Family.

"This lowly bitch has actually established connections with the Xavier Family!" When Clara saw that the driver was actually the complice of Meredith, she fulminated with anger.

"Derek is still in a coma. The Xavier Family picked her up. I'm afraid that they think putting her into jail is not enough to atone for her sins and want to torture her in another way. She may not end up much better than being sent to prison. What awaits her may not be heaven, but in fact, hell."

Leo looked in the direction of Meredith's departure, his eyes dark and thoughtful.

When they returned to the Xavier Family, it was already dark. Meredith simply ate something and went back to the room. Out of habit, she checked Derek's body first. He was still sleeping quietly. And his body was warm with no new wounds. Nothing was unusual.

As usual, she massaged Derek for an hour. As she massaged, Meredith thought of all the things that happened today and suddenly remembered that ambiguous look in senior Mr. Xavier's eyes when he let her back to the Mason Family during the day.

Meredith suddenly understood what it meant. It was a kind of mockery, a kind of disdain.

Meredith was full of gratitude at the time, thinking that senior Mr. Xavier really let her go home out of kindness. But in fact, he let her go home because he wanted to let her see her current situation clearly, namely, the Mason Family was not a harbor she could rely on and even the people of the Mason Family wanted her to die.

They all abandoned her, including her beloved fiance, who was already on the same side as the Mason Family,

The senior Mr. Xavier just wanted Meredith to go back and experience that in person so that she could understand that only by obediently listening to the Xavier Family could she stay alive, and only by relying on the Xavier Family could she be protected.

Otherwise, if she really got the so-called freedom on her own, it would definitely be deprived by the Mason Family.

His intention was to let her be convinced that she shall rely on the Xavier Family after experiencing the grim reality. That was the reason why he showed mockery and disdain to Meredith's gratitude.

It turned out that this was the plan of the scheming master of the Xavier Family.

She looked at the Derek who was in front of her. She had heard it a long time ago that Derek was senior Mr. Xavier's most preferred junior. And he was the only junior who had surpassed senior Mr. Xavier in wits and scheme. senior Mr. Xavier was already so scheming. What about Derek? If he woke up, what would he do to her?

Meredith withdrew her hand in fear. To some extent, she did not dare to touch Derek's body again. But a hot body stretched his hands and grabbed her from behind and held her slender body into his arms...

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